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My church choir went #REDInstead for me!

Almost everyone in my choir wore red for me today. Some wore red outfits, some had red socks, red jewelry, a red tie or a red pin. I actually started to tear up whenever I saw someone walk through the door with red on them. 

I wasn’t able to get many pictures because of time constraints, but I have a few!

My choir’s director wearing a red tie.

Red in the soprano section. The weird O-shaped mouths in the top one is because we were singing at that moment. And yeah, I have #REDInstead written on my hand. :)

The woman with glasses is the director’s wife, and she works with autistic kids. She was shocked about Autism Speaks and said I was brave to stand up against such a huge organization. I told her “Nah, it’s not just me, it’s autistic people everywhere. I’m just one voice among many in a choir that’s trying to be heard.”

I want everyone who stands against Autism Speaks to know that my choir heard you.

Here’s a quick video.
* * *Don’t watch this if you have issues with vertigo or motion sickness because I do a spin to show the red.* * *
Remember, some people were wearing red socks or red accessories that were small and only visible if you were close to them.

There were people in the congregation wearing red, too! I think some of the congregation just happened to wear red that day. I know I saw quite a lot of people picking up my flyers on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, so there is a chance that at least some of the red was for #REDInstead.

Prom Night - Teen Sam Drake

Warning(s): underage drinking, drinking and driving

I was sitting by at my desk working on my history homework while my longtime friend Sam sat on my bed. He was suppose to be helping me. History isn’t my best subject but Sam has a natural knack for it. Probably from reading all those history books.

“Your school’s having a prom?” I turned around in my computer desk chair. Sam was holding a flyer that read,

Friday, May 28
Starts at 7:00pm
Theme: A Night In Paris (don’t forget to buy your tickets!)

“Yeah.” I responded to Sam’s question.

“Are you going to go?” Sam goes to a different school than me.

“Why not? Don’t have a date?” I never did understand the hype about prom. It’s not any different from any other school dance. The difference is you dress up and it’s more expensive.

“It’s not that. Now Sam you’re suppose to be helping me with this.” I really didn’t want to talk about prom. Sam mentioning it was starting to irritate me.

“I’m just asking.” He held up his hands in surrender. “So why not?”

I sighed. “I’m just not a prom kind of girl.”

“C'mon you don’t want to wear a pretty dress or ride in a limo?” Sam tried to convince.

“Sounds expensive Sam.” I could tell by the look in his face that I had hit a nerve.

“Yeah you’re right.” Sam caved. I regretted it as soon as I said it. Sam’s parents didn’t have a lot of money. I desperately wanted to change the subject. With that Sam finally started to help me with my history essay.

May 28th

With all the hype about prom and girls giggling in the halls it almost made me want to actually go to prom, almost. It’s not like I could go, tickets have to be purchased a month in advanced.

I grabbed a book from my bookshelf when I heard something across the street. I walked over to my window and saw a group of teens getting into a white limo. Yelling and cheering obviously over excited about prom.

I sat on my bed and opened my book. It had been 30 minutes and I couldn’t concentrate on my book.

It was like a prayer had been answered when I heard the sound of a pebble hit my window. I walked over to my window, looking out seeing Sam standing under my windowsill. I un latched my window.

“What are you doing here Sam?” I asked.

“Taking you to prom.” Sam answered making me confused.


“Just get down here.” I sighed holding onto the side of the window swinging my right leg over then my left. I climbed down the water drain. I followed Sam over to his car that he spent hours fixing. Sam is a bit of a vehicle enthusiast.

I sat in the passenger side of his vehicle.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“I told you, we’re going to prom.”

“Sam you have to buy tickets in advanced for prom.”

“Okay we’re not exactly going to prom. We’re making our own prom.”

Sam never needed fancy things and he’s never one to follow the rules he makes up his own rules as he goes along. It’s something I’ve always loved about him, he does his own thing. With Sam there is no right way of doing things.

