flying device

This is a decree from the Department of Security and Enforcement on behalf of Grand Consul Tezzeret.

By order of our Grand Consul, the Consulate has enacted a prohibition on any and all flying devices, flying vehicles, and flying automatons in the city of Ghirapur. Any citizens found using buzzwings, back-mounted flying packs, thopters, or other aircraft will be considered enemies of the Consulate.

As per the orders of our Grand Consul, we will detain all those found in violation of this decree without hesitation. Failure to comply will result in forceful termination of the flying device and indefinite detainment.

Ghirapur will stand strong under Grand Consul Tezzeret.

  • Erza: You think you can pilot this magical flying device?
  • Natsu: Nothing, nothing, nothing. This is nothing! Don't believe me? Check out my resume! 400 years experience of flying!
  • Gray: Happy and Igneel flew you, you can't fly yourself
  • Natsu: Don't you dare do this shit to me now Gray.
  • Gray: Just saying, if we crash we know who to blame.
Highbloods Overwatchstuck Roles and Abilities

Terezi Pyrope - Offense (Melee)

Spear Cane

  • Terezi’s cane doubles as both a spear and a tri-segmented flail, allowing her to deal substantial walloping damage to enemies

Dragon Blades

  • Twin blades adorned with candy red dragon heads to deal close-range slicing and stabbing damage

Total Recall

  • Using her mind powers, Terezi can allow her teammates to temporarily engage their Ultimate Selves, granting a 15% damage boost that lasts for ten seconds

ULT: Sumon Pyralsprite

  • Terezi can telepathically summon a massive dragon to deliver a destructive blast in a single direction, so bright that it temporarily impairs the vision of nearby players for five seconds after the attack

Vriska Serket - Offense (Melee/Medium Range/Long Range)

Fluorite Octet

  • Eight eight sided die that when rolled provide Vriska with the weapons and abilities of all other characters by chance (with the exception of flying devices), depending on the number of the roll. She may use the weapon for five ammunition rounds or ten melee attacks before having to roll again. She does NOT, however, have access to the ult attacks of other characters.

Vision Eightfold

  • High-tech eyewear that allows Vriska to detect all enemies in the area and lock onto the closest opponent without cover to deliver deadly accurate aim

Rocket Boots

  • Jet-powered boots act as boosters allowing Vriska to launch herself into the air or in a straight, forward dash. She may remain airborn for up to ten seconds in short, controlled bursts, or propel herself directly forward or upwards

ULT: Out of Luck

  • Rolling a perfect eight of eight triggers Vriska’s ult, sapping the health of ALL surrounding players, teammates and enemies alike, rendering her invulnerable for an undodgeable attack, or three seconds if the attack isn’t used within that time.

Equius Zahhak - Defense (Long Range/ Shields)

Stud(ded) Brass Knuckles

  • Grip too strong to efficiently wield a weapon in his meaty hands, Equius instead equips a powerful set of brass knuckles that both stuns and damages enemies in close range melee

Pony Wrench

  • Used to build, repair, and upgrade turrets and walls

Build Turret

  • Equius constructs enemy-tracking turrets which he can upgrade with his wrench to increase its damage, or break down for scrap to build walls.


  • A wall of scrap metal built by Equius that can act as cover for teammates and stand strong for up to fifteen blows before ultimately crumbling. Only one of these can be built at a time.

ULT: Mother’s(?) Milk

  • Equius can take a swig of milk from a flask which allows him to build fully upgraded turrets much faster, and any landed punches make for an instant kill

Gamzee Makara - Tank

Deuce Clubs

  • Colourful and hard-hitting juggling clubs used to deliver punishing damage to foes


  • Gamzee can deploy and ride a unicycle, though his feet don’t reach the pedals, causing him to barrel forward at a curve and charge enemies, running over the first in his path and knocking others to the ground

Sopor Pie

  • Can be thrown into the faces of enemies with enough force for custard to inflict damage upon impact, the sopor slowing down targets. They can also be eaten by Gamzee to restore 1% of health

