flying fish riders

Disney Ride Ideas for Underrated Movies


Journey to Atlantis- A ride reenacting the journey to Atlantis. Escape the machine guarding the city and ride through the tunnels, encountering deadly fireflies and explosions as you go.
The Heart of Atlantis- A simulator where you fly from Atlantis to save Kida, riding their flying fish vehicles. Each rider has to start it up themselves with the crystals provided by ride staff.

Big Hero 6

San Fransokyo Flight- Fly through the city of San Fransokyo on Baymaxs back. Riders will experience Hiro and Baymaxs first flight and run into Hiros friends on the way.

The Incredibles

The 100 Mile Dash- A jungle roller coaster that’s so fast it can keep up with Dash. Ride in the henchmans train cars.
Metroville Madness- Experience superhero action in the city of Metroville with the Incredibles! This ride would be very similar to the Spiderman ride at Universal.

Inside Out

Train of Thought- Take Rileys Train of Thought and journey to headquarters, visiting famous landmarks in Riley’s mind as you go! Warning: Giant clowns may appear.

Meet the Robinsons

To the Future!- Get inside the time machine with Wilbur Robinson and experience the future! Ride is a simulator that mimics flying.

Treasure Planet

Escape from Treasure Planet- Ride in a skyship similar to those in Peter Pans Flight. Riders will experience Treasure Planet about to self destruct and ride to their escape. But unlike Peter Pans Flight, it will be a a much rougher ride. Jim Hawkins will solar surf beside you.

Wreck it Ralph

Heroes Duty- Blast as many cybugs as you can with the help of Sergeant Calhoun. Not a ride but more like a laser tag experience.
Sugar Rush- A roller coaster that’s like the race track. Each cart is a different racers car. Carts hold up to six people at a time.