fly to the sun


My piece that was included in the annual Celebration of Writers anthology created by my school district, plus an exclusive illustration I drew in my copy of the the book.


Wow What A Day!!

Once upon a time there was a boy. His name was Joe Telala. He was a cool boy. He liked outdoor activities. His favorite was doge ball. But one day, he couldn’t play outside. It was raining. The clouds were black and the rain come down like cats and dogs. So he had to play inside, but he only had sports equipment and a kite. All he could do was watch the rain. Then after a second the rain stopped and the sun came out dancing. Joe ran downstairs, then ran out the door and fell into a puddle. His mom called him in for lunch and it never rained again.

Illustration is a child’s depiction of someone flying a kite with a tail under a spindly sun that is smiling and wearing sunglasses. The words SECOND GRADE are below the image, part of the book’s actual print.

Guarding the sky is a three-woman job.