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I do not give a flying fig about signs, produce, airport lines, last minute wedding sightings or blacked out eyes courtesy of the MAC counter……when I see Sam and Cait like this with anyone else, then I will call it a day. THIS IS WHAT A HAPPY COUPLE LOOKS LIKE!!

Until then, letting the SamCait flag fly!! If they cannot do it themselves, then I will do it for them until they burn this shit to the ground!

Time to reload shipsters!

An Imaginary Life

For @loveinpanem   LOVE IS prompt. Thank you ladies for hosting another beautiful event. Your creativity, care, and thoughtfulness w ith each prompt is always inspirational. Hugs and kisses.

This story is dedicated to my friend @norbertsmom who reads my meanderings and manages to make me  sound brilliant and to  @arbyeatscheesebuns Happy Belated birthday my dear friend. MAY you have a marvelous year!

Rated: G & all Mistakes are entirely mine..

“Come on!” Primrose urged as she tugged on her coat. “Come on,” she stomped her foot as Katniss calmly put on her coat. “Hurry up Katniss!” Prim dragged Katniss out of the house.

“Really Prim,” Katniss grumbled but she didn’t really mean it as a complaint.

“We’re gonna be late,” Prim said her eyes twinkled, the apple of her cheeks were pink with the cold.

“The stores aren’t gonna get up and move Primrose. It’s Saturday and it’s my only day to sleep in.” Katniss scowled but it didn’t reach her eyes, her lips twitched upwards threatening to form a smile, even as she stared at her sisters face.

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The Aging Soulmate AU

For the last couple of days we’ve been sort of collaboratively been working on this, so thought I’d compile it in one place that wasn’t so long.

With new stuff because duh.  (It was quiet at work today so of course I thought about how I’d reply to the last things.)

Tagging everyone who displayed interest at the end.

Based on this post:

AU where people age until they reach 18 and then stop aging until they meet their soul mate so they can grow old together.

Oh look at that.  I have stumbled upon a soulmate AU that I would actually write for Arrow.  Huh.

@felicity-said–yes said:
I will give all the money i have to write Arrow like this.

Could you imagine the centuries old protector Vigilante of Star City, who meets the barely 25 hacktivist? oh my god, i seriously wish i could write…





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anonymous asked:

*sigh* okay so, probably wasting my time here but--Shiro's age is not confirmed. It's been left open to interpretation. On the OFFICIAL website it speaks about ALL the Paladins (Shiro included) as teenagers. I shouldn't even have to tell you how wrong you are about how shalladin is not at all pedophilia (because minors do not equal children. If you want to get technical your body is no longer physically a child once puberty hits. Mentally is another story). You speak about power imbalances (1)

But the fact is, to compare Keith and Shiro’s relationship to that of a toxic and power imbalanced relationship is foolhardy at best. Keith is aged around 17-18 years of age, thus he is already an adult by social terms. Immaturity is not an inherent sign of childishness. You can be 30 years old and be immature by many standards. Furthermore, literally go look at the average age gap in a modern marriage. It spans from 1 to up to 7 years difference. I’ve met couples who married at 17 and 24 (2)

Respectively. To dump your own expectations on what it right and what is wrong is extremely narrow minded. By your logic, Keith is still an immature child who would be abused by Shiro were they in a romantic relationship–yet by the shows canon, Sheith is one of the most healthiest relationships in the show (romance aside) next to Hance. I would have a problem with Sheith were Shiro 25 and Keith CANONICALLY below the age of 13 as that would define pedophilia in earnest. However, that is not (3)

The case. Sheith shippers are not pedophiles, nor are they apologized for pedophilia. As someone who has worked with people whom have survived those instances, you are spreading a very hateful message that is not, in any way, helping those people. If anything, you are causing more harm than good by attacking this ship, that has been proven to be CANONICALLY one of the healthiest in the show. Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re…what, 15-16? Let me be clear, your crusading does not prove (4)

Your maturity. Rather, by actively endorsing anti behavior you ironically enforce the fact that your part of the fandom is the most immature of all. This juvenile behavior is without. If this show bothers you that much, seriously go somewhere else where you can live with more peace of mind. But your narrow view of the world is not just or perfect. Grow up, educate yourselves, and stop shrieking incessantly over *unconfirmed details*. Oh and please by all means, show us the links and receipts.

