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Body of Roses (Punk!Luke Fan Fiction) Chapter - 29

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Rating: A-14 (Read at own risk)

Word Count: 1,782

Luke’s P.O.V

“I think this is gonna be the worse Christmas ever.” I mumbled as Michael and I played Xbox together while the other two boys watched from the sidelines.

“Come one, mate.” Ash perked up. “It’ll be awesome. And I’ll tell you what, I’ll take you out for Christmas breakfast.”

A small smile crept onto my face. “I’m not really worried about breakfast making this Christmas horrible.”

A long silence filled the room, each of us knowing what I was talking about.

“She loves you.” Michael finally began, the two of us both not really paying attention to the video game anymore. “She’ll come back for you, I know she will." I nodded my head hoping that Michael’s words were true. He paused the game completely before pulling a piece of paper out of his back pocket. "We got you something.” He smiled handing it over to me. “A little early Christmas gift, no need to thank us.”

It was a small envelope addressed to me. I hastily opened the seal not being patient with it before reaching my hand inside and pulling out a single plane ticket.

“New York.” I read out loud, lowering it afterwards to stare at the smiling faces of my three best friends.

“To see Ella.” Calum smiled.

“No.” I shook my head knowing that it wasn’t the exact response they were hoping for. “I mean thank you, I honestly appreciate the thought but I can’t go. Ella doesn’t want me in her life anymore.”

I heard Michael let out a grown of frustration. “Of course she wants you in her life! I’ve never seen two people be so in love. Love like that doesn’t die.”

“Plus,” Ashton chipped in. “The tickets non-refundable, mate, so you’re going either way.”

I felt a smile tug at the ends of my mouth from Ash’s comment before nodding in agreement with them. “Okay,” I told them. “I’m going.” I took in all their faces again not believing how grateful I was to have such incredible brothers. “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” Cal smiled while they all began moving towards me to engulf me into a bear hug.


Ella’s P.O.V

“Guess who just got asked out on a date?” Lottie chimed from my bedroom doorway before jumping down on my small, twin sized bed with me. It was Christmas break now and she texted me ten minutes ago saying she was coming over with a bag of chips, 2 Pepsi’s and big news.

“Going on a whim here, but is he tall, grey eyed and Irish?” She let out a mocking gasp at my guess of Kean.

“You have to be some sort of mind reader.”

“You caught me, I’m a part time tarot reader.” I joked causing a smile to break out on both our faces. “So where’s Kean taking you? A fancy restaurant?”

Lottie let out a laugh, both of us knowing that going to a formal diner would be her last choice for a date. “We’re going to the movies.” She told me. “You and Xander are welcome to join us.” I gave her a puzzled glare when she sent me a wink. “Oh come on, Ella. You’d have to be blind to not see how interested the two of you are with one another.”

I gave her a shrug feeling my cheeks heat up just at the thought of Xander. “I don’t know if I’m even ready for another boyfriend.”

“I get it.” Lottie gave me a sympathetic smile. “Luke was the love of your life; key word ’was’. But after the physic’s project you and Xander did together last week, it’s pretty obvious that you guys are both into one another.”

I let out a sigh letting Lottie think it was one filled with love and lust at the thought of Xander when in reality it was the exact opposite. I wouldn’t say that my love for Luke was in the past, to be completely honest I had no idea how I felt for him anymore. Whenever I heard his name there was always some sort of feeling tugging at my heart, but was it loss? anger? love? hurt? I didn’t know.

“I’ll text him.” I finally told her putting on the best smile I could as I reached for my phone and typed away.

We both waited for a response changing the topic from Luke to watching youtube video’s on my laptop. Laughter was the only thing to be heard from my room before the dinging of my phone saying I had a notification joined in. Unlocking my phone, I read the message Xander sent me, frowning as I did.

“He’s busy tonight.” I told Lottie looking up at her.

She gave me a shrug as if saying his loss. “You’re still welcome to join us.”

“No.” I began. “This is yours and Kean’s date." 

With that, there was a knock on my door before it opened revealing Kean on the other side. He smiled at us, cuddled together on my bed with my laptop. "Ready to go?”

