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Three heavy hitters discuss the day’s mission. (l-r) Major James A. “Goody” Goodson 336 Squadron CO with 30 e/a Destroyed prior to becoming a POW, 20 June 44; Captain Don Gentile 336 Squadron with 27.8 e/a Destroyed prior to completion of his tour, 13 April 44; Major John Trevor Godfrey 336 Squadron with 30.6 e/a Destroyed prior to becoming a POW, 24 Aug 44, when he was hit by his Wingman’s fire and bellied in near Nordhausen, Germany.

Photograph & Caption featured in The Debden Warbirds: The 4th Fighter Group in World War II by Frank E. Speer

Just a WIP for @yanderedev

Crossover with one old character with the fabulous desigh.

They look like sisters, so I decided to portray Midori like this.

the-charming-captain  asked:

"Scotty I need a to ask you something!" Jim had that smile that normally meant run the hell away but he grabbed the Scotsman by the arm and there was no escaping now. "Super tiny favor, promise~"

The engineer eyed the Captain, a look of suspicion playing over his features. He knew that when Jim asked for something in this manner, it was very rarely a small ask. “No offence, Sir, but why do I have a hard time believin’ that?”

how accUrate are pendUlUm readings ? becaUse i got two people to do pendUlUm readings for me and got the same answer for both. 

i remember complaining about this trip before even coming here and wanting to go home more than anything about 1.5 weeks ago for some stupid reason because it was too hot or something and now i’m in the airport hating myself for even considering that thought. this was the most unplanned trip of my entire life but somehow the most life changing and i’m sitting here smiling like a dork because of the way He makes things fall into place so beautifully. 

new places, new and unforgettable faces. alhamdulillah.

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