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do you have any recommendations for what a 16 y.o. antifascist in the usa can do to stand for the cause? i can drive and purchase things, but i can't vote (or do any other legal things) or attend protests but i would like to be able to make the message heard in my town. i just can't think of anything i can do besides posting flyers.

Well there are a lot of things you can still do. I’ll start by first recommending the always great Food Not Bombs. They’re in just about every state which you can find your closest location here. You help prepare and hand out food to however needs a meal. This could mean picking up ingredients or donating or helping to cook or prep or handing it out or cleaning up after. This is a great way to help those in your community, they’re almost always are using food that would have gone to in the garbage so it’s reducing food waste. ALSO, it’s (in my experience) been a great way to get to know people with similar ideals as you. 

If there’s not a Food Not Bombs near you look for similar organizations or groups that do the same work. You can volunteer at local community centers, shelters, etc. or donate to them. You might even be able to do similar work through religious centers or cultural centers and some of this can get pretty politically relevant. For examples, some churches in my state used to do water drops in the desert for people crossing the border and help once they crossed into the U.S. 

Look at events that colleges near you might be holding. You might see a range of options here. Maybe a seminar about a subject that’s open to the public or a donation drive for a specific cause or a speaker open to the public or even go see if there’s any fliers around the campus. The community college I used to live near held a lot of stuff that centered around homeless LGBT+ youth. They had a local LGBT+ organization come to campus and explain how to help and how to get involved with other offshoot organizations. I have gone to several events without attending the school and they were always free. This applies to both state and community schools. 

And as your resident Zine Mod I will always recommend getting involved in the zine scene. Make you own political zine or see if others are looking for submissions. The best way to meet like-minded people, in my opinion. And it allows you a chance express yourself and share that with people who might also want to get involved. 


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Murdered By Her Best Friends

The murder of 16-year-old Skylar Neese

On July 6th, 2012 16-year-old Skylar Neese snuck out of her house to drive around & smoke marijuana with her two best friends, Shelia Eddy (middle) & Rachel Shoaf (right). They drove to Morris Run Road in Pennsylvania, a long dirt road surrounded with forestry, a place they had been before to hangout and smoke. When Skylar turned her back the girls counted to three & began stabbing Skylar to death with kitchen knives they had concealed under their clothes. The only thing Skylar said during the attack was “why” over & over again. The girls stood over her body until she was dead, cleaned themselves up with Clorox wipes & fresh clothes they had stored in the trunk, went home & resumed their normal lives.

Skylar was deemed a runaway & the girls played the role of concerned friends who just wanted their best friend back. Shelia begged & pleaded for her to come home on her social media, helped the family post missing flyers, & spent countless hours with Skylar’s parents sitting in Skylar’s room talking & crying. When cops began questioning the girls the Neese’s repeatedly told cops to back off because they were going through enough already.

Above screenshots of Shelia Eddy pretending to be a concerned friend on Facebook. Comments by Skylar’s parents, Dave and Mary Neese.

The heat of the ongoing investigation & whispers around town proved to be too much to handle for Rachel Shoaf, who confessed to the murder in December of 2012. She said “we stabbed her” & when asked why she said “we just didn’t want to be friends anymore.” She cooperated with police & lead them to where Skylar was murdered. She also agreed to wear a wire while hanging out with Shelia in order to get Shelia to say something incriminating, but Shelia held out. Below is a picture of them from that night. 

Shelia Eddy was arrested May 1st, 2013. On January 24, 2014 she plead guilty to first degree murder & was sentenced to life with mercy, eligible for parole after 15 years. On February 26th, 2014 Rachel Shoaf was charged with second degree murder & was sentenced to 30 years, eligible for parole after 10 years. They are both serving their sentences in Lakin Correctional Center.

Shelia Eddy

Rachel Shoaf

Chilling tweet by Shelia Eddy a month before her arrest.

One popular theory suggests Shelia & Rachel were engaged in a sexual relationship & Skylar was the only one who knew about it. There was always drama & fighting amongst them, so to avoid Skylar telling their secret they killed her. However, the true motive remains unknown.

Because of the nature of this crime & the fact that I am the same age as the girls (21 now) I became really invested in it. I watched everything I could about it, read every article, even got in contact with Skylar Neese’s parents who are wonderful people. There are several documentaries about it here & here, as well as her parents’ Dr. Phil episode here. You can purchase the book containing more detailed information here (a must read if you’re interested in this case!)