flygon cosplay


I will get better pictures taken. When it’s actual daylight, and not me taking shitty phone photos of myself in my room. But YES FLYGON COSPLAY


I am really proud okay, I know it’s not much, all I’ve made is a wingscarf, tail and a hat. I bought goggles on etsy and I’ll wear green poofy pants and striped stockings and green boots and lots of green stuff. I’ll be wearing this on Torucon, that is, as long as I won’t be boiling in it. I’m gonna be a volunteer this year, so I have to wear a Torucon t-shirt and stuff, and the only cosplay I can wear anyway are accessories like these, because the shirt has to be visible.

It’s the first time I’ve actually put work in something like this and I really like how it turned out. It’s a bit sad all the things except the goggles are things that are seen on the back, but whatever. I also consider making some fingerless gloves, but I don’t know if I’ll make it in time to next weekend.

While I do not look very flattering (three days of the con life will do that), I thought I should share a pic of me wearing my Flygon hoodie while holding this adorable tiny dragon friend. A lovely individual made a tiny dragon costume for their bearded dragon, and I was fortunate enough to hold it! Thankfully the weather was hot, and the lizard seemed to be very happy (I have a beardy at home too).

Thank you to my friend for taking this shot, and I hope everyone enjoys the tiny dragon friend I met at AnimeNorth (tiny dragon friend was named Yogi, if anyone was curious). Dragon Pokemon and a tiny dragon, friends forever. uwu


Over 450 hoodies done! To make things even better, I have an anime convention next week and I am so excited! I have saved so much money for it, I am really looking forward to spending a great weekend with friends! I am going to be cosplaying Plusle, Flygon, and Sailor Venus. uwu

I am NOT accepting any more hoodie requests! Just keep watching for whenever I do my next giveaway! c:

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