fly pupa fly!

Tavros Horns Tutorial!

first of all, you gonna need:

  • polystyrene
  • spackling (the thing you use to get texturized paintings)
  • yellow and red paint
  • sand paper
  • a large (black) tiara
  • two BIG ASS screws
  • hot glue
  • tape

get your ‘polystyrene’ (idk the common name of this), draw the shape of your horns and cut it out

after cut out and sand papered:

then you will cover it entirely with the 'clay’ (spackling), and paint it yellow!

wait for it to dry, now get a piece of the tape to keep apart the yellow part from the orange one (get the orange paint by mixing the yellow with a bit of red, its easier to get a nice tone then buying a whole thing of orange)

and remember to keep the 'glue side’ UP! so it dont ruin your beautiful yellow painting

paint it orange an wait for it to dry (again), it will look like this without the tape:

do the saaaame thing with the red part, and as you can see i did the yellow ring by hand (but its just because i really like it this way)

in the end will look like this:

time to attach them!! get the tiara, make a whole where the screw will be (thats going in the middle of the horn) and between them fill it with hot glue, the horns are VERY light it doesn’t need too much effort to get them stable  

it may hurt a little after a long time but the wig protects your head (at least mine does)

thats it guys!! horns done! FLY PUPA, FLY!!!

you can ask my friends i hit pretty much everyone (and every door, every wall…) with my horns and it still hangin well! it takes time to get used with the space notion but you guys will do it well.

fly pupa fly...!

i wonder what theyll say before they meet kanaya or will this just be them flying to kanaya

oh boy what did you even do on that fucking laptop

this is fucking anarchy, theyre arguing arent they? and rose is too busy angsting about jasprosesprite to bla—- oH MY GOD ROSE HAS BLACK FEELINGS FOR HERSELF DOESNT SHE



its adorable but hilarious because theyre being so fucking immature theyre about to go off into a final battle and its just lets blackflirt by shittalking each other on the lilypad (i want to hear what theyre saying but its probably him calling her crazy and her calling him a dork while rose bites her lip because she already ate the pillow)

how many years of tension is being released very suddenly now

roxy returns to find them hatesnogging, an awkward conversation follows

meenah joins the selfcest x3 combob

teeniest tiniest ot4


they dont know what to do


callie jade gets more and more material while johnrezi are hatesnogging,, rose contemplates black feelings for herself slash her cat, and everyone<>mayor is made official

wow wat an upd8

ROXY: callie in times such as these…
ROXY: ya know
ROXY: words have trouble cuttin it
ROXY: ca'mere

are they gonna ask each other out or will this be a  beautieueuifful hug

we dont even see it? it could have been ANYTHING!

ROXY: keep me in ur thoughts ok?
ROXY: in the luckiest and magickest way you kno how

oh god that sounds ominous…


(shes stealing pm’s role)

My Greatest Prop Endeavor Yet

I have found a way to make a life size flying Tinkerbull and after consulting sources the concept of him and weight has been confirmed completely possible and realistic. He would be able to stay airborn for the duration of a con even, if all goes according to plan!

It’s interesting how Hussie made a callback to a piece of art he didn’t draw himself here to the image of Terezi looking up at the sky in Make Her Pay. The same thing happened with the redraw of the Ministrife sprites in a close-up.
So is Tavros’s only real development also going to be in a dream bubble? So Tavros flying away from Skull Rock ages ago actually meant something.

Homestuck Horescopes- 10/25

Aries: put on your planning hat, it’s time for a corpse party!

Taurus: continue flying dead pupa. Continue flying.

Gemini: Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Cancer: Looks like a hot day! Wear short sleeves.

Leo: you’ve gotta be kitten me with this update

Virgo: You will catch the eye of a powerful woman today

Libra: You will see the end of some close friendships today, but don’t stab yourself over it, you’ll live

Scorpio: Plans don’t always work out they way you want, do they?

Saggittarius: I have a strong feeling your assistance could have been helpful if you were in the right place today

Capricorn: today won’t be half bad. But it won’t be half good either.

Aquarius: exploding isn’t an excuse to be dead again.

Pisces: control your crazy relatives. They will do some fucked up shit today.