By the way, this isn’t hate at all. I honestly don’t give a flying fig about you, but I’ve had enough with this unfounded harping and harassment. I would honestly love to see your argument to this (with sources I might add) in response. So if you can *prove* without a shadow of a doubt that Shiro is indeed way older than everyone–actual cited proof and not assumptions or inferences based on personal hearsay–and that Sheith fits under pedophilia, I would love to read it.

jesus christ, anon. six paragraphs? that’s dedication right there. 

alright, so, in this clusterfuck of messages you left me (50% of my inbox on this blog, may i add!) you claimed:

1. shiro’s age is not confirmed.

2. sh/eith is the healthiest relationship in the show, because a 17 year old is technically an adult.

3. i said that being immature = being a child.

4. a couple in which one of them is 17 and the other 24 is a healthy one, because you’ve seen those couples.

5. if shiro were 25 and keith were 13, it would be a healthy relationship.

6. i am 15/16 years old.

7. the show bothers me.

8. you don’t care about me.

alright, anon. this is going to be fun to answer.

starting out with shiro’s age not being confirmed, may i offer you this lovely post by @keith-against-sheith? or, if you don’t want to look at that source, i’ll literally give you the ones mentioned in the post. 

sdcc video (shiro is/around 25)
twitter dm with tim hedrick (k/h/l are 16/17)
yes, the ages are confirmed.

okay, now, to #2: sh/eith is the healthiest ship in the show.

anon, i’m assuming you looked at the sources i provided you with, so now you know shiro is 25 and keith is 16/17, not 17/18. really, i don’t understand why i have to tell you, a most likely adult (taken from you assuming i’m 15/16 in an honestly condescending tone, just like your entire message(s)) why a relationship between a teenager and an adult is harmful, but oh well.

basically, an adult will always hold power over the teenager in a relationship, making it toxic, abusive, and, therefore, unhealthy. sh/eith has been proven to be a relationship between an adult and a teenager. use your brain.

now, um, anon…i think #3 is where you need to give me the source, lol. i never said or claimed that immaturity made someone a child. however, if you were referring to how some children are mature for their age so adults can date them…please go to the source listed directly above.

okay, so, i don’t know if you know this but something being portrayed often does not make it right. if you begin to think something is okay because you see it a lot, that’s normalization. this is a post about normalization of minor/adult relationships in fandom, but, tbh, it applies to the real world, too. and if you don’t think fiction affects reality, here are some sources that say otherwise.

now, to numbers 5 and 6. jesus, these two are my favorite.

let’s start with 6 first, then backtrack to 5, so it makes more sense. you said i’m 15/16. haha, nice one, dude. i’m younger. (think 13/14 younger, not 10/11 younger.)

now, to backtrack to #5: a relationship between a 25 year old and a 13 year old is not pedophilia. 

alright, dude. holy shit. this is possibly the funniest yet most horrifying point you’ve made so far. like, okay, yes, pedophilia is described as a relationship between someone who has not hit puberty yet and someone who has. i hit puberty when i was 11. does that suddenly make me dating a 25 year old okay? seriously, dude. think about it, but separate yourself from dusty old dictionary definitions and use, you know, common sense. 

but i mean, if you’d rather stick to dictionary definitions, sh/eith (or any shaladin ship) is technically ephebophilia. which, guess what, is still…gross. because it’s still adults attracted to teenagers. yikes, am i right? but, hey, if you want to accuse me of misusing the term pedophilia, please refer to this post about the topic.

okay, now to #7. the show bothers me, allegedly.

i mean, if i’m being honest, season two did bother me. but that had more to do with the treatment of black/brown and fat characters rather than sh/eith. in fact, in regards to sh/eith, i was actually pretty happy with season two. “shiro, you’re like a brother to me” is honestly the line that saved my life. if you want a source for me not absolutely hating voltron, maybe check out my main, @wlwvoltron (this may be a bit of a promo, oops). it’s…a voltron blog, my dude.

now, finally, to #8. you “don’t give a flying fig about me.”

anon, you sent me six paragraph long messages. sure you don’t.

Q: What do you call it when you're sick of photos taken in airports? A: Terminal illness.

Oh, come on, you were already groaning. Those photos ruffled everyone’s feathers.

