[FLY-FASHION FIND] Seems like these tops the guys wore on tonight’s Inkigayo Half-Year Special have generated quite the buzz! These awesome Anime-inspired tops, including Sandeul’s ’Seize the Jelly’ tee are all from the Korean brand PEACE, LOVE and UNDERSTANDING.

  • Gongchan’s Love Sleeveless shirt - ₩108,000
  • Baro’s Peace Ivory Sweatshirt - ₩84,000
  • Jinyoung’s Understanding White tee - ₩54,000
  • CNU’s Understanding Sleeveless shirt - ₩108,000
  • Sandeul’s Blue Jelly White tee - ₩49,000

Which one is your fave, Banas?

Image Credit:, screenie fr KpopMBCLive@Youtube


[FLY-FASHION] We’re all still trying to catch our breath after watching our boys of B1A4 make their explosive and better-than-ever comeback on last night’s M!Countdown with, “Tried To Walk”. We are completely floored on how truly amazing this performance was. Wow. Before we get emotional (all over again) and out of context, how about them outfits! All five boys appeared in what we thought were simply camouflage suits to match their concept’s forest-like setting. After leaning in for a closer look, we find ourselves stunned as we see that the designs are actually photography of the boys in what it seems to be from the In The Wind album photo book! Didn’t catch it? Click the photos above for a closer view!

It’s not everyday where we see people wearing themselves on a t-shirt, and initially we’d think of it as sort of a tacky thing. Without sounding completely biased, the boys wore it really well. Whoever designed each clothing piece really looked into the placement of the designs very carefully and constructed it so it shows an actual pattern without over-doing it like plastering their faces all over the place. The images of the members are perfectly incorporated, and the end result is beautiful and abstract. Clever these stylists~ The only thing we thought that didn’t pull the entire look together was Channie’s skirt(?). We see that it was probably added to give his outfit some texture and dimension, but it just doesn’t do much justice. The length was pretty awkward, and it makes his legs look shorter than it actually is. It doesn’t bother us a whole lot, but he could do without it.

These outfits were a great way to kick off promotions. We cannot wait to see what they have on for tonight’s Music Bank! Tune in 6:00pm KST!

-Fly-Fashion team. xo

Image Credit: & Star N News.

[FLY-FASHION BREAKDOWN] 이게 무슨 일이야 ("What's Happening?") MV!

Hey guys! We are so excited to bring you a huge post full of clothing and accessory Finds from B1A4’s newest MV, “What’s Happening?” (a.k.a the BEST three minutes and twenty-three seconds of your life)! We’re all still sitting here cranking up the Youtube views by the hundreds because we can’t stop watching it! (And if you haven’t seen it.. Child, you are missing out!!) Curious to know what the boys wore in the video? We’ve found stuff from Kenzo, Adidas and a whole lot more! Check it all out below!

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Let’s dust off this place, shall we? *cracks knuckles*

Missed us? Hopefully! For now we’re back to bring you guys some clothing Finds from B1A4’s latest MV for, “Lonely” and the just as awesome behind-the-scenes look into the the making of their “WHO AM I” jacket photo shoot! First and foremost, we want to congratulate our 5 boys for completely dominating the charts upon release of their new album and for a successful promotion run! C'mon, 8 wins and a triple crown? So incredible! We couldn’t be a prouder (and strong) fandom. Let’s continue to be. Group hug, anyone?

Curious to know what the boys wore in the video? Check it all out below!

[“Lonely” MV]

Jinyoung (@ 0:14)

Vivienne Westwood patterned coat w/ a polka-dotted lining from the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. (no buylink)

Jinyoung (@ 0:50)

Golden Goose ‘Francy’ hi-top sneakers - $393.08

Baro (@ 1:12)

*Note: This DOPE Couture-inspired Snapback/tie-back cap, we’re assuming is a stylist-made item customized with the added bandana fabric. We’ve spotted in different frames that the cap is actually a Plastic Tokyo Snapback which was seen previously worn by Jinyoung and CNU in past WGO performances. We’re also assuming their coordi/stylist has also customized the white/red tie-back cap later on in the dance scenes as well.

