flying elvis

Thoughts on SPN S11E12

M’s thoughts:

It looks like they have a nice set up for a potential Wayward Daughters spinoff. Does it seem like Sioux Falls is overrun with vampires since Bobby died?

Favorite Quotes:

Favorite Scene: The whole awkward chicken dinner scene. Sam and Dean’s reactions are great. Delicious homemade food. Yes, real chicken. Not the processed crap. I guess Dean’s cooking abilities are still limited. Then we get into monsters, birth control, and condoms. Who knew?

I will say the whole flying woodchuck and “The Elvis” burger scene was also entertaining.

Final Note: Claire still has the Grumpy Cat! It was on her bed.

G’s thoughts:

I really wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this episode, but I ended up enjoying it, of course. It was great to see the Wayward Daughters again! A few highlights:

  • The Elvis burger, and then the dinner scene, oh god. Help. 
  • Claire and Alex bickering at first, but then killing the vampire together. 
  • Speaking of, I liked that they brought up Alex’s past. Some nice continuity there. 
  • I was slightly disappointed that Claire didn’t ask about Cas—but I am consoled with the knowledge that she still has the Grumpy Cat (thanks M for pointing that out) 
  • Will definitely be checking out the spinoff if it happens.

Another Valentine’s episode coming up for next week. I am both curious and terrified.