Lottie smiled and nodded. “I’ll be down in ten minutes.” After he left closing the door behind him, she turned back to me. “Any last words of advise?”

“Ya,” I jokingly began. “Use protection.”


It was around 12am as I continued to scroll through the web. Lottie and Kean were still at the movies, promising me that she’d come straight back to our house to have a sleepover so she could tell me everything.

I heard my phone go off from beside me, picking it up and reading the message from Xander.

Look outside. It read.

I moved from my bed and across my room to the oversized window on my wall. It over looked my road as I glanced out of it to see Xander standing in my driveway leaning against his motorcycle. I quickly raced down the stairs, careful not to wake my parents before grabbing my army green coloured coat and worn out boats before flying out into the cool night.

“What are you doing here?” I smiled running up to him. He took me by surprise when he wrapped his arms around my frame and brought me into a hug.

“I wanted to show you something.” He whispered in my ear before letting go of me and moving to his bike. He handed me a helmet as I climbed onto the back hesitantly. “Scared?” He joked causing a smirk to find its way onto my face.

“Of my parents finding out I left? Yes." 

With that, he revved the bike before speeding out of my driveway and down the road. The light snow that drifted down made it feel as if I were in some sort of fairy tale; a princess on the back of a fair knights steed. Soon, though, Xander was going to have to put his motorcycle away for the winter, but not until the ground was completely covered in snow. 

We stopped outside of his house, hopping off as we did. He lived a few blocks over from me making his house look almost the same as my quaint, red brick one. I removed the helmet from my head, praying my hair wasn’t all over the place when I turned to face him.

"Nice house.” I sarcastically told him knowing this isn’t what he wanted to show me.

“Follow me.” He ordered taking my hand and bringing me to his back yard that was backed up against a small forest that led to the local neighborhood park. With some help from Xander, we both climbed over the chain linked fence and wandered down the man made trail before coming to a stop. “Close your eyes.”

I did as I was told, closing my eyes as I waited impatiently. I heard him moving through trees and walking around me before he said, “Now open them.”

A small gasp escaped from between my lips as I watched to see a portion of the forest lit up with Christmas lights. Some had jars around the bulbs while others were by their lonesome self. My eyes twinkled in delight at the sight before my eyes then landing on the blanket that was placed in the center.

“It’s beautiful.” I whispered to Xander not being able to form any other words.

“I’m sorry I had to cancel on the movie night.” He began. “I already had this in mind.”

My smile remained on my face while my head shook in wonder. “This is perfect,” I turned to him finally letting my eyes fall from the lights. “Thank you.”

Xander took my hand again in his, bringing me over to lay with him on the blanket. I noticed how he placed it where the trees opened up to the night sky, allowing us to see the stars.

“There’s the big dipper.” He pointed out. “And that’s Cassiopeia.” He continued pointing out all the different constellations of the night sky while I stared at them in awe. I felt giddy inside. Never has anyone gone so out of their way for me; it was perfect.

By now it was almost 2 and I was beginning to shiver from the cold.

“We should get you home.” Xander said from beside me before helping me to my feet.

We climbed back over the fence that lead to his back yard and hopped back onto his bike. It was still lightly snowing as we pulled up into my driveway, handing my helmet to him as I got up.

“Thank you for everything.” I smiled at him. “This was probably the best night of my life.”

He followed me getting off his bike too. “Believe me this is the least I can do.” I felt him pick up a piece of hair that must have fallen into my face before tucking it behind me ear. “You deserve the entire world, Ella.” He whispered to me.

I noticed how his face began to dip down towards mine closing the space between us. As his lips landed on mine I felt my entire body stiff not sure what to do until I heard a car door slam shut behind me.

I spun on my feet looking over to see a taxi driving away down my street and a figure standing at the end of my driveway only a couple meter’s away from where Xander and I stood. I took in the figure landing on his now pained eyes feeling my mouth begin to move in search for an explanation but no words forming.

“It’s alright,” Luke shrugged obviously hurt. “Our love wasn’t all that special to me either.”


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