Sandeul (@ 3:37)

PHILIPP PLEIN Denim 'Brads Jacket’ - $1,951

Jinyoung (@ 1:57)

Kathleen Kye Blue/Black Faux Fur Jacket (sold out) - 99,750 円

Gongchan (@ 2:50)

Kathleen Kye Printed long fur coat (sold out) - 65,415 円


Jinyoung (@ 3:09) *He also wears it in the beginning and throughout the last part of the video.

Kai Aakmann Leather Mustang Jacket (no buylink)

Baro (@ 0:38)

BOY London Leather Jacket - 480,000원

Baro (@ 1:07)

KKXX Printed Beret - $35.23

Sandeul (@ 1:14)

Kenzo Black & Gold Embroidered Big Eyed Sweater - $770 (sold out)

CNU (@ 2:11)

Gentlemonster PUNKY FICTION Frames - 222,000 won

Gongchan (@ 2:40)

H&M Hooded Sweatshirt - $29.95

Gongchan (@ 4:19)

Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Lombardo Jacket - $185.00

Did we leave anything out? Don’t hesitate to give us a tip!

Image Credit:,,,,,,,,, // Screenies fr: chB1A4@YouTube

[FLY-FASHION GTL] Get Baro's Look from the Tried To Walk MV!

Whether you’re a guy or gal, B1A4’s MV for, “Tried To Walk” is the perfect inspiration for your Fall season outfits. We absolutely raved on about how brilliant the wardrobe is in this video and we praised their stylists for picking such wonderful color palettes. Every outfit was perfect for every dream-like scene. What we loved the most was that not only are the settings complete eye-candy, but the outfits were as well. Both completed each other in perfect harmony.

On this edition of Get The Look, we bring you looks inspired by one of Baro’s most memorable outfits from the MV! This look is all about the layers, soft colors, and a touch of sparkle.

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[ENDORSEMENT] Check out the newest promo vids with B1A4 for PUMA - “Suede Styling” tips! With recently landing a deal with the popular brand, the boys have released promotional videos with “tips” on how to style the Puma Suede way.

You can see the boys’ very cute and humorous individual tip videos in the links below!

Baro / CNU / Sandeul / Jinyoung / Gongchan

Video cr: pumakrvideo@Youtube

[FLY-FASHION] What do you guys think of the boys’ brand-spankin’ new looks so far?

WE CANNOT GET OVER THEM! While all of us here at Fly-Fashion still can’t seem to stop flailing over Baro’s incredible transformation (SOGROWNOMG), up comes our maknae Gongchan surprising us all with his newly styled, blonde coif! We’re sure your jaws are still dropped at the sight of it, because ours still are! It looks as if our two youngest did a little hair-switcheroo, leaving us to wonder who’ll be attacking the bottle of bleach next in rotation..but it’s a little too early for fantasizing, yes? For now, we’ll just fawn over how Channie pulls off being an amazing blonde. Then again, this kid just looks great no matter how their coordis style him.

Baro and Gongchan are both donned in two-toned suits with bright colors that contrast, accented with beautiful multi-colored gems and fun accessories that assure us that these are still our boys despite the drastic changes. Think of it as merely an “upgrade” from home-made to high-end. ;)

Our fierce leader is up to bat next! Will it be a home-run? We’ll have to wait and scream your heads off find out on the 9th! Make sure you are in a sound-proof room. It’ll spare those around you. ㅋㅋ

How about you guys? Are these new looks a thumbs up or a thumbs down? Let us know your thoughts!

- Fly-Fashion Team. xo

[FLY-FASHION FIND] Woo! It’s been a while since we’ve had finds! These fun and very popular pointed beanies from Style Nanda were spotted being worn by the members on some of the promotional posters for B1A4’s first solo concert!

