flying bikes

okay honestly one of my favorite parts of stranger things is when the kids are all on their bikes and the van is right in front of them and you’re like oh shit this is clearly an e.t. reference eleven is gonna make the bikes fly this is great im ready but the duffer brothers, being the geniuses they are, knew that that’s exactly what everyone was expecting so they made eleven flip the fucking van and i don’t know about you but i flipped my shit

Summary of Happy Wheels with Tyler & Josh
  • Tyler: Should we tell them that we’re laying on the same bed together?
  • Josh: Say we’re on a couch or something
  • -----
  • Josh: Come on Sven
  • Tyler: Use your glutes!
  • Josh & Tyler: Nooo
  • [Sven and Spencer die]
  • Josh: Are they okay?
  • -----
  • Tyler: Can I just point out that Sven is doing fantastic?
  • Josh: So good. Look at that
  • [Sven gets decapitated]
  • Tyler & Josh: Ooohhh
  • -----
  • Tyler: Look at the agility
  • -----
  • Josh: I actually had a job on a cruise ship, and uh--
  • [Sven and Spencer fall and Spencer dies. Sven is still alive but trapped]
  • Tyler: Unbelievable
  • Josh: Oh, dude
  • Tyler: He’s good, he’s good. We’re good
  • Josh: How are we gonna get outta there?
  • Tyler: We’re good. Just--
  • [Sven falls and dies]
  • Tyler & Josh: Oohh
  • Tyler: You know that’s a quality car seat
  • -----
  • Josh: I had a job on a cruise ship and you wouldn’t--you wouldn’t know this, but um--
  • [Spencer falls down a chute]
  • Josh: Uh--woah. There goes--there goes Spenc--
  • [Spencer comes flying up]
  • Josh: WHAT
  • -----
  • [Spencer flings off of the bike and goes flying up a chute]
  • Josh & Tyler laughing
  • -----
  • Tyler: Are you stuck?
  • [Sven pedals and gets back up]
  • Tyler: Oh, no you’re not, because you know why? Sven gets himself out of situations
  • -----
  • Tyler: What’s back here? Behind me?
  • Josh: I don’t know, try and back up
  • [Sven and Spencer back up. Spencer shoots up and explodes]
  • Tyler & Josh: WOAH
  • [Red bits come flying down like confetti]
  • Tyler: Is all that Spencer?
  • -----
  • [Sven tries riding up a hill to the finish line with one leg]
  • Tyler: Yeah, you know what that is called? Perseverance
  • -----
  • [Sven lies on the ground, headless and bleeding, while Spencer casually sits on his car seat]
  • Josh: See now is the time when Spencer needs to just like--
  • Tyler: Step up
  • Josh: Step it up
  • -----
  • Tyler: Dude, get on the bed! There’s plenty of room--I mean couch. I mean, we’re on a couch. We’re sitting on a couch, we’re not laying on a bed in our underwear. We’re actually at the pool
  • Josh: Yeah
  • Tyler: With like three other chicks
  • Josh: Yeah, there’s tons of chicks here. Gosh, they’re so good looking too. I’m attracted to them
  • Tyler: They’re really quiet
  • Josh: Well yeah, they’re like...eating
  • -----
  • [Sven has like three arrows sticking out of his butt while Spencer sits in his seat, behind his dead father]
  • Tyler: Poor Spencer watched his dad go in a very...honourable way
  • -----
  • [Sven is dead and headless. Spencer has an arrow in his lower back. Sign reads "Nice! Keep going!"]
  • Tyler: Nice
  • Josh: Nice. Um...
  • Tyler: Keep going
  • -----
  • Tyler: Dude, did you just burp?
  • Josh: Yeah, sorry
  • Tyler: Ew dude that burp smells so bad
  • [Sven flips over and breaks his back]
  • Tyler & Josh: OHH
  • Josh: What? Like, pure Red Bull and...passion?
  • -----
  • [The top half of Sven’s body goes flying in the air]
  • Tyler: I believe I can fly
  • -----
  • Josh: You’re a slinky
  • -----
  • [Sven goes rolling down a set of stairs, his head is loosely attached by his bones then he stops rolling]
  • Tyler: Dude, you can’t stop now. Don’t give up now. The only chance we have is if--
  • [The bike comes flying past Sven]
  • Tyler & Josh: OH

It’s that time again! Tomco Week 5 is coming soon, and I hereby dub it: The Summer of Tomco!

It’s in June. School’s out, it’s summertime, and there’s all sorts of fun things to do. Season 3 might get intense so why not give the boys a fun vacation before it all goes to heck? So without further ado, here are the prompts.

Day 1 - Jun 4 - Summer Outfits

Let’s be real, when summer comes, it’s usually time for a change in wardrobe so you don’t sweat to death. How about some adorable summer-themed outfits? Tank tops, shorts, sundresses, flipflops, sunglasses! Make it fashionable, make it tacky, whatever you like best.

Day 2 - Jun 5 - Water Balloon Fights

Nothing says “I love you” like pelting someone with a balloon full of water.

