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In July of 1945 a USAAF B-25 Mitchell accidentally flew into the Empire State Building, here in an excerpt from the Wikipedia page

“One engine shot through the South side opposite the impact and flew as far as the next block, dropping 900 feet and landing on the roof of a nearby building and starting a fire that destroyed a penthouse. The other engine and part of the landing gear plummeted down an elevator shaft. The resulting fire was extinguished in 40 minutes. It is still the only fire at such a height to be brought under control.”


Curtiss biplanes shooting King Kong off of the Empire State Building.  The aircraft were from the U.S. Navy, stationed at Floyd Bennet Field in Brooklyn, N.Y.  According to internet people, the Navy was paid $100 dollars for use of the aircraft and allegedly each of the Navy pilots was paid ten dollars under the table to perform certain maneuvers around the building.  

Disney during WW2

taken from http://blog.buzzricksons.com

One of the purest expressions of Walt Disney’s genuine patriotism during the war years was his decision to establish a unit devoted to producing customised military unit insignia free of charge for U.S. armed forces and their allies. Headed by the talented draftsman Hank Porter, whom Walt referred to as a “one-man art department,” the unit worked steadily throughout the war, turning out nearly 1,300 insignia upon request.


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Hoverboards are here! Lexus, you have spent your ridonculous amounts of money wisely. Respect.

The making of the Lexus Slide Hoverboard:

More about the science of Superconductor levitation