fly pupa fly!


Troll number two; Tavros Nitram. I love his horns. They were easier on me.

Anyway. I imagine, in an alternate doomed timeline, that one of the alpha kids (maybe John) shows him Pokemon. After fidus spawn, I don’t think he’d be impressed.

My Greatest Prop Endeavor Yet

I have found a way to make a life size flying Tinkerbull and after consulting sources the concept of him and weight has been confirmed completely possible and realistic. He would be able to stay airborn for the duration of a con even, if all goes according to plan!

It’s interesting how Hussie made a callback to a piece of art he didn’t draw himself here to the image of Terezi looking up at the sky in Make Her Pay. The same thing happened with the redraw of the Ministrife sprites in a close-up.
So is Tavros’s only real development also going to be in a dream bubble? So Tavros flying away from Skull Rock ages ago actually meant something.