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A lot of people is under the impression that the 2007 Skull Man anime was a prequel to Cyborg 009. That’s not true at all. Like Kazuhiko Shimamoto’s Skull Man, the anime is actually a huge homage to all Shotaro Ishinomori’s works. Yeah, Brain Gear is obviously Black Ghost. Yeah, Van Vogt, Helen and Gamo are there. Yeah, Skull and baby Joe. But those are not the only references in the series. Here I listed some characters from other works that appear in the series as well:

Hayato Ichimonji from Kamen Rider

Inspector Tachiki from the original Skull Man manga

President Kuroshio from The Flying Ghost Ship

Tsuyoshi Shinjo from Robot Keiji

Keitaro Shinjo from Robot Keiji

Maya Chisato from the original Skull Man

Bijinder from Kikaider

Waruder from Kikaider

And then, like Brain Gear was a nod to Black Ghost, the New Humanity from the ending is actually the Neo Human Empire from Inazuman. Yeah, there’s two different translations for it, but they’re actually the same. The original spelling being 新人類 (Shin Jin Rui).

So, I know Cyborg 009 is one of the most well known Ishinomori series in the west, so it’s easy to think the series had any connection to it. But that is only a tribute to the entire Ishinomori’s career, not meant to be taken in the same continuity.