Day 3 - Jun 6 - Ice Cream

It’s hot. Which means we need plenty of ice cream to cool off with. Go wild with the flavors and toppings. Make the Ultimate Scoop.

Day 4 - Jun 7 - Swimming

Nothing beats the heat like taking a dive. Time to go swimming, whether it be in a pool, a lake, or even the ocean. Tom personally probably doesn’t have much experience with swimming in water; most lakes are full of lava where he’s from. But hey, Marco can teach him.

Day 5 - Jun 8 - Picnicking/Barbecue

It’s lovely out. Time for picnicking in the park, or having a BBQ at home, with friends and family and eating lots of delicious food. I’m sure Rafael will be overjoyed to cook for everyone. Maybe the guests bring their own dishes too? Lots of opportunity to share favorite recipes, for sure.

Day 6 - Jun 9 - Zoo Trip

Plenty of free time, might as well go to the zoo, right? And hey, maybe the animals won’t all be hiding out in the shade, but if they are, at least you can interact with birds at the aviary so it won’t be a total loss.

Day 7 - Jun 10 - Summer Activities

Anything else you enjoy doing over the summer that wasn’t mentioned above. Kite flying, camping, biking, climbing trees, whatever else you want. This is essentially a wild card. Have fun!

So those are the prompts, and here are the rules, same as always. They can also be found at if you need to reference them.

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I’ll accept fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, videos, heck, songs, whatever you wanna share.

I’ll reblog this again about a week out from the first day. I’m looking forward to the summer and I hope you guys are too! :D

A/N: follower asked: “Episode 1 Shiro just coming out of being put under while on the flying bike thing with Keith and the gang. The combination of the drugs and the sharp movements get him motion sick and he ends up puking on the back of the bike.”

“Oh, god,” Hunk swallows around the urge to gag as the rover dips into another sharp dive. “Please tell me we’re almost there.”

“A few miles,” Keith answers, sounding annoyed. “Lean right, big guy.”

Hunk groans but complies, shifting his weight in order to steer the rover away from a looming sand dune. He accidentally slips back onto Lance’s hand. The boy lets out a startled yelp before punching Hunk in the arm.

“Dude! Stay on your side,” Lance growls, shaking out his smashed hand.

“Okay, technically there aren’t any sides,” Hunk retorts, about to turn around and give Lance a shove when the stranger shifts in his arms, moaning softly.

“Um, guys?” Hunk peers down at the slack features beginning to contort into a grimace. “I think he’s waking up.”

“Hold his head,” Pidge says, nudging her shoulder where the man has fallen against it. “He’s kinda crushing me, here!”

“Right. Sorry,” Hunk braces the guy’s forehead, easing him back against his own shoulder. He feels the stranger’s stomach heave with a convulsive gasp as his head lolls before snapping to attention.

“Wha’s…what’s goin’ on? What…” The man glances up, absorbing his surroundings and apparently making an immediate decision as he springs forward with surprising speed to grip Keith in a violent headlock. Keith chokes, swerving abruptly as his airway is obstructed by the crushing grip.

“Fuck, Shiro, stop! It’s me. Shit, get him off!” Keith struggles, causing the rover to lurch unsteadily as he scrambles to regain control. “Calm down! We’re here to help you!”

Shiro’s panting heavily, head swiveling in obvious confusion as he absorbs the whirling scenery and the teenagers holding him upright. “What’s happening?” he breathes weakly, head thumping against Pidge’s shoulder blades as the initial adrenaline rush drains away.

“Well, technically you’re being rescued from an evil, purple, alien race that was probably gonna kill you, which, before like an hour ago, I had no idea existed so -“

“Lance, you’re not helping,” Keith shouts, steering the rover over a cluster of trees.

“Lemme off,” Shiro slurs, clenching at Lance’s shirt as the rover swerves violently. “I…I - let me off!”

“Hey, just take it easy,” Hunk soothes, rubbing the man’s back. He’s clearly out of it. Poor guy’s gotta be pretty confused right now. Emerging from a drug-induced coma on a speeding rover with four strangers straddling you has got to be a little jarring. “We’re almost there. Right, Keith?” He emphasizes with a subtle growl; because if they’re not he might just hurl all over the guy’s rover to prove a point.

“Ten minutes,” Keith’s voice is clipped, sounding like he’s about to kick everybody off if they don’t stop pestering him. “Hold on to Shiro.”

As if he was going to do anything else, but Hunk tightens his grip anyway. The older boy squirms in his arms, hard muscles coiling beneath Hunk’s hands.

“What the hell…is happening…” Shiro grits out, panting raggedly as the rover dives over another hill. He groans as his robotic arm flares to life, sparking with glowing, purple bolts of electricity. The alien thing was freaking Hunk out before he realized it was a deadly weapon.

“Um, guys?” Panicking, he snatches his hand away from Shiro’s metallic arm. “I don’t think his alien arm thing is happy! Maybe trying to kill us?”

“Don’t be stupid,” Keith shouts back.

Lance yelps as the electricity grazes his thigh, “Oh shit, get it off me!”