I managed to extend 2016 for a day by inserting Sumday, December 32 into the mix. I wish I could delay 2017 until certain acts get themselves together, any weak puns intended. Recently, I told me dear ol’ pal @jemscorner 2017 would be the year The Farce Is No Longer With Us.™ — Rats. 🐀🐀🐀 I spoke too soon.

So photos from airports. And a bonfire. And from a dinner party. What do they have in common? A lot of unidentifiable people.

Photo Set One from Heathrow Airport, Longford, Hounslow TW6, UK, 12/28/16 (from a personal Facebook account)

Here’s what I see:

An unidentifiable tall, slim, ginger man is walking to the right of an unidentifiable shorter, slim blonde wumman.

Sam Heughan towers above the unidentifiable wummen to his left.

Sam Heughan appears to be having a pleasant conversation with the unidentifiable wumman to his left.

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Why last night’s ep turned me into a Poor Unfortunate Soul

I’m really disappointed today.  Mostly because I wasn’t aware the Queens of Darkness would be reduced from three down to two, but also because, once again, this show falls back on the same disturbing habits they’ve developed.  So, you know, every time there’s a PoC on the show I worry – and with good reason.  In the end, the show doesn’t give a shit about its own product and CERTAINLY doesn’t care about how some really horrifying trends are perceived.

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Harvard (part 6)

Sorry this took so long…

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5

[The following morning I wake up to my head using his bicep as a pillow, and his nose still dangerously close to mine.


Shit shit shit.

I climb out the bed and wince as he begins to shuffle, hoping he won’t wake up. I watch him, frozen on the spot, as he turns over and places his hands under the pillow, cuddling his face into it. I have to admit, he looks pretty adorable. I blush as I stare at his soft pink lips and remember how amazing they had felt last night. I shake my head and snap out of it, picking up a few stray items of clothing from the floor and gathering them in my arms as I make my way to find Arizona or Alex and devise an escape plan.

I find Arizona in the kitchen, happily humming to herself whilst making everyone coffee. She smiles, wide and bright as always, in spite of her obvious hangover.

“Hey!” she chirps. She looks down to see me clutching my heels, jacket and bra. “Ooooohhhh, you look guilty.” It’s as if she’s just heard the juiciest gossip of the year.

“Of what?!” I go on the defence, obviously.

“I could literally take a picture of you right now and use it as a definition of walk of shame,” she explains, laughing a little. She stirs a couple of sugars into two of the coffees. “Do you and your lover boy want coffee?”

“He’s not my lover boy, shut up! And no, I don’t. I want to get out of here… are you coming?”

“No. Come upstairs, we’re having coffee. Alex has just gone to buy bacon sandwiches so go wake Owen up…”

“I’d rather not, he looks like he’s tired,” I half-lie. He does look tired, but that’s not the reason I don’t want him to wake.

Arizona is in that mood where she won’t take no for an answer and as we climb the stairs to Meredith’s room, I hope conversation will steer clear of last night. I step through the door to a big, open room with a huge double bed underneath a large bay window. Meredith is still in the bed, propped up on the white metal frame with some pillows. Close to the bed is a coffee table with two beanbags nearby, one being occupied by Callie who’s curled up and wearing what looks like 4 or 5 layers. Arizona places the coffee tray carefully next to her and casually flops into the empty bean bag.

“Mornin’,” Callie groans.

“Hmmmm,” I grumble back. “Does anyone else feel like the last round of shots were completely unnecessary last night?”

Nobody answers but they all raise their hands in agreement, nodding.

Meredith pats the bed next to her and pulls the coves up for me to join her. “Where’s Owen?”

“Still asleep,” I dismiss.

“Is there a particular reason for him to be so sleepy?” Meredith teases as I shuffle over on the bed to share her pillow.

“No,” I curtly say. She thoughtfully narrows her eyes at my rudeness but drops it.

“Hey Shep! You’re up! Here,” Alex greets, throwing me a wrapped bacon sandwich as he strolls into the room and collapses sideways across the foot of the bed, handing the others their orders. “Where’s Owen?”

“Ugh, he’s asleep! Leave him be,” I mutter.

“Actually, I’m not.” His voice causes my heart to jump into my throat. I avoid looking at him but divert my eyes directly into the suspicious gaze of Meredith. I inwardly curse and just stare at my bacon instead, the room becoming white noise to my guilt-ridden ears.

