Flyers {Negativity Absorbing Tools}

Hey everyone! :D

So I made this little thing called a Flyer, and I thought I would share it with you :)

A Flyer is a small ball of yarn, somewhere between two and four inches across, and is nice and tight. It has a little tail that the end as well, which is used to stream energy into/out of.

Okay so these Flyers are little balls that you can fill with energy. Any kind of energy, as long as the yarn color corresponds with the energy. You can add herbs, crystals, etc. to the middle to amplify their energy as well.

I use a lot of white and black Flyers, because I like to keep myself protected from negative entities.

So, to use a Flyer, you throw them across the room, allowing them to spread their energy, or you leave them in a place that can be filled with their presence. Kind of like a diffuser of sorts. 

An idea I have is to use them to curse/jinx people, allowing them to pick it up and release the energy, but it’s just a thought, and this whole Flyer idea of mine is also in its beginning stages.

Anyway, they’re hard to put into words, but I hope you like them and the idea of them :D I have about eight or nine sitting in random places at the moment, and I think they work really well :)

Okay that’s all for now ~

Cutter VIII.

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