“Can you power it down?” Pidge demands, head swiveling frantically as Shiro’s arm continues to hum menacingly with a foreign energy.

“I don’t think it has a power button,” Hunk yells back, struggling to maintain his grip around Shiro’s waist as the older boy slumps forward with a strangled whine.

“Try to keep him calm,” Pidge suggests, nervously glancing over her shoulder.

“Almost there,” Keith assures, steering the rover into a sharp left.

Hunk rolls his eyes but ends up petting Shiro’s back. The broad shoulders hitch with a choked noise and Hunk tries to get a better look at the older boy’s face.

“Hey, guys? He’s not looking too good,” Hunk brushes the snow-white fringe out of Shiro’s face, frowning at the sheen of sweat glistening on the other man’s face.

A low gurgle vibrates in Shiro’s throat as he swallows convulsively, flesh hand clenching spasmodically around Hunk’s arm.

“Lemme…off,” he repeats, though Hunk can barely hear his strained voice over the rumbling noise of the engine.

“Just hang on,” Hunk says, emulating a confidence he absolutely does not feel. “We’re almost there, man.”

Hunk barely has time to register the urgency as Shiro suddenly leans to the side, jolting with a wet sounding burp. “Oh, crap,” he breathes, belatedly realizing what’s about to happen just before Shiro convulses with a gurgling retch.

A stream of vomit splatters all down the side of the rover, coating Hunk’s leg in sludgy warmth as Shiro coughs, gagging on another mouthful of sick.

Oh…oh my god,” Hunk sputters, simultaneously trying to hold the guy steady and keep his own stomach contents down. “Keith, please stop this thing!”

Everyone erupts into panicked exclamations of disgust as Shiro continues retching weakly over the side of the rover. Keith complies and brings the vehicle to a hovering stop. Hunk immediately slides off and Shiro follows him, landing in a graceless heap as his back arches with an unproductive gag.

“Oh, okay,” Hunk swallows thickly, pressing a fist to his mouth as he kneels down, awkwardly patting Shiro’s back. “Wow. That’s a lot of…geez, all right. Get it up.”

“What happened?” Keith demands furiously.

“The drugs are probably making him sick,” Pidge supplies, staring with wide, frightened eyes.

“Or maybe it’s your shitty driving,” Lance sneers. “I don’t blame the guy. I feel like puking, too.”

Keith lands a punch on the other boy’s arm which sends him tumbling off the rover with a startled, “Hey!”

“Guys, cut it out,” Hunk says, gripping Shiro’s bicep as he jerks forward, bringing up a much weaker dribble of brownish bile. “You’re probably freaking him out.”

“Shiro?” Keith kneels down in front of the other man, cupping his cheek in a strangely intimate gesture. “It’s Keith. You’re safe, all right? Can you hear me?”

Shiro coughs, glancing up uncertainly at the vaguely familiar voice. He squints, swallowing hard and giving a weak nod.

“Good,” Keith breathes a sigh of relief. “We’re taking you home. Don’t worry. Just hang on a little longer, okay?”

“Ke - Keith?” Shiro reaches out with his metallic hand, face crumpling as Keith instinctively flinches. He instantly pulls back and collapses, supported only by his trembling arms and knees.

“Yeah, I’m right here,” Keith frowns and places a hand on the back of Shiro’s neck, glancing up at Hunk. “Can you lift him?”

Hunk wraps his arm determinedly around the other man’s waist, hauling him back onto the rover with ease.

“I’ve got him,” he assures, climbing on behind and settling a half-conscious Shiro against his chest. He rubs a soothing hand down the older boy’s arm as Shiro moans something that Hunk doesn’t quite catch.

“Everybody hang on,” Keith commands, revving up the engine. “Lance, you’re welcome to go hands-free.”

Lance squawks indignantly as the rover glides into motion, carrying the five of them into the emerging sunrise.


Hover bike are on the way to stop being science fiction and become tech reality. Video features Scorpion 3, the first serious attempt at a flying hoverbike.

Some quick headcanons about Lily for International Women’s Day
•She was part punk and part hippie (black leather jacket covered in pins tossed over a short yellow sundress was a frequently seen outfit)
•Therefore, the first time James’ parents saw her (eagerly pointed out to them by their son) she was a young, innocent girl in a pretty dress
•And the second time they saw her (eagerly pointed out to them by their son’s best friend) she was a slightly scary, wild haired girl wearing a jacket with colorful pins
•They didn’t realize she was the same girl until fourth year when both boys properly introduced her to them
•(somehow, they hadn’t realized the Lily Sirius talked about that he had bonded with over stupid families and insomnia was the same Lily James talked about that he had bonded with over chocolate preferences and pillow forts)
•Also, she was the one that forced Sirius to get a helmet for his motorcycle, because, “if you’re going to ride that death trap, you may as well be safe about it”
•(she bought herself one on the same trip)
•(she also helped him with the charms to make his bike fly)
•She couldn’t hold liquor to save her life
•But she always insisted that she could
•So she always ended up being the one dancing on the tabletops at Gryffindor parties and passing out on top of James so he had to let her stay in his bed
•(not that he minded)