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Net neutrality doesn't affect me...

YES IT DOES. Kindly pop a squat and we’ll talk about it.

Net neutrality means an equal playing field. It makes the internet a strange and beautiful place where anyone can post anything they want. From web pages about cats to fundraisers for mosquito nets to prevent malaria or a small site like Tumblr or Facebook taking its first baby steps towards popularity. EVERYONE IS EQUAL ON THE INTERNET.


Certain companies want to line their pockets with our money. Comcast. Time Warner Cable. Verizon. 

These are all cable companies, and they’d like to continue business as usual, only on the internet.

Cable works like this: you buy a basic package of channels that may or may not include stuff you want to watch. If you want more, you pay for them. If you don’t have enough money to purchase a channel package, too bad.

What if the internet was run like cable TV? What if your provider could sell you a web package that didn’t include tumblr or your favorite blog? What if they could block the sites of their competitors and prevent you from seeing political opinions they disagreed with?

And to people who own those blogs and webcomics and are already strapped to sell stuff on the internet - What if the cable companies could demand money from you in exchange for a fast loading time, leaving you with a slow connection if you couldn’t pay? What if the big companies like Wal-mart were able to pay this fee and their sites loaded much faster than yours? What if your site was blocked entirely because AT&T decided they didn’t like it?

What if your internet provider refused you service unless you used one of their approved devices? What if they then used that device to monitor you- and the law supported it?

It starts to sound like something out of a dystopian novel.

That’s the future we’re looking at right now unless something changes.Tumblr staff has kindly provided an easy way to help out.

Reblog! Be loud! Let everyone know about this so we can stand up to this indescribable greed and tell the giants that this 1984 trash doesn’t fly with us.

I didn’t like it when Domen was winning and I couldn’t enjoy it with him, because I was angry at myself. I feel quilty now, but I was very happy for him. He was strong and he enjoyed every moment, and all we could do was admire him.
—  Peter Prevc, about his feelings when Domen was in his top form

I need a Danny Phantom AU tbh.

Like Keith is Danny, and Shiro is his protective older brother. Keith lives with Shiro and Shiro’s girlfriend, Allura, who (along with Coran) are super into the supernatural and ghosts (particularly hunting them).

Keith’s friends are Pidge and Hunk. They were there when Keith had his accident, and they both help him out whenever ghosts (who come through a wormhole Allura accidentally created when Keith caused the accident and call themselves Galra) attack the school.

And like, the best part? Keith has an incredibly huge crush on Lance, who also happens to secretly be a super skilled Ghost hunter hellbent on capturing Keith and sending him back to the Ghost zone. They’re like sickly in love, but have no idea that they’re secretly arch-rivals who fight every week. ((They do that baby project together, and thats actually how they start dating despite getting a D on the project)).

Lance has no idea that Sendak (Vlad) is also a ghost, and let’s just say when he finds out, he is hella pissed at Sendak, and eventually joins Keith in helping to fight the Galra.

okay please don’t make me be the one to write an omgcp fic where it’s a dirty game and someone goes flying into the goalie net and pushes chowder into the back and nursey and dex just kind of “thats our fucking goalie” and start a fight and nursey is there first and the crease just dissolves into mayhem. nursey gets his time in the sin bin and when he gets out he plays hard af and they win, but the moment they get to the locker room chowder grabs nursey to make sure he’s okay bc he’s got a busted lip and his cheekbone looks pretty bruised already and nursey prides himself on being calm and collected, proving himself with his stick instead of his fists, and nursey just smiles and grabs chowder, says he’s fine and asks how chowder is and chowders fine and nursey just jostles him, promises the next time he’ll get the shutout and chowder just pushes him back and promises next time he can fight his own fights and they’re both smiling and laughing and like idk some good pure chowder/nursey interaction

one last try || lacrosse week

Author: @dylanobsessed
Prompt/request: aye !!!! this was written for @rememberstilinski && @sarcasticallystilinski‘s lacrosse week and i loved the whole concept of it so much. thanks for doing and i hope y’all enjoy the story !!
Warning: swearing and i’m pretty sure that is it 
Pairing: stiles x reader
Notes: shout out to @sincerelystiles for helping me with the little bump i came across in the story and being such a gem !!
Words: 6,585 ( i got really into this okay i’m not even sorry )

I stood there.

