if only i had genotypically-desirable virgins for every time i woke up early specifically to check on my flies and then either spent too much time drinking coffee and becoming publicly presentable or rolled right over and decided “nope. fuck it”

Butterfly dissections and the Fly Cognition Lab

I figured I should post a brief update about the other two labs I work in:

The Butterfly Lab

I am now dissecting out the abdomen of female cabbage white butterflies. It is a nice change of pace for me. I just love cutting dead things up!

The Fly Cognition Lab

I kind of miss actually having the little fruit flies flying around the lab, getting into my lunch and trying to crawl down my neck when I changed their food during selections. Annoying then, such antics have come to seem like a sweet half forgotten dream … At least I still have plenty of egg scans left to count. And auditing for missing scans. Sort of.

Check Out Fly Labs Mobile Video Editing Apps

Check Out Fly Labs Mobile Video Editing Apps

Mobile Video is Hot – and Here’s How Fly Labs’ Editing Tools Just Upped the Game…

Unlike with the native iPhone slow motion feature, with Tempo you can choose multiple parts of a video to slow down, and you can choose from multiple slow speeds. You can also combine slow motion with fast motion.

Unlike with Hyperlapse, with Tempo you can choose what parts to speed up. (In Hyperlapse, you only have…

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i pray to god i don’t have offspring yet because i am fucked if i can’t keep the stock going

then again, i think the females were ebony so i can just pick them out and they’ll keep laying eggs in a backup vial


Crazy Fly Lab stuff.

  1. The updated Fly Lab sign with my name on it. I drew the fruit flies on the lab sign myself. The one in the upper right is female and the one in the lower left is male (in case you couldn’t tell).
  2. The Fly Lab is associated with the Jay Lab, which is why the toy fly is holding a Blue Jay feather.
  3. Before you ask, no I have not tried to follow Mr. Miyagi’s advice. Yet.
  4. My favorite comic strip. Just remember it when you think about mad scientists taking over the world. They are really engineers. Scientists could care less.

Never Not Working Radio - Live from Red Bull Studios NY.

Hosts Oskar Mann & Classy Chris of Never Not Working Radio had NYCT label boss E’s E down to the Red Bull Studios in NY for this in depth feature on the label. Plenty of current classics and a few exclusive previews of some upcoming material coming later this year! Listen carefully!!


Romperayo – El Busetero Buscapleitos
Meridian Brothers – Sostengan Al Angel Instrumental
Frente Cumbiero – Jaley Jaley
Frente Cumbiero – Pitchito
Doctor Stereo – La Cumbia Perdida (Tahira’s Afro- Cumbia Remix)
Lascamao – Rufar Dos Tamborins
Greenwood Rhythm Coalition – Guajira ’78
GRC – Hollywood Thing
NY Hustlers – Fly Island ’78
Midnight Lab Band – Traveller’s Lament
Prince of Queens – The Scene Over (Demo)
MLB – Moonwalking
Superstructure – Atlantis
Nonames – Dear Neptune
Beverly Road All Stars – Murder She Wrote
Ticklah – Si Hecho Palante
E’s E – Scratch Skank Pt. 1
Alex Mendoza y Sus Poetas Del Ritmo – !Cumbéalo!
La Mecánica Popular – Milagro
El Combo Chimbita – Puro Show
GRC vs Luz Mob – Tabaco Y Ron (TM Juke and Jack Baker Trio Rework)
GRC Bailables – Puerto Rico
Greenwood Rhythm Coalition – Secret Stash (Fumaca Jazz Remix)
E’s E – E’s Big Rip Off
Bixiga 70 – Ocupai
Tyrone Evans – Rise Up
Greenwood Rhythm Coalition – Rise Up
MLB – Decompression

Casey #8 – Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 10 “Fly”

Directed by Rian Johnson

Cinematographer: Michael Slovis

The initial storyline of this episode is a simple one: Walter finds a fly in his meth lab and he wants to get rid of it. He eventually recruits his partner Jesse to help. Throughout this episode, macro shots like the one above is shown. This puts a strong visual emphasis on the fly: the sole representation of Walter’s frustration. The fly’s presence aids in exemplifying Walt’s obsession with power and control. The macro shot’s extreme depth of field helps in placing the audience in the place of Walt’s obsession.