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How to train your dragon AU

The new episode with the dragon riding scene got me thinking….

•The daughter of the chief of Berk: Her name is Marinette

•Adrien is the bombshell blond who’s the best young warrior, because his father(who’s constantly gone in the war against dragons) pushes him to be.

•Mari is in deep deep love with Adrien (as in every universe)

•Mari is an amazing creator, sewing things as well as inventing

•Things go the same as in the first movie; except instead of toothless, Marinette meets a red and black dragon and names her Tikki.

•During the sequence where hiccup is training toothless and training to fight dragons at the same time; the story alters drastically

•Marinette dons a mask, and becomes ladybug, so that she can fly freely as a dragon rider without being recognized

•(Tikki still has to dodge some bullets from the night patrol though)

•Adrien hears the rumors of the masked flyer

• He’s always been a good fighter, but a gentle person

•So obviously, when he’s not trying to kill dragons, it’s easy to make friends with a black one (maybe a night fury? But something tells me mari is still the protagonist so it doesn’t feel right) and names him, duh, Plagg.

• Adrien follows the same path as Ladybug, making an alternate costume and become Chat Noir

• The moment our blond boy sees Ladybug up close, the poor boy is gone. He’s love struck.

•Of course Ladybug is extremely startled that someone else tamed a dragon??? Like what??? But the duo become fast friends, flying free in the late hours

•Mari, meanwhile, is using her dragon skills to become amazing in the ring (and it has Adrien thinking….)

• She eventually has to fight the dragon in front of the town, but instead of HER dragon coming to save her, a passing one remembers her kindness

•(Eh. I’m not sure how to make this part go; Tikki and Plagg can’t be captured because Ladybug and Chat noir are the ones that go fight the Hawkmoth dragon. So it would probably be a random dragon that gets captured and leads them to the nest)

•From here things get back on track to the movie- the team has to become fighters to stop the Hawkmoth Dragon, the massive ruler of the nest

• Ladybug loses her leg, just like hiccup. (u_u)

•But her father Tom, seeing Ladybug saved by her dragon, realizes dragons are not the enemy

•there’s no reveal- at least, not yet- and Ladybug and Chat noir still hold their identities to only themselves (no one knows why Marinette and Adrien refuse to get dragons)

•cue romantic LadyNoir night scenes in the sky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Submitted by @maliciousunicorn