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I don't care if I offend anyone. I HATE the Penguins and I HATE people that are on a site like this that wanna cry there isn't peace between the fanbases. All the Flyer fans are lit up, you're not. The Blue Jackets are a calm team, their fans don't say much... Us true Flyer fans are ready for the war ahead, and we're prepared to defend the team til the end... If you're not, I don't wanna see another Flyers post from you.

Then unfollow me, I don’t care. Go ahead and say I’m not a true fan. Sorry that I don’t enjoy seeing fans at each other’s throats. I’ve always been prepared to stick up for my team and if you can’t see that, then fine, don’t see another one of my posts. 

flyermoose-deactivated20130210  asked:

If you don't like the dashboard, then you ain't a fan. Stand up for your team. It's gonna be an all out war on Saturday and then we got a best of 7, most likely against them. If you don't like what's happening, then sign out or find another team.

Sorry but I do stand up for my team and I have been all season and seasons before this. I don’t stand for fighting between fanbases. Please don’t say I’m not a fan when I don’t like seeing constant bickering going on. Some of it gets out of hand and I’m personally offended that you just told me to do that.