flyers west

Flyer designed by Julian Yewdall for the 101ers last gig before Joe Strummer left to join The Clash. 1976.

The design for the poster features graffiti from around West London, such as “Dynamite!” which was a phrase often used in Situationist graffiti around Notting Hill, sprayed by the group King Mob. 

“Letsagetabitarockin” was a song by The 101ers, which Strummer and co graffitied on the panelling along Great Western Road in Paddington.

A while ago I posted this pinball flyer, but it didn’t really click with me how hard they tried to match the original clothes until today. I just thought they made up the costumes completely. “This looks weird enough to be futuristic. Ok, stand next to the pinball machine.” I mean, yeah, it seems like they used stuff they already had around the house, but I like how hard they tried. Marty is ducking to look as short as Micheal J Fox. My favorite thing might be that they look like they got caught doing this.

I knew those kids, they’re quality kids,” Lombardi said. “They came up in a great organization. Mike is not a player, Mike is a winner, and so is Jeff. They’ve shown it their whole careers. They’re quality kids and they care. They’re your classic Canadian boys.
—  From Article’s about Lombardi and is a great read. I wonder what he means about “classic Canadian boys” though.
To be clear...

I’m not cheering for the team, I’m cheering for my boys. For Mike Richards, (maybe a little for Jeffy Carter…), for Justin Williams, for MOTHERFUCKING SIMON GAGNE, and most of all: FOR RON HEXTALL.

Go, boys, go! Flyers West!