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diana tells bruce her entire sad backstory one day and bruce just. fucking builds a goddamn time machine, sends himself back so that he’s sitting in the airplane with steve, leaves a grenade in the plane so steve doesn’t have to shoot the bombs, and drags steve back to the 21st century and gives him to diana like “i know you said we were friends but i just wanted to be absolutely sure so here you go.” steve is screaming the entire time. its great. i cry. the end.

i am all about gray foggy mornings in late autumn when there’s a chill and a shiver in my body. mornings that call for large sweaters and rain boots. standing in the woods with pine and rain and smoke in the air. or standing at the edge of the ocean with salt in your mouth and the wind in your hair. the feeling of being both lost and found at the same time. the promise of returning home in your hands. a lick of winter at your heels.

Castiel “I am already saved” Winchester.

Castiel “I won’t let my failings define me” Winchester.

Castiel “I am needed” Winchester.

Castiel “I am loved” Winchester.

Castiel “I know where I belong” Winchester.

Castiel “I may be dead, but I’m still fighting” Winchester.

Castiel “I am awake” Winchester.

Castiel “I can’t be stopped” Winchester.

Castiel “I will rewrite my fate” Winchester.

Castiel “I will always find my way home” Winchester.

🎶 you raise me uuuuup 🎶






Drew these a few weeks back as matching prints for my first artist alley, but forgot to post until now! I’ll never get over BT… ;;

At Dogwarts School of Canine Wizardry, there are four houses: Gryffindog, Hufflefluff, Ravenpaw and Slobberyn. Your dog just got his invitation letter via flying cat (meowl post).

flying-mint-fangirl  asked:

I don't know if I'm gonna be watching the stream you're doing tomorrow (my phone is weird when I watch streams cuz I doesn't show the chat :( ) but it would be so cute if you did Matt Murdock with the 💤 one 😁

*shows up 15 minutes to the defenders breakfast meeting*