Fată Verde / Zburător aesthetic

Fată Verde is an old romanian folk-rock song (the song here) about a “Green Girl” with “forest hair”. The night weaves her a “ie” (romanian traditional blouse) for the Flyer’s visit.

Zburător / Flyer is a romanian folklore roving spirit who makes love to maidens by night. He appears as a ghost, as a shooting star, sometimes winged, coming down in the shape of an incredible handsome man and, sometimes, in the shape of the man the girl loves, although he cannot be seen by other people. He is actually the personification of the intense feelings of erotic desire and longing for a man. They met and consume their love in the world of dreams but everything is so intense, almost real that the young woman becomes exhausted and obsessively in love. Some old books even tell stories about young girls haunted by this mysterious man, becoming so desperately in love that they started acting like lunatics, walking almost undressed and untidy, obviously exhausted and sometimes semi conscious.

The “zburător” or “sburător” can also refer to a demon that takes the shape of a young handsome man, visiting women in their sleep: incubus. 

Annecy festival is over! 

We’ve made  a small opening, called 13:46, with 




Morgane Ravelonary


You can watch the opening we did for them on Gobelins Youtube channel ;)


Today’s Bird Fact!

Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture is listed as critically endangered. One of their biggest threats is poisoning. Humans will set up poisoned carcasses to get predators, like lions or hyenas, but instead kill large numbers of vultures.

In one instance 600 hundred vultures were killed from a poisoned elephant carcass because the poachers did not want vultures to give away their location to authorities.

“Vultures are long-lived birds that reproduce very slowly, producing an average of one chick every other year.  Their current mortality rates are well above what is sustainable and populations of all species are crashing across the continent.”

They have backward-pointing spikes on the tongue to help remove meat from bone.

“They have a specialized variant of the hemoglobin alpha subunit; this protein has a great affinity for oxygen, which allows the species to absorb oxygen efficiently despite the low partial pressure in the upper troposphere.”