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I never drink caffeine but I just downed two Starbucks iced coffees that my friend didn't want and now I'm in my room alone dancing to these fucking songs and I almost broke my door down because I trucked into it thinking it was open,, I'm going quickly insane to a sped up version of All Star. I'm having the god damn time of my life and I'm about to throw up I feel truly alive

god bless

The Fly System

So, in our school, we have a Fly system. When we put on our production of Peter Pan, there was four kids on it. It takes 3 people to operate our fly system.

At one point, the rowdy middle school orchestra wanted to preform in the theatre, so we let them.

Now would be worth mentioning that we were about to replace the fly cables, as ours were a bit old. But we still had to put up with the old ones on opening night.

But, because everything hates us, the night of the show, we saw that the cables had been messed with. It could have only been the middle schoolers.

There’s no way we could’ve done without the fly system, because it was Peter’s system, and it would’ve been impossible to do the scenes without him flying, especially on the scene where he fights Captain Hook.

And that’s the story about how the whole of tech, the director, and actors scrambled to replace the cable 30 minutes before the places call. We don’t let middle schools use our theatre anymore