ULT: Chuckle Voodoos

  • When his health is low enough, Gamzee will engage a berzerker mode, slamming his clubs into the ground with enough force to knock down and damage all enemies before him, unleashing a multi-coloured destructive burst of energy from his person in all directions

Eridan Ampora - Defense (Medium/Long Range)

Ahab’s Crosshairs

  • A harpoon gun that can deliver both a devastating lighting blast, or be fired to propel the harpoon into enemies

Longshot Harpoon

  • Eridan can fire the harpoon into enemies and pull them into closer range and shock the player before the harpoon is released and retracts back into Ahab’s Crosshairs or the player escapes

Seraphic Grenades

  • Said to be plundered from the angels themselves, these frag grenades can be lobbed long distance and in addition to damage from the initial explosion, release ghostly white seraphims that deal damage to any players they pass through

ULT: No Hope

  • A charged, five second long attack that unleashes a massive wave of destructive electrical energy in a straight line, obliterating all in its extensive path

Feferi Peixes - Support (Healer)


  • A healing staff that generates bubbles that circle players and gradually replenish their health so long as they are within Feferi’s sight and range. It may also be used as a weapon in a pinch to both stab and strike enemies


  • Fairy-like wings that allow Feferi to fly and glide to a targeted ally to reach and assist them quickly


  • Feferi can deploy three colourful cuddlefish to circle her teammates and provide an energy boost as well as help deflect projectiles, though the cuddlefish swim back to feferi when hit

ULT: Healing Tide

  • Feferi unleashes a cascade of bubbles over her teammates that restore health and, boost energy as they pop

Ok, has anyone noticed all the parallels between Norbert the Nutjob and Hiccup from the DW franchise?

  • They both travel to a place that vikings aren’t even sure exists and build/plan to build an outpost there (outside The Archipelago & America)
  • They are both great inventors, one of their inventions include a flying device that everybody else finds ridiculous at first, but later turns out useful (flight suit & Norbert’s flying machine)
  • They are both quite smart individuals who are used to always defeating their enemies. However, when someone (Viggo & Hiccup) outsmarts them, they develop an unhealthy obsession with finding them and gettin their revenge.
  • They both get struck by lightning because they hold a metal object skywards during a thunderstorm while standing in a high place. They also both survive it. 
  • They’re both minding their own business on their islands (Outpost island & Hysteria) and then an annoying kid shows up (Gustav & Hiccup), sets everything on fire and steals/tries to steal a precious artefact (dragon eye & the potato)
  • At the end they stop raging against the annoying kid and just let him be. From a distance. (Gustav goes back to Berk & and Norbert stays with the Northern Wanderers, far far away from Hiccup)
  • Both of their fathers get killed by a black green-eyed dragon with blue flame. (Toothless & Doomfang)

What do you guys think? Coincidence or not?


A mini Teen Titans PSA for you all. So far in the New 52/DCYou Titans series, there has been two wonderful members that have been brought into the series. Even shockingly, by Scott Lobdell.

Miguel Jose Barragan/Bunker, a mexican, homosexual, religious metahuman with the abilities to create pshyonic (purple) bricks, as weapons, flying devices, armor, and more, created by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth. 

Ra’Ut L’Lwer/Chimera, an alien race known as Durlan, who can use powers and abilities of those near her, such as Bunker, Superboy, Martian Manhunter, Kid Flash, and Livewire. I think she’s apart of the same race as the Legion of Superheroes Chameleon Boy. She’s brand new, but she already knows what it means to help friends, and saving people. A hero. Created by Will Pfiefer, Kenneth Rocafort, Alisson Borges/Wes St. Claire.

Both of these heroes (Miguel less than Ra’Ut) are new to the DC Universe, and already are making names for themselves. So many people have loved Bunker since the first moment he appeared in Teen Titans #3 (2011-2014) and I personally enjoy Ra’Ut in the series (Teen Titans Annual #1 2014-). I honestly hope they stay members of the Titans for a while. Miguel will most likely, I’m sure, seeing as he’s on the most recently released Teen Titans cover for #14. I’m not certain about Ra’Ut though sadly.

inspired by sasuduckbutthead

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: au!roommates

Sleepy Shizuo sometimes caused Awake Izaya great grievances (like tripping over the cord of his coffee machine, sending the device flying; walking straight into Izaya’s door and scaring the crap out of him; being unagreeable and unable to do anything except grunt when Izaya needed a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to ‘should I order take-out?’) But other times, Izaya hated to admit, he could be cute.

