fly shades

Well it’s a damn shame for the antis that when harry was asked point blank about his new tattoo he got all awkward and didn’t want to answer or show it so instead he deflected and talked about the Jackson tattoo. I mean if it was just a little ol’ fly why not just say that?

You know, ‘that awkward moment when you have to ride an elevator while in a strange London in order to get to your boyfriend who’s currently fighting for his life and everybody is staring at your badassness.’  

Also, this might be a direct metaphor to me waiting for ACOL’s release, but who’s to say?

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Finished the pen drawing I was meaning to complete. I like how this one came out. I think my favorite part of the whole piece would be his coat. It was so fun and a big challenge of trying to make sure the pen didn’t make any overlapping pieces disappear. Like making sure the hand overlapping the jacket didn’t disappear with the squiggles behind it. It was really fun, and good practice for more pen and ink drawings in the future!


✏️🖋🐾💕just drawing and doing my own thing

Like drawing my original characters Miss kitty the magical flying cat from outer space

Ghost girlfriends Catty and spooky

And kid Mage Annie and her shadow Shade 🐾💕


Star Wars photoshoot!

@catslock as Obi Wan (I believe the one w the fly ass shades)
@revyyourengines as Anakin (RotS version)
@punsbulletsandpointythings as Qui Gon
as Obi Wan (far left in the bottom-left pic!)
as Hux