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angstykindergartener  asked:

Can you write about what each member would be like for the PSAT's? Lol I just took them yesterday. Thanks!

BTS Reaction To Studying/Taking PSAT


Study’s for a good 15mins before taking a long  snack break, this would continue for a while.To help self study he’d place gummy bears spaced out on his textbook, but in the ends eats all the gummy bears and doesn’t read the book. When it comes to test time he tries to buy himself out of it but giving the teacher signed head shoots of himself “this is the best one of my handsome self”


Doesn’t study and doesn’t give two flying sh!t  Spends his studying time napping on the couch and sets 10min reminders to study but keeps clicking snooze while mumbling “I’ll get to it later”. When actually taking the test he’ll just stare at the paper with such a wtf look “what the f- we never learned this” say looking around and seeing everyone going through it so easily, shakes head and doesn’t take test “doesn’t have enough swag sweg”


Being the language machine he is studying would be a piece of cake…at least that’s what he thought, gets bored on studying math subjects and makes up a dance to help himself study. When it comes to taking the test tries to dance in his seat to help himself remember certain things, but gets caught and now he can’t finish the rest of the test without moving.

Rap Monster:

Study’s the best with headphones in a quite place, doesn’t get distracted a lot like the other members would. When it comes to taking the test their would be so doubt if he would pass or not because this boy has such a high ass IQ of 148 (so perfect!), he’d end up finishing the test in less than 30 mins and scores a perfect score which wouldn’t be surprising for our awesome brain monster rap monster.


Cutie chim chim would try to study, but would fail miserably because he’s just gotta play around with tae and jungkook since their all like best friends. But surprisingly when it’s time to take the test he passes not with a perfect score or anything like namjoon, but a good score, it could just be because of his sweet looks and adorable cheeks or the fact that he may got in some secret studying time, the world may never know lol XD.


Actually doesn’t study like at all to busy playing video games and watching anime/ reading manga from his watch/read list. Doesn’t really take test either looks at it for a good 5mins and only answers the easy questions (may or may not get them wrong) gets bored and doodles on the packet, tries to play/distract his friends sitting next to him because he’s bored and doesn’t have anything else better to do.(not going to lie i do this sometimes)


Actually tires to study, but sadly doesn’t understand anything at all especially the math section which was never his strong suit. When he actually has to take the test he had wrote a small message for the person grading it saying “I don’t know half of these help~!>.<” tries to get his hyungs to help him out like namjoon “psst rap mon-hyung how do you do this problem…what’s the answer” swears he only needs help with one question, but ends up asking for help/answer to all the questions.

BTS as turtle


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Rap monster:

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“I belive i can fly~”


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“oh sh*t”


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“My jam…is here….i can see it”


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*when he see girls