Watching him.

I had the lacrosse stick in my hands and my knuckles were turning white from the anticipation of eyes witnessing his body run forward and give his best efforts to make a goal but once again, fate got involved and it’s another miss. Each time it became more difficult to witness how defeated he looked after missing a shot, how he would stand in the background feeling envious of everyone on the team, and how he looked let down by his lack of skills. He tossed his helmet onto the ground which was followed by his stick and various angry words were thrown into the air.

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Underestimated- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by bulletproofwhale

Ok so here we have another Andre one! As mad as I am at the Caps… I still love Andre! So enjoy guys!

Warning: cussing, hitting of sensitive area

Anon Request: I literally love everything you write!!!!! Could you do one where you accidentally hit Andre in the balls??


              You were absolutely sure this was the worst idea Andre had ever had. Period.

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Andre Burakovsky #1.2


id0lizes said: This is literally my family, including what they want in their coffee. Spot on lol. More pls!!!

Anonymous said: can you do a part 2 to the andre imagine please?

A/N: Alright so this got a little long my apologies, but hope you liked it!

Word Count: 2,422

Originally posted by tjgoalshie

Playoff games were the core of stress in your house these past few days. Washington was standing strong at the top of the standings and somehow Andre seemed to forget all about that and see the worst in what could happen in tonights game. 

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Thank youuu for requesting, I’ve never written Semi before and I’m hyped af 

Also, we’ll be going on a small hiatus until the holidays. I do have a Christmas series planned that will start coming out next week! But for now, this is the last post most probably. All of us are busy with school, but we’ll be back soon <3

~Admin Anna


“Oww,” Semi almost jumps in his spot. “What the hell Tendou??”

Semi shoots a poisonous look to his taller teammate, rubbing his side that Tendou had poked.

“Look who just walked in through the door~” Tendou points towards the door, wiggling his finger.

Semi looks in the pointed direction and his heart starts beating faster, his cheeks grow pink quickly. He slapped his hands onto them, to try to hide the colour. It’s his crush, (y/n), walking through the gym doors with her friend and Tendou was clearly aware of Semi’s feelings towards the girl, since the first is giggling madly. Ushijima and Ohira approach the two as well.

“You okay?” Ohira places a hand on Semi’s shoulder, who was still a bit flustered.

“Mhm!!” Semi nods quickly and Tendou laughs wholeheartedly, gaining another glare.

The girls’ PE teacher walks in the door as well. She smiles at the divided group of third-years where girls seemed to stay away from the boys as far as possible and vice versa, stealing glances at each other from time to time. Tendou’s soft laughter fills the room, accompanied by quieter giggles and whispers.

“Since Sato-sensei is away for today, we are having the lesson together,” the teacher speaks in an amused tone. “And Sato-sensei has informed me that you boys-” she raises her eyebrow at the males. “-are fairly good at volleyball, some better than others, of course. So this is what we’ll be doing today. How about you, Semi, and Ushijima pick out the teams, make them mixed. I’ll be right back.”

With that the teacher exits the gym hall, Semi and Ushijima step forward. Teams are picked, the teacher returns and the game may begin. Tendou grins at Semi from the other side of the net.

“I hope you’re not going to go easy on us just because (y/n) is on our team,” he snorts.

“It’d be great if you could say that even louder,” Semi makes faces at the redhead.

“Quiet down now!” the teacher yells from the sidelines. “We won’t be playing with positions, the goal is to get the ball onto the ground on the other side of the net. The boys and more skilled ones, take it easy. I’m watching you Ushijima.”

With that she blows the whistle and the game begins. The ball is being hit over, points are scored, but Semi’s having a hard time focusing. He keeps messing up; not receiving or hitting the ball properly.

“Focus, focus,” Ohira reassures him.

“R-right,” Semi nods and exhales deeply.

He’s situated in the front and all eyes are on the server from the other team, (y/n). She lifts her hand, throws up the ball into the air and serves. Semi sees her expression go from wishful to scared and then something hits him hard on the nose. He quickly tumbles backwards and falls onto his behind. Semi regains his senses fast and stands up, covering his nose in case of nosebleed.

