What more do people want from Felicity?

I’ve seen a lot of people complain about how selfish Felicity was for apparently going to save Oliver instead of waiting behind to save the thousands of others. I think it’s completely human to first think of their loved ones when they and other people are in danger. That’s why Felicity’s mind jumped to Oliver when she found out that he was in danger. That’s why she asked Ray to save Oliver. But Ray knocked some sense into Felicity and when he did she didn’t push Ray into going, no, she simply came up with a contingency plan and saved Oliver herself. 

People are upset that Felicity put Oliver’s life first over thousands of others. But I have to ask, did she really? Ray, Laurel, Diggle, and even Thea were all doing their part to save the city. Felicity wasn’t NEEDED at that moment to help save the thousands. And you can ask me, how do you know she wasn’t needed? Well the fact that no one actually died while Felicity was saving Oliver shows that Felicity wasn’t actually needed. 

Where she was needed was by Oliver’s side. What did people expect her to do? Twiddle her thumbs by Ray’s side and let Oliver die again? 

People who also say that Felicity was selfish for not putting the needs of the city first also forget the fact that Felicity: 

  • Found all four locations of the Alpha Omega virus in the city
  • Figured out a way for Ray to use his nanotechnology to disperse the inoculation to protect all the civilians from getting infected
  • Convinced Oliver he can and will defeat Ra’s without dying himself
  • Got Captain Lance to spring the police into action when it was supposed to be someone else’s job
  • Flew as the Atom (even though she’s afraid of heights) to save Oliver

To say that Felicity didn’t do her part to save those thousands of people would be a blatant lie and a ridiculous way of belittling Felicity’s actions in the entire episode.

Without Felicity, the city would have perished. And I honestly cannot believe that people think that Felicity was selfish to choose to save the man she loves when she already did her part to save Starling. 


Day 387 - Butterfree | バタフリー (Strange Moves Week 05 / 07)

Butterfree used Electroweb!

Butterfree tests its wings after evolving from Trancell. Their wings are large and iridescent in the late afternoon sunlight. Butterfree evolves very quickly, so people of Kanto are accustomed to seeing wild ones float by whilst running errands.

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