You can find these beanies available here for $13.10 *also in other various colors

Image Credit: @WM_ent,

[FLY-FASHION FIND] It’s impossible to miss those fluorescent neon green sneakers the boys were seen wearing on a number of Baby I’m Sorry live performances! And we’re happy to say, we’ve found them! The sneakers are by Nike, and are from the Spring 2010 release of the Vandal Hi Vintage “Neon Nylon” Pack. Unfortunately, we don’t have a buylink, but through a bit of searching they retail somewhere around the $70-$80+ mark.

We think these are the perfect kicks for these fluorescent-dols. Not too many people can pull it off!

image cr:, screenie fr CapsuleHD19@YouTube

[Fly-Fashion Review!] What’d you guys think about B1A4’s red carpet looks/outfits on tonight’s SBS Gayo Daejun 2011?? Were they a HIT or a MAJOR MISS?

In perfect B1A4 nature, they stood out amongst the rest. The boys sported flashy black and red velvet “hip-hop”-inspired ensembles somewhat reminiscent to popular late nineties fashion. Channie’s metallic puff vest triggered the thought, what can I say. xP With edgier hairstyles to match, they ditched their usual party-themed accessories and opted for statement pieces like a crazy fur trim, bold necklaces, and printed sneakers. The shock factor is pretty up there with this one. Their stylists are definitely testing the waters on new looks. This particular look..well, I think could’ve been a lot better.

We’re well aware that the boys are slowly ‘sprouting’ and have gone through their 'sprouting puberty’ (watch here to see what we mean lol), but it seems as if their fashion is getting a little ahead of them rather than grow along with them. Maybe we’re just a little heartbroken to see our babies mature on such a speedy rate. ;_; Then again, we understand that they did attend one of the biggest and most anticipated end-of-the-year events, so going all out was a definite option…again, in true B1A4 style.

Not gonna lie though, they did outshine it all with their confidence and charm. FIGHTING B1A4! Although you have to admit, you can’t help but to be excited about what they’ll wear next..

It seems like they’re wearing Adidas, hence the trademark stripes, though we could be wrong since from the photos we can see that CNU’s jacket seems to have two as opposed to three. Also we’ve spotted CNU wearing this silver winged ring. We’ll get back to you guys once we find the rest~ :)

Click here to see more photos!

Reviewer: Frosting image cr: Newsen, re-upload CAPTAIN!@FLIGHTB1A4

[FLY-FASHION BREAKDOWN] CNU in September Edition of Vogue Girl!

B1A4’s eldest member and resident mother bear, CNU shows us a different side to himself with a much more mature image in the September edition of Vogue Girl magazine! Anyone else fall off their chairs upon seeing this photo spread?

Trading in his usual jeans and t-shirt appearance, CNU dons a frock coat complimenting his dashing clean-cut look and slicked-back hair, giving noonas everywhere the sudden desire to call this, “tall glass of water” their oppa.

In the photo above, CNU wears:

We personally think this sweater looks absolutely fabulous on him. It’s a perfect fit despite the fact that the material is a bit heavy-looking, but doesn’t overwhelm him at all. We have to admit, he really does look like a huggable teddy bear here!

Here, CNU wears:

  • Shirt - Christophe Lemaire by Je Ne Sais Quoi
  • Brown sweater - Woo Young Mi A/W collection
  • Front pocket trousers - Beyond Closet
  • Necklace and the bracelet - Jema and Pebbles

How do you guys feel about CNU’s look? Let us know!

Image credit: (i luv woo) | Wardrobe listing translation: Mochi Muffins @FLIGHTB1A4

[FLY-FASHION BREAKDOWN] Beautiful Target MV (Japanese Ver.)!

Here we’ll bring you the clothing Finds and IDs worn in the boys’ latest Japanese PV of B1A4’s Beautiful Target! We honestly didn’t mind going through this video over and over. In fact, this is probably the most entertaining and the most fun B1A4 video we’ve ever had to work on. Don’t get us wrong, but while their other MVs were just as entertaining and truly amazing, this one just tops it.

If you think we had a ton of Finds in the Baby Good Night edition of Fly-Fashion Breakdown, wait until you see this post!

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[FLY-FASHION REVIEW] Who Wore It Better? ft. Baro & Block B's Kyung!