“You okay?” the teacher asks.

Semi answers by simple nod and a slight smile, moving his hand away from his face to confirm that he doesn’t have any major injuries. His eyes search for his crush on the other side of the net and sees her horrified look. She bows deeply and yells: “I’m sorry!!”

“Don’t mind, don’t mind,” Semi says, smiling. “Let’s keep playing.”

“Well-well,” Tendou chuckles as the game continues.

As the game ends and the lesson is wrapped up, Semi makes his way out of the gym. Before he reaches the locker room, someone grabs onto his arm and he stops. He turns to see (y/n) standing in front of him in a flustered state.

“I’m sorry for hitting you in the face with the ball, Semi,” she apologizes again.

“It’s fine, really,” Semi smiles.

“No-no, if anything it was a hit on your pride, I’m sorry!” she bows deep. “Is there anything I can do for you to make it up?”

Semi eyes her until she raises again.

“Well, if you really want to do something, go out on a date with me,” Semi blurts out without thinking.

He stuffs up quickly as he realizes what he had said. To his surprise (y/n) shrugs slightly and with a smile she nods.

“I’ll wait for you after your practice is over,” she says, grins and turns on her heel, leaving behind a blushing Semi.


“I heard that we have the lesson together with the boys today,” your friend said, struggling with her shirt in the locker room.

“Hm? Really?” you raise your brows for a second. “So the volleyball guys are going to be there too, right?”

“Yup,” she nods in answer. “Wouldn’t it be exciting to see them up close in action?”

“Hm, not really,” you shrug. “It’d be scary.”

“Does that include Ushijima?” your friend smirks, pinching your arm playfully.

You punch her side slightly as you two leave the dressing room and head for the gym. You almost bump into the tall third-years who were standing dangerously close to the door.

“S-sorry,” you mumble, meeting Ushijima’s stern look.

“It’s fine,” his epxression softens. “Sorry for being in the way.”

You smile sweetly at your classmate and pull along your friend who had stuffed up, staring at Ushijima with wide eyes.

“Did he really apologize?” she turned to you after you had reached a certain distance.

You nod, gazing back at him.

“He liiikes you~” she then giggles uncontrollably.

“Ya-ya,” you shrug it off and walk towards the teacher who has now entered the hall.

“We’re playing volleyball today, so let’s distribute ourselves into two teams,” the teacher claps his hands. 

Minutes later you find yourself holding a volleyball, hands slightly shaking. You weren’t particularly good at volley and now that you were playing with (and aganist) the columns of the volleyball team. Everything was kind of foggy from the beginning of the serve until the end. You had hit the ball and it seemed to fly over the net, but then you see Ushijima covering his nose, walking over to the teacher and then heading out of the door. Only then did you realize that you had hit the ace himself in the face with a volleyball.

“(y/n), you go with him,” the teacher waves at you.

You nod, dumbfounded and jog after Ushijima. He was standing at the bottom of the staircase when you reached him. 

“I’m so so sorry,” you apologize immediately.

“Don’t worry about it,” he chuckles adorably, moving his hand from his face, glancing at the small amount of blood in his palm.

You gasp. “We need to go to the nurse!! I’m so sorry, Ushijima!”

He looks away for a moment.

“Well,” he thinks out loud. “If you’re sorry then how about a date?” 

You catch a small smirk playing on his lips before he walks down the hall towards the nurse’s office. You clench your fists, mostly to hold back a squeal, and yell after him: “I will only if you wait for me!”

NHL Gothic

(Oops, I did a thing. sydsleroux gets all the blame for being a ridiculous enabler. Most of these went a little Lovecraftian on me, but hey). 

  • The Oilers are rebuilding. It has been twenty years. The Oilers are rebuilding. It has been a century. Still, they rebuild. Top draft picks and coaches come, and they go. No one knows where they go. Everyone is too afraid to ask. 
  • It’s just one kidney,’ you think. The black-market surgeon smiles as he puts the mask on your face. ’This is why I have two.’ You count backwards from ten as the drugs put you to sleep. You wake up. The incision is right where it should be, stitched up neat and straight with black sutures. Now you can afford to watch a Rangers playoffs game at Madison Square Garