flyers are shit

Seriously will no one write the Home Alone 5: Forgot About Dre AU where the vacationing Capitals miscommunicate and accidentally forget Andre Burakovsky back in DC during the bye week, and he has a madcap adventure filled with many hijinks where he jumps into random Uber cars and fights off bumbling home invader Gary Bettman with a series of ingenious homemade booby traps?

okay so i’ve actually figured out which teams i’m ready to see more of on my dash and those are:

  • new jersey devils
  • philadelphia flyers
  • nashville predators
  • edmonton oilers
  • boston bruins
  • colorado avalanche
  • tampa bay lightning

so if u happen to post abt any of these (preferably more than 1) u should like/rb/whatever so i can check out your blog!!

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headcanon: peter (as spiderman) teaming up with a trans advocacy group based out of NY when they reach out to him because they're getting contacted by trans kids who want to meet spiderman

on weekends you can catch spider-man walking (not swinging) around new york, wearing one of the groups t-shirts over his suit and handing out informational flyers, and he says shit like “hug a trans kid, punch a transphobe” and other little slogans he made up bc he’s lame

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Can you tell us a few things about gert in the first ep like you did for karolina? I love her so much

  • she speaks spanish
  • the yorkes are embarrassing hippy parents
  • molly lives with her
  • never does her chores according to molly
  • she has a crush on chase but also think he’s full of shit
  • “organized religion is historically oppressive to women karolina”

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What do you think the S and M boys' reactions would be to their s/o being like, a near Olympic-level Gymnast.

Shu: So is this is how you spend your spare time, you lewd woman? Do you enjoy flaunting your flexibility in front of other men like that, or are you just trying to seduce me~?

Reiji: Excuse me, what do you think you’re wearing? If you thought I’d let you go out there and perform in that outfit of yours, you’re gravely mistaken.

Ayato: That was awesome chichinashi! Oi, you better place first or they’ll have to answer to me!

Laito: Hmm you’re so flexible, bitch-chan~ I bet I can teach you a thing or two for your new routines tonight~

Kanato: Tch. You shouldn’t be putting yourself out there like that in font of other people. You really are shameless, aren’t you?

Subaru: Heh, I gotta say, that was pretty cool! Hah, just leave me out of your routines though.

Ruki: Well, I’ll admit your skills are rather impressive, but don’t let it get to your head. You technique becomes subpar when you lose your concentration. Perhaps I’ll alter our training sessions slightly from now on~

Kou: Aww that was good, Mneko-chan! You should join dance or cheer team with me, with your abilities you’d make a great flyer~

Yuma: Shit, well I don’t know how the hell you did that but, good job, I guess? Just watch yourself out there, yeah? Who knows, you might break a bone or two~ Heh.

Azusa: Ah, Eve, that was amazing… Although… Do you ever fall? Does it… Hurt?