I silently pray he’ll sit next to Callie but he walks over to the bed, sits and rests his feet up on the covers next to me. His arm grazes against mine and I can’t help but look to the patch of burning skin where we’re connected. I peer up from under my brow, curious as to what he is concentrating on- Callie, who I think is reminding the room of the karaoke attempts from last night, or me. It’s me. He’s watching my face, trying to gauge my reaction to his purposefully close proximity, and he smiles as (of course) the automatic blush creeps into my cheeks. I’m so confused- a few hours ago he was cheating on his girlfriend but he’s acting as if nothing is wrong. I’m acting as if nothing is wrong. Perhaps we can convince ourselves we did nothing wrong…

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"Lay Me Down" - A Maksyl Reflection in Pictures

I am re-posting and editing this entry utilizing pix because a dear non-Tumblr friend requested it after an in-depth conversation wherein she said “prove it” to some claims I made wrt analyzing their dancing. She’s a visual gal; so, I’m giving her visuals! Feel free to ignore-I’ve added very little from my original post. All ideas are my own despite similar posts across the internet. Have a GREAT evening, fam. All pics are from my personal screenshots.


It just dawned on me that Meryl spent an awful lot of time “underneath” or “lying down” on/with Maksim during their dances. At one point during the season, I complained about the lack of down and dirty in their dances-I know. I know. I just REALLY wanted to see Meryl Elizabeth Davis unleash on his ass. Seriously. He needed some good girl gone bad in his life, but I digress.

Just before the final, I started reviewing all of the dances for the-I refuse to admit to an actual number-time and came to a shit-eating grin realization…while certain contestants were reveling in their prudity and making a big stink about it…Meryl Elizabeth Davis maintained her self-respect and sense of self without distracting us from our enjoyment of the show. It was never about HER, it was always about HER ENJOYMENT IN LEARNING TO DANCE TO THE BEST OF HER ABILITIES.

That said, Meryl is a little tart, and I say that lovingly. While others raced towards bawdy (and sometimes raunchy), we were gradually and quite innocently seduced by Meryl and Maks. While they may have been open, honest and raw, I never felt uncomfortable with my children watching their performances (EDIT: Until that Freestyle. More on that later). One caveat: This is MY interpretation of what I saw and observed. I do not KNOW if they intended any of this, and a part of me believes they were actually BLIND to how obvious they became over time. Or not.

I submit for your review, enjoyment and discussion:

  • Week 2 – “Swing” - At the end of arguably the most high-performance dance of THIS season, MnM wind up on the floor, Meryl on top (hint: yee-haw). Notice her arms are outstretched and open in surrender. Her face a mask of both pleasure and exhaustion. The bent leg-only one-and Maksim as the perfect submissive: open and waiting, neither demanding nor seeking. This was a choreographed move that is both sweet (they’re obviously very exhausted) and INCREDIBLY suggestive at the same time:

  • Week 3 – “Foxtrot” – This was a WTF just happened dance for me! Seriously, we were all nice and cutesy the past two weeks then BAM! Well, ok. And seriously? That dance and that intro package don’t mesh, people! About ¾ of the way through, MnM demonstrate trust and strength with an incredibly beautiful full body backwards fall. Meryl, easily supported by Maks using just one arm, strikes a pose that has her body angled, legs partially open, arms reaching up to caress his face, her sheer gown deliciously revealing its transparency and the barest hint of her out-turned leg. Breathtaking.

  • Week 5 – “Samba” – I’ll never look at this movie the same way again. This was such a cute routine and despite some issues in her execution of the basic Samba movements (she’s not a PRO after all). We find Meryl on the side this time…gotta love the variety…at the end of another fast-paced routine. Maksim spins her playfully into position where she is, literally, cradled in his arms-his body almost, but not quite surrounding her. If you look closely, you’ll see the signal right before he pulls them both up to a sitting position…satisfied smiles all around:

  • Week 7 – “Salsa” – Where do I begin? Meryl was all up under, around and over this man. Meryl Elizabeth Davis is one lucky woman. She ends up going down between his legs (Oh, I’m on a roll here!) at two points during another high-energy dance:

Whatcha smilin’ at Maksim?