After the success of our last musing and the boys’ comeback, we’re back with another ‘Who Wore It Better?’! After watching the music video for the umpteenth time, we noticed we’d seen one of Baro’s jackets before. With a bit of research, our darling team discovered the same jacket (give or take a few accessories) on B1A4’s close friend, Kyung from Block B on their fantastic MV for Nanrina! (admin note: BLOCKB1A4, holla!) Both look good, but who looks better? Read on to find out!

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Who are you and what have you done to our adorable maknae?… Let us just say, WOW, Channie, WOW~! Last night’s follow-up performance for “My Love”, the boys said goodbye to their colorful, fun, (and sometimes questionable outfits keke~), and said hello to a much more polished and chic look on stage! I don’t think any of us expected Channie to wear anything like this. And boy, did we go CRAY. In a good way of course. With his new hair style, a top that teases, and a gold chain swangin’ around his neck, sprinkle a bit of attitude and you’ve got the epitome of killa swag. He might even give Baro a run for his money. ㅋㅋ

Gongchan’s mesh white top from Prawings is available here for 29,500원 also in gray and black!

image cr:, screenie fr FLIGHTB1A4COM@YouTube


[FLY-FASHION] It’s that time once again, Banas! Teasers for B1A4’s 4th mini album are starting to be revealed one by one, and leader Jinyoung is out first displaying a new quirky image!

We’re not 100% sure if it’s got anything to do with this concept, but you’ll find that the jean jacket may look awfully familiar as Baro posted a couple photos on his official Instagram account days ago, proudly showing off a similar styled jacket that he personally designed with his own distinct drawing style. Although it’s obvious it’s not the same one Jinyoung has got on, we’re assuming that Baro may have also designed Jinyoung’s jacket as well. Again, we’re not confirming anything as we don’t officially know if that jacket on Instagram is even associated with this comeback. But we’ll find out soon enough!

As many of you’ve seen on ep. 9 of B1A4’s season of Hello Baby, Baro showed a keen interest in the fashion design world. Maybe Baro’s dream of having his own brand might be coming true! Is this our first taste of “Bbeu shop”? ㅋㅋ

What is this concept about? We honestly don’t know yet given this is only the first teaser. But as far as we can tell, it is very B1A4.

How do you like Jinyoung’s teaser? What about his hair?? Do you have any guesses on what this concept is about? Are you ready for the rest of the boys? Let us know in the comments below!

Image credit:, therealbbro@Instagram

You all have been asking for those shoes the boys have been wearing in their recent performances, and we’re happy to say that our search for them is FINALLY over! The boys are wearing black and neon-soled sneakers by HUNTER! They all have on the neon greens, whilst our cutie maknae Gongchan sports the neon orange~ They definitely know how to impress us from head to toe! ;)

Check em’ out here!

Neon Green & Neon Orange

Photo cr: // Special thanks to Mochi Muffins for the tip!

[FLY-FASHION BREAKDOWN] B1A4 for 1st Look "Backstreet Boys" photoshoot!

We love it when our fab five do exclusive photoshoots. There hasn’t been a single time where we were disappointed with their photos and this particular shoot for 1st Look, it seriously tugged at our heartstrings. Pulling off sort of a refined urban rocker-chic look, B1A4 is a perfect example of how you don’t need to show skin in order to be sexy. And man, do these guys do it right or what?♥

Curious of what the boys are wearing? No worries! We’ve got the item listing, brands, and we’ve also provided some buylinks! Check it out below!

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[FLY-FASHION FIND] A few of you wanted us to find Baro’s “Joyful” cap, and we’ve found it on none other than the Hat’s On site! These caps are from the Vital Blue brand. The boys have been recently endorsing the online hat shop and have been creating such great buzz. Jinyoung can also be seen wearing same cap on one of the newly released photos for Hat’s On, and just earlier today Gongchan can also be spotted wearing it on a photo our Sandeullie posted trough Twitter~

You can find these joyful hats here (43,000원) and the rest of the featured hats on the Hat’s On site!

image cr:, Hat’s On blog @Naver, SANDEUL920320@Twitter