fly williams

y'all watch potc for willabeth but i watch purely for captain jack sparrow oops

My favorite part of skam is how the boys are SO into their significant others:

  • william flying back to noora after a one line email and telling her they are together after she said they weren’t and also saying he doesn’t believe her parents don’t love her because that’s practically impossible
  • chris insisting that he and eva aren’t together YET and introducing himself to her mom and coming to hs parties after graduation.. for her
  • yousef calling him and sana soulmates, acting like a child around her because of his crush & dropping all other plans for her
  • magnus being stupidly in love with vilde, saying he’ll join the bus if they need more people and calling her VILLY
  • even stealing all the damn paper towels to force isak to talk to him and telling isak how hot/handsome he is
Why is Will still Captain of the Flying Dutchman?

Okay so I’ve seen a lot of posts about how after ten years, according to the legend of Davy Jones, Will should have been allowed to come ashore and leave the Dutchman so long as Elizabeth stayed true to him. And I have a theory as to why he couldn’t come back but Elizabeth still loves him. The idea behind “staying true” or “faithful” can mean solely committed to. And Elizabeth no longer was “solely committed to” Will. She now had a son whom she loved and was committed to. After 10 years her heart was divided between the two of them. She loved them equally. Differently yes but equally still. And so because her heart was divided Will was still bound to the Dutchman.

That’s my theory anyway