And Meryl again assumes a dominant position with Maksim, this time, at her feet (the logo placement is irritating!):

  • Week 8 – “Rhumba” – It is a shame this beautiful, poignant dance was mired in guest judge drama. From the breathtaking beginning, we know this is going to be different, more intense than what they’ve done before…the stakes are getting higher and their relationship appears to be evolving. What I hadn’t planned on was Meryl frolicking on the ground in anticipation of Maksim (notice he seems to forget his was supposed to be hip-sway thingy previously practiced).



    WAIT! I don’t give a flying fig WHAT that woman said, look at her position above…I see pointed toes!

    There’s more…



    And, finally, surrender..

  • Week 9 – “Argentine Tango” – I’m surprised there weren’t scorch marks on the floor after this sexually charged dance. Meryl lands in Maksim’s lap-dance-and the rest is DWTS history:

    The seducer becomes the seduced…

Look at those legs…my gawd…

  • Week 10 – “Freestyle” – Point. Set. Match. We’ve been building to this point all along. Each and every dance (including Val’s AT which could be viewed as a bid to get him jealous or notice me as a woman dance) has taken us on a journey: that of two people falling love. It culminates, pardon the pun, in the most tastefully erotic dance choreographed for a “family show.” If you smoke, you’re gonna need a pack after watching this one. We begin with Meryl on top again (you gotta love a man who’s comfortable with that) and she slithers down his 6’ 2” body and…well, a picture (or three) is worth a THOUSAND words:

Unlike the Rhumba, Maksim asserts domination…there’s no polite bending down to help you up here. Nope. He’s a man on a mission…


I gotta say, this is the ONLY time I can recall Maksim assuming control, and it’s fitting because they’re at a deeper place of trust and love in their relationship. One word comes to mind: erotic.

“I see you. Do you see me? I. Am. Not. Charlie.”

Hmmm…another almost kiss above…Know what this is…NO STICKER REQUIRED…also, this one picture captures, for me, the most soulfully, intimate moment in the history of the show:

Tenderly…”Not. Charlie.”

“Repeat. After. Me…”

“Not. Charlie.”

Gasp. “Not Charlie.”…

“Very, good, baby.”

I finally get my down and dirty but tastefully and so tenderly. This dance truly is for Meryl, my friend, but it is also for him.

See that up there? The red nails provide contrast and ENSURE YOU SEE EXACTLY what she is doing…clawing, clutching, clinging, possessing, claiming and being claimed.

Assisted by Maksim, Meryl arches BACK so tenderly into a deep, breathtaking arch her fingertips slightly brushing the floor…her leg is up and out lengthening the extension of her body. The picture they make is one of a continuous outward connection (bigger than they are as individuals)-the linking together of two bodies-the pinnacle of the intimate act:

Hold on…I need a cigarette, and I don’t even smoke.

So, my friend…do you believe in the magic now?

Idle Hands, Idle Words

A Critical Role Fanfic
Pairings: Perc’ahlia
Words: 1170

There was a soft, precise knock at Vex'ahlia’s door. She glanced up from where she sat in front of the vanity in her room, brushing out her hair in her nightgown.

“Come in!” she called.

The door opened and Percy poked his head in. There were smudges of green copper rust on his forehead and nose, and his glasses were ever so slightly askew.

“I do hope I’m not interrupting anything,” he said, his eyebrows raising in mild astonishment.

“No no, darling, do come in,” said Vex. She set down her hair brush and turned to face him, folding her hands on her crossed legs. Percy came in the room and shut the door behind him.

“I’ve made you something,” he said. His hands were clasped behind his back. He had clearly made an effort to get his hair under control—unsuccessful, of course.

Vex held out her hands, grinning. “Show me,” she said.

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When I accidentally heard Our Cait and Our Sam would be speaking live via Facebook, I knew my feline masters would grant me a wee break to watch it if I smiled really nicely and shook the treat jar extra hard.

They’re sleeping now, suckers! so here’s my chance to throw in my 2¢ CDN and touch on a few of your comments, too. It’s Friday! 🎉

I have lots to say. Some of it might make sense. Some of it might even be correct. I don’t recommend you hold your breath. It might be a good idea, though, if you think you might actually read my drivel offering, to take a loo break and maybe prepare a snack before you return. Nothing hot though, just in case you fall asleep while reading.

I interrupt this message to say, while I’ve been slaving away at the keyboard, many of you have as well. Thanks. Thanks a bunch. Now I’ll have to read all your words too. Don’t you think my break has been just a shade too long already? Management is not going to like this.