I’m a perfectionist, Sam always brings out the carefree in me.

“I’m just going to stop at a liquor store.”

Sam turned into a parking lot in front of a liquor store. It was already getting dark out for 8:00 at night. The sky was a navy blue fading into a dark blue. The liquor store looked bright in the night.

“I’ll be right back.” Sam stated getting out of the car. If this was a horror movie he wouldn’t be saying that.

“How are you going to–” Sam gave me a knowing look and his signature smirk. Of course he has a fake ID. I watched as Sam walked into the liquor store.

I looked to my right and saw two teenagers making out in the car next to us. They were all dressed up (probably wouldn’t be much longer). Did they get lost on their way to prom?

Sam got in the drivers seat snapping me out of my thoughts. He set the six pack in the backseat.

“Ready to go?” Sam asked. I nodded my head in confirmation. Sam started his car backing out of the parking lot.

Sam drove to a park we use to play on as kids. We walked over to the swings. I sat on the swing as Sam handed me a beer. I opened the can taking a sip of the bitter substance.

“Yup still taste as disgusting as I remember.” I said with distaste. Sam chuckled sitting in the swing next to me, taking a swig of his own beer.

Sam and I started talking about colleges. Sam is really smart but his parents can’t afford for him to go to college. I tried to convince him that he’s smart enough to get a scholarship but he doesn’t think so and even if he could his parents still wouldn’t be able to pay for tuition. Sam is going to settle for working as a mechanic.

All of the sudden the atmosphere turned serious.

“So what’s the real reason you didn’t want to go to prom?” Ugh this again. I took a sip of beer.

“I didn’t have a date plus the guys at school don’t see me like that.”

“What about what’s his name?” I knew exactly who he was talking about. Jeff was the first guy to ever show an interest in me.

“Jeff? We talked but he wasn’t my boyfriend. What about Crystal?”

“We’re broken up.”

“What else is new?” Sam and Crystal had an on again off again relationship.

“This time it’s for real.”

“How do you know that for sure?”

“Because we’ve grown apart. We’re different people now. Besides I like someone else.” Sam got up taking my beer and his placing them in the ground. Sam stood behind me, lightly pushing me on the swing like when we were kids. I felt a light breeze of wind hit my skin.

Sam stopped pushing me. His hands resting above mine on the swing. I turned my head. Sam’s face was close to mine. Sam slowly moved if he was afraid I would pull away. I stated to slowly move in meeting Sam half way until his lips landed on mind in a passionate kiss.

I felt dizzy and lightheaded. I wasn’t sure if it was from the kiss or if it was from the one and a half beers I had. Being I don’t really drink I was feeling a little buzzed.

Sam pulled away resting his forehead against mine. I bit my lip trying to contain my excitement. I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I’ve had a crush on Sam for a longtime. “We should go.” Sam pulled away. He held my hand as we ran to his car.

Sam was driving down the road at a pretty fast speed. I opened the sunroof feeling carefree. Poking my head through. I could feel the wind blowing my hair. I felt free.

Sam pulled up to a spot that overlooked over Boston. I got out of the vehicle mesmerized by the beautiful view. Sam opened the trunk of his car grabbing a blanket. He laid the blanket on the hood of the car. Sam and I both climbed on top of the car, relaxing on the blanket, looking at the city. The cars windows were rolled down so we could hear the radio playing in the background.

“It looks so beautiful.” I said breaking the silence.

“Peaceful ain’t it?” I nodded my head in agreement. I looked over to Sam, he looked deep in thought.

“Sam?” Sam’s gaze focused on me. “I’m really glad we didn’t go to prom.” Sam laced his fingers with mine.

“Me too.”

We continued to gaze at the stars looking at the constellations until a slow song came on the radio. Sam hopped off the car.

“There is one thing left to do.”

“What’s that?” I asked curiously.

“Dance with me.” Sam held out his hand.

“Sam you know I have two left feet.”

