The ultimate guide to traveling around the world, from how to pack your suitcase to how much you’ll be paying for a beer

  • Planning to travel to another country, even for a vacation, takes a lot of work.
  • We compiled the ultimate guide to traveling around the world, which can help you in every step of the vacation-planning process.
  • From applying for visas for your trips and finding an affordable flight to navigating the subway system, these 10 graphics have you covered.

Scenes from our game prototype (Pt. 3)

Vehicles and roads have gone through many iterations. Here you can see 2 of them. At the very beginning (last year around the same time) the road network was designed like rails, where your only option was to change lanes. The next test was a bit more freedom, but your car would still almost drive on rails (first gif). That didn’t work. Then I tried complete freedom, the other end of the spectrum. You were able to go anywhere (second gif). That didn’t work so well either, for many reasons, but mainly because the environment design became a lot more complicated.

In part 4 you will find out what I decided to do in the end. Blatant teaser, but I love you. Enjoy these clips in the meantime. 💙