The Ring’s The Thing

@jackietex Ring on left hand, fourth finger.

@anonymous She was clearly wearing a ring on her left hand. Wouldn’t she leave the Frank/Jamie rings at the prop department every day when she changes into her normal clothes? I doubt she would be allowed to take them home with her?!

@jamesandclairefraser That’s what I’m wondering.

@thechattysassehach Plus does anyone else remember the fan who said she was wearing a ring on her left hand at that restaurant? The one where the whole cast was at? And the fan assumed it was her costume ring. But that never made sense to me. Why would Cait wear her costume ring off set?

@veilsrus It looked like a thin band.

@boyneriver I did a double take when I noticed the left-hand ring, then noticed a right-hand ring. I thought Too Much of Frank, and Rupert/Angus. Then I noticed the right-hand ring was also gold. Hmm. Couldn’t see a stone on either ring. Hmm. Neither ring was the Paley ring. Nor was it an onion ring. Two gold rings. No stone. No onions.

See ya… sometime… wink, wink… nudge, nudge… say no more…

@jackietex Are they going to be together for the holidays, or will they Facetime?

@veilsrus Will you be spending any time together during the break? They both said “No”. Do you think they were covering up? What’s your take?

@nothingislost The giveaway was the hesitation and checking with one another before they answered. Really, guys?

@boyneriver Oh, brother, might they stay in touch over the holidays? Could it BE any more obvious? Please channel your inner Chandler Bing here.

@daydreaminglass …was there a “No”…?

@nothingislost Watched again, no “no” more like deer in headlights.

@boyneriver No. No no. Nor Facetime. Miller Time. High Time. Good Time. Bad Time. My Time. Big Time. Or Next Time. Slightly stunned deer, though…

If she’s not yearning for his knees, she’s burning for his baws

@jackietex too, too, too much jackietex knee pornapalooza to copy & paste here

@jackietex Yep, he w̶a̶n̶t̶e̶d̶ ̶u̶s̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶c̶h̶e̶c̶k̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶b̶a̶l̶l̶s̶ was reminding everyone to “check their baws” for the testicular cancer campaign that he represents.

@nothingislost #cahonasscotlandknows

@boyneriver I have always been an arm woman, but Jackie’s got me thinking about knees now. No one ever had to encourage me to think about baws.

It may be whisky, but it’s not Crown Royal 🇨🇦

@veilsrus Did anyone understand what Sam said under his breath after the Irish whiskey thing?

@boyneriver No, Veils, I dinna understand it. Here’s what I heard Sam say, after three intense knee viewings listenings.

“All of them”


“Oh, dear”


“Don’t listen to her”


I suspect we’re standing at the far reach of a delightful inside joke.

Pie used to be a dessert your mum baked and served with cheese or ice cream

@nicefanviaMaril What’s your favourite thing to bake? Do you guys bake?

@nothingislost Moment of the day.

@boyneriver I felt the need to check for knives, you know, to cut the tension. You don’t cut sexual tension, you moron.

The eyes have it 👁👁

@billowandbreeze23 O.M.G. the bottom left. LOOK at how intently he’s watching her. I can’t take these two. I just can’t.

@boyneriver No one can, no one. Love your new name! Haven’t taken time to tell you yet, so…

@yourracingbelle If you watched that video and can’t even entertain the idea that they could be together, you are ignoring things to fit your narrative. That’s not how a brother and sister act (unless you think brothers and sisters act they way they do in that creepy incesty Folgers commercial).

@chrismosstree Kudos @yourracingbelle and I died laughing about the Folgers commercial.

@boyneriver I laughed too, and thought of the lyrics, “The best part of wakin’ up is Folgers in your cup.” Then I thought of how great a nice cup o’ Folgers might go with a nice piece o’ pie…

The chickens aren’t usual either

@sherrigamblin “Can I ask you a question?  Is this usual?  When I look at you, when you laugh with me?  Is is always so, between a man and his co worker?”

“It is often something like this, but no, this is different.  This is special”

@boyneriver Sherri, me love, I could not stop laughing at your gif layout – the Brady Bunch Motif, donchaknow?

Three frames on top of three frames on top of three frames, with a man sitting close to a woman in each one, with just enough room between them to see a dancing yellow chicken. Nine ladies dancing yellow chickens.

