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shanna! i really need you to write something about niall and a little baby😭

His fingertips trickled down the side of her cheek, making the sweet newly born baby girl wrestle a bit in her hospital bassinet. Niall chuckled softly as she yawned and squished her tiny face, his tone filled with amazement and love and your eyes slowly floated over to where he was standing next to her. 

“Don’t wake her, Ni,” you told him, catching his stare as he looked back over his shoulder to you. He gave you a tender smile; the same one he had given to you the day you told him he was going to be a daddy and you had no choice but to reciprocate, leaning your head back onto the pillow of the hospital bed. 

“She’s so beautiful,” he whispered, gingerly shaking his head in disbelief, “How the hell did we create somethin’ so beautiful?” 

You giggled slightly at his comment, his frankness something you had come to love. “Well, you are her daddy, ya know,” you reminded him, watching as his fingers once again ghosted down the side of her puffy pink cheek. They were jittering a bit with nerves against her soft skin and you bit at your lip, wondering if he was feeling more anxious or scared about his newborn baby. 

“I gotta pick her up,” he blurted out, raising his brows as his big hands tucked down into the bassinet and nestled underneath her tiny body to gently scoop her up. 

You lifted your head up from the pillow to watch, your eyes glued to the gentleness of his every move. “Hold her neck, Niall,” you instructed, remembering the hints from the baby classes you had both decided to attend while pregnant. 

“I know, I know.” 

Smiling at him, you could feel your heart start to swell in your chest as he carefully slid his arm under her small wrapped up body, tenderly cradling her in the crook of his elbow. He looked like a natural, like he was born to do this. 

You watched as he slowly leaned his face down to hers, his chest expanding slightly as he pulled in a deep breath, her sweet baby scent filling his lungs as he placed a soft kiss to her forehead. She made a tiny squeak, her little face nuzzling against his chest at the reaction from his scruff tickling her skin. He flicked his eyes up to yours, his mouth going wide in a silent smile before he started to walk over towards you.

“I can’t believe we made this,” he said to you as he stepped up to the bed, easing himself down on the edge next to you, “It’s fuckin’ mental.” 

Reaching out to gently run your fingers over her pillowy fluff of dark hair that adorned her head, you let your eyes fawn over her face as he continued to stare down at her. “She’s the perfect mix of us, Ni,” you spoke up, “But I think she looks like you.”

“You think?”

Shaking your head, you tucked your bottom lip in between your teeth as he brought her up to his face, his eyes closing as he held her tiny cheek against his, his big hand holding her little bum as he slowly rocked back and forth. You heard a slight hum push out of her little lungs and it made a smile slide over you mouth. “Yeah,” you finally said, your voice quiet, as you reached out to rub across her back, “I also think she already loves you just as much as I do.” 

“Good,” he said, opening his eyes to meet your stare, “ ‘cause there’s nothin’ I love more in the world than the two of you.” 

So, my speculation, Louis ETA: performs, and Briana and Ashley are in the audience with the child.

Ashley is there because she’s literally related to the kid, so that’s the only way they can have him in the audience.

Steve Aoki might perform (with or without Louis), and that’s why he cancelled three shows and is now in London.