He blamed it on the budding roommate crush he currently harbored. Izaya should’ve had an idea when he moved in; blonds seems to be his weakness, but it was either he live with this guy or some future doctor who kept talking about fairies.

It started as nothing out of the ordinary but something about Shizuo’s naivety and forward thinking intrigued Izaya. He was refreshing; he always gave a new viewpoint that Izaya hadn’t considered at first, left the man thinking. He liked that.

There was a charm in Shizuo opening a cupboard, turning around at the sound of a small sound, then back and walking straight into it, grunting loudly.

There was a delight in Shizuo trying to pour coffee for Izaya, missing and taking a few moments to feel the pain of hot liquid on his hand, mumbling a monotonous ‘ow.’

There was an amusement in Shizuo boiling water for ramen and beginning to snore while standing there waiting.

Izaya was always up early, skimming the newspaper and sipping his first cup of coffee when Shizuo would roll off of the bed, sound of his body hitting the floor loud and concrete. Whenever Izaya didn’t hear him swear and get back up, he’d go into his bedroom, sigh as he pulled Shizuo’s arm around his neck, hoisting him up and throwing him back in bed, sighing ‘come on now, Shizu-chan, work with me here…’

Once he was safely back in bed, Izaya would stare at him for a bit. His hair was tousled, his midriff was showing, his limbs were splayed out, he was snoring softly. Izaya gave a slight smirk and bowed, lips brushing against his cheek.

“Better get up before the sun sets, Shizu-chan.”

It was only when the door closed that Shizuo’s eyes opened, blushing and arm covering his eyes.

…One day I’ll kiss him back… or somethin’…


jemma realising that maybe fitz isn’t opening the portal as quickly as she’d anticipated he would, and so realising that she’s going to need to switch off her phone to preserve battery power.

jemma only ever turning on her phone to take pictures of organisms/footage of various phenomena and to make a voice recording, but still allowing herself the occasional moment of selfishness and looking at pictures of fitz/the others.

jemma gradually losing hope but still maintaining the memos, still documenting what’s happening to her. 

jemma playing back the memos to herself when she feels she’s losing her grip on reality.

jemma unwilling to stop recording, stop talking, because she feels like these memos are her only connection back to earth. to the people she loves. to fitz.

jemma watching the battery slowly tick closer to zero each and every time and feeling the last of her hope disappearing with it.

jemma leaving a defeated, desperate, heartfelt message to fitz with the last of the battery power, talking faster and faster and crying more and more as the battery finally hits zero and cuts her off.

jemma managing to keep the dead phone on her person, despite everything she goes through on that planet, because it’s important. her story is important, even if it never leaves here. it’s important. it matters.

jemma giving the phone to fitz back on earth after she tells him the story, inviting him to bear witness to this rawness and pain. finally showing him everything, all of her agony, after so long of telling him nothing.

(jemma sharing the burden.)


ICHIGO’S BIRTHDAY COUNTDOWN → from the 6th of July until the 15th of July.

so Ichigo’s birthday is just around the corner and I wish I could’ve done this sooner but it was really hard (whoever do these sort of things, I respect you), anyway with the help of @kingichigo we can finally announce it!

  • Day .01 [ 6/7trait / trope.
  • Day .02 [ 7/7 ] quote.
  • Day .03 [ 8/7 ] family.
  • Day .04 [ 9/7 ] title(s).
  • Day .05 [ 10/7 ] scene.
  • Day .06 [ 11/7 ] fight.
  • Day .07 [ 12/7 ] free day.
  • Day .08 [ 13/7 ] color(s).
  • Day .09 [ 14/7 ] then vs now.
  • Day .10 [ 15/7 ] Ichigo’s birthday.

you’re free to do whatever you want on 15/7, don’t limit yourself!

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