Look again! There IS a dancing yellow chicken in each frame. I would never lead People of Earth, random barn animals, or anyone standing in a Star Wars lineup tonight, astray. I saw those chickens and couldn’t stop laughing.

Caitriona Balfe is one of the world’s most beautiful dorks. Truly.

@sherrigamblin I love that we are seeing this carefree, giggly side of her.  No wonder Sam so obviously adores her.

@boyneriver She has the funniest giggle. It’s borderline goose-honk-like. I love it! You know what else I love? Like we could stop you from telling us, boyneriver flood mouth.

Cait is to-die-for gorgeous, and she is 100% comfortable on camera, laughing borderline-goose-honk-like, wearing no makeup, sporting hair twisted back into an unkempt woman-bun, and doesn’t give a flying fig what anybody thinks. She doesn’t run for a mirror, check her hair, pinch her cheeks, apply lipstick…

I think she’s someone any one of us might invite into our home, and see sit with her feet on the couch, comfortably dropping crumbs onto her lap, while giggle-goose-honking, pouring herself another, and quickly making us forget we didn’t know her yesterday.

Is this deckchair taken? 🛳

@cb4tb There’s always someone who claims dubious sources that never quite add up. They contradict themselves.  If you look deep enough, you’ll see that their 1 + 1 equals the square root of a grapefruit.

@boyneriver  I wanted to tell you @cb4tb how I inadvertently boarded this ship on my way to the Outlander Book Club Coat Check Counter, but I got distracted when I had to find a calculator to figure out your math.

In conclusion… cue applause for concluding, not conclusion

Any wedding – which, People of Earth, I believe will happen within the next few days - will be their own to share with each other and their family and friends, the people who are blessed enough to be loved by such an endearing and talented couple.

I hope we know about any wedding when Cait and Sam want us to know about it. That would be my gift to them, that no one scoops it, that they enjoy the celebration they deserve with the people they choose to share it.

Sorry. That made me teary, so I have to add…

You could pawn a scone but you couldn’t own a scone

And how could I abandon you, People of Earth, without any mention of me ol’ mither? I smiled a smile as wide as the distance from Winnipeg to Monaghan when Cait talked about baking brown scones like her mum. That’s sc-aw-ns, people, not sc-ow-ns. Me ol’ mither would be proud. Proud enough to shoo wee Caitriona into the yard to play with the other bairns, while me ol’ mither herself would take care of the scones and serve them to all wee Caitriona’s friends, with a nice pitcher of ice cold lemonade and some homemade strawberry jam. Oh, it paints a bonny picture, doesn’t it?

WTH??? The sky is NOT falling!!

Happy to see the BTS pics of them filming today. I am getting pretty excited about S3 since Voyager is my favorite!

With the latest Sam/Cait goodness, the fun banter, and Jess coming back into the fold, what is up with all of the negative comments today???

OL makes a pretty darn good show, and all of this “why haven’t they aged more”, or “Sam looks so skinny”, or “where is Claire’s grey hair”….who gives a flying fig??? They are filming for heaven’s sake, and we should let them do their job. I am simply enjoying everything they are showing us right now, and HAPPY with all of it.

Nervous Nellie’s and Doubting Thomas’s need to get put back in the box.

Rant over, and lets find the positives! All of this whining makes us look like the anti-brigade, and they do enough of that without us going on and on.

Viva OL, Viva the Frasers, and Sam and Cait!!💕💕💕

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I have no way of watching Bear before next week but everybody seems to be freaking out. I already know about them cutting the Rucas hug/scene but why is everyone so upset with Maya?

Because Riley is the daughter of Cory and Topanga, Riley Matthews is the Girl in Girl Meets World.

Maya Hart is the sidekick.

Unfortunately Maya has gotten the bulk of storylines lately, and personally I couldn’t give two flying figs about what Maya wants, who Maya wants (as long as it isn’t Lucas), or who she ends up with. Maya can be with Charlie for all I care.

I want to see storylines about Riley, I want to see the growth of the Riley and Lucas relationship. I want to more of Riley and her family (without Maya around). I want to know more about Lucas, Farkle, Zay, I want to see more of Auggie. I would love to get more of Josh–without the focus being Maya’s crush on him.

That’s why people are upset with Maya.