“Hey I’m not a better dancer either. C'mon just one dance.” I sighed getting off the hood off the hood of the car. “Just relax and follow my lead.”

I did as Sam said and followed his lead. Even though he said he doesn’t dance he’s pretty decent at it. Being in Sam’s arms I felt safe and guided.

When the song ended Sam looked at his watch. “I should get you home.” Sam got in the drivers seat and I got in the passengers seat. I looked at the clock, it was 10:50. My curfew is at 11.

Sam pulled up in front of my house. Sam turned off the ignition.

“Thanks for tonight Sam.”

“So was this better than prom?”

“Way better. It was…it was the best night of my life, thank you.” I was being sincere when I said it was the best night of my life. I leaned over and kissed Sam’s cheek. “Goodnight Sam.”

“Goodnight princess.”

I got out of the vehicle walking back to my house floating on air.

anonymous asked:

According to a Columbia email flyer, Feels comes out Friday at 12:01 AM EST and impacts pop radio immediately. Rollin is officially going to rhythmic radio on 6/27 (some stations have already added it).

thank you anon

Woke up to two messages saying the password has been cracked. I WAS SO CLOSE

But yes! More importantly I want to talk about the date on that flyer. Friday the 22nd. All this stuff sounds like it should be taking place in 2006, the summer of 2006, but the only two “Friday the 22nd”s in 2006 were in September and December, which doesn’t work with the timeline. (Of course technically none of this stuff works because why is the website being updated like it’s 2006 when it’s almost 10 years later but whatever we’ll figure that out eventually probably.)

Know what month does have a Friday the 22nd? May. Of this year. 

Do we have another date to look forward to on our hands, friends?

catsuitmonarchy for some odd reason the tumblr app won’t let me reblog and add commentary to your Black Friday post so I’m just gonna post my thoughts here.

To put it bluntly, I hate Black Friday and I believe it needs to be stopped because it has already gone too far.

First of all, especially in stores that are understaffed, working the day is absolutely mandatory. The only coworker that didn’t do it this year has a broken arm, and even then we were trying to get her in for a couple of hours because we needed all the help we could get. We’re all forced to work 12+ hour shifts, with only a half hour break so we can get some food. I’ve talked to other people in the mall and some are even working upwards of 20 hours just because they need the coverage. The vast majority that I talk to absolutely despise this day.

It doesn’t help that our company included coupons in our Black Friday flyer that don’t work on the majority of our merchandise. But they bury the exclusions in fine print, sometimes on a different page of the flyer. Which means that a customer who has been waiting a half an hour in line will suddenly find out from an underpaid (more on that later) cashier that they can’t save ten bucks. You can probably figure out how they react.

I work on commission, so this day is one of the biggest money makers for me. But I’m an exception in an industry where most workers are paid an hourly wage. Our company provided time and a half pay, but only from opening until 4 AM on Friday. It’s literally the least they could do to make it up to us for working on a holiday. Anyone covering a day shift is just working slightly above minimum wage, like any other day. Overtime is near impossible to get too because corporate deliberately cuts hours earlier in the week, working on a skeleton crew so we all can work long hours this weekend.

Even buying the argument that this is the only time that poor people can buy nice things (which isn’t true, some quick comparative shopping will reveal that there are comparable deals throughout the holiday season. In some cases our “Doorbusters” actually cost more than usual. A pair of boots were selling for $125. A week ago? $99.99.), what you basically have corporations pitting the working class against itself all in the name of squeezing out as much profit as possible.

The CEOs aren’t going to be standing behind a cash register on Thanksgiving night. They’re probably going to have dinner with their families as workers deal with grouchy customers, a lack of sleep, and the risk of personal injury. As profits soar each year, they have an excuse to open even earlier. If this keeps up there won’t be a Thanksgiving for a large portion of America and that is the height of class warfare.

Boycotting is absolutely necessary because the only way it’s ever going to stop is if it is no longer profitable.