flying dubs

Frisk no.
Frisk no.

There’s a reason why nobody tells Papyrus where skeletons originally came from. And I’m not talking about the bird and the bees version of it.

This is probably my best work with these two, I’m quite proud of the results to this goofy comic.

Papyrus, Frisk, Sans, and Undertale belong to Toby Fox. - (@)
Comic made by @humming-fly

I own nothing except the use of my voice!

watching the dub

and vegeta’s hair just caught my eye

tbh one of the funniest things about the legend of bigfoot is everybody making up their personalities and backstories on the fly leading to dub spontaneously forgetting the names of the cardinal directions and cleetus whispering to himself “huh, that makes me cleetus rigger” after coming up with triggers full name and billy-tim going “we grew up in a hick town (maybe)” like they’re all clearly making shit up as they go along and it’s ridiculous and beautiful.

This is for knuckcola I redrew and coloured the kanji hairbrush illustration for you. I hope you like it!

And also…I’m so sorry about Jude Bark 

anonymous asked:

your art is simply so inspiring, i adore these designs! do you have a favorite plane?


And OH NO the dreaded question! I have too many favorites. But if I had to pick one, it would be the plane-that-is-not-really-a-plane, the Lun ekranoplan! 

More detail on cool planes I like under the cut, if you want to be a victim to my rambling:

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Developed by the Swedish fly tyer Lennart Bergqvist in the late 1970’s Superpuppan has become a worldwide phenomenon and one of the best known flies in Scandinavia. This fly is supposed to imitate a caddis pupa swimming in the surface at dark and to make a similar pattern to the water  surface. But it also works great dead drifted and has even been good searching pattern during the day.

The originals by Bergqvist were quite strict imitations that had a range of sizes and colors to imitate different species. I have simplified my Superpupa arsenal lately to feature these three colors in sizes 12 and 16 and have been using more and more the smaller ones. In the photos I used only my #16 flies.

Tying of this fly couldn’t be simpler. Just tie in a hackle to the back, dub the body in the colors you like and palmer the hackle over the body in even turns. After you have finished cut the hackle from underneath and top and leave it only on the sides.

Hook: Size 8-18 if you follow the original patterns.
Hackle: Dry fly hackle in the color you like
Body: Dry fly dubbing usually with lighter color on the back and darker on the front.