NikeLab x fragment design - ‘Roshe Daybreak’

Sneaker giants Nike’s NikeLab have teamed up with Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragment design to create a new sneaker using the Roshe LD-1000, and bringing in elements from the Roshe Cortez. Here it is, the ‘Roshe Daybreak’. Featuring a thick white sole and an upper identical to the LD-1000; the sneaker looks like it could be a future trendsetter… what do you think?

Available from NikeLab and select NikeLab retailers on January 28th.

if only i had genotypically-desirable virgins for every time i woke up early specifically to check on my flies and then either spent too much time drinking coffee and becoming publicly presentable or rolled right over and decided “nope. fuck it”

Butterfly dissections and the Fly Cognition Lab

I figured I should post a brief update about the other two labs I work in:

The Butterfly Lab

I am now dissecting out the abdomen of female cabbage white butterflies. It is a nice change of pace for me. I just love cutting dead things up!

The Fly Cognition Lab

I kind of miss actually having the little fruit flies flying around the lab, getting into my lunch and trying to crawl down my neck when I changed their food during selections. Annoying then, such antics have come to seem like a sweet half forgotten dream … At least I still have plenty of egg scans left to count. And auditing for missing scans. Sort of.

Shitty photo of the sex link cross Fly Lab I forgot is due tomorrow because I was so preoccupied with Stat. Featuring my sleeping girlfriend (lucky) and my new favorite study music. I kind of want to go to my favorite cafe because its open until 2am but I also feel like I shouldn’t leave my girlfriend alone on the sofa…


Sometimes I have random moments of appreciation for my subject. Holy smokes, biology is a hard subject, but it amazes on a day-to-day basis how these methods and theories came about and are still used by researchers. 

How in the world does a model for social evolution of cooperation formed by a scientist in the 60s so elegantly fit systems of animals to insects? 

And now I get to revisit the topic of human evolution that probably hasn’t been touched in my educational history since maybe about 5th grade (almost 10+ years at this point; wait wut) 

In other news:

  •  the fly lab has a double headed beast of a nespresso machine.
    • I love coffee. 
  • Met some cool American study abroad people at a pub social on Wednesday
    • tannins are what makes your mouth dry
    • apparently UK wine has a 2.50-2.60 quid tax attached; that 3 quid drink really is only about 40 pence (food for thought) 
    • apparently wine can only have about max 14.6% alcoholic content to be called wine 
  • went to my first crew date, which is a kind of group dinner 
    • penny-ing: throw pennies at someone cup or put it in when the person is holding their drink – obliged to finish that drink 
    • sconcing: ~ never have I ever.. 

Art cafe: da fave 

Appreciation for this street

Project Guardian Update

We are currently working out of the new Robotics lab in the North building. Our first quadcopter is fully functional and we are thoroughly testing it within the quadcopter flying space in the lab. We have also purchased a 3DR Solo to be used as the second quadcopter for this project. This purchase will speed up the development of the backend and prevent the hindrance from the dysfunctions of the constructed quadcopter. The backend is currently built using Android and Python and utilizes the DroneKit API provided by 3D Robotics.

i pray to god i don’t have offspring yet because i am fucked if i can’t keep the stock going

then again, i think the females were ebony so i can just pick them out and they’ll keep laying eggs in a backup vial


Crazy Fly Lab stuff.

  1. The updated Fly Lab sign with my name on it. I drew the fruit flies on the lab sign myself. The one in the upper right is female and the one in the lower left is male (in case you couldn’t tell).
  2. The Fly Lab is associated with the Jay Lab, which is why the toy fly is holding a Blue Jay feather.
  3. Before you ask, no I have not tried to follow Mr. Miyagi’s advice. Yet.
  4. My favorite comic strip. Just remember it when you think about mad scientists taking over the world. They are really engineers. Scientists could care less.
Clips - video editor app for semi-pro

Clips – video editor app for semi-pro

External image

  Clips is one of my favorite and handy video editor app for iPhone.  Previously, many of its options were paid options.  For now, all paid options are free since its creator, Fly Labs, were acquired by Google Photos Team.  Even Google wanted Clips.  You should have too. Who needs and Why? Clips isn’t a automatic video editor.  If…

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Dropping Like Flies

Origin: “The origin of this phrase is unclear, but the expression seems to suggest how fragile these insects are. Flies do, for example, have fragile life-spans. In fact, the Center for Insect Science Education Outreach says: “The average life span of a fly in a Lab is 26 days for a female, and 33 days for a male.” That’s pretty short! Indeed, once a fly hatches from their pupal stage, it’s not long before they drop dead.”(a)

I chose this as it’s a well known idiom and is used for an action which happens every day - something which is guaranteed in life (death). This idiom is an interesting one to use and to look at to somehow pick art work out of, I enjoy a challenge - I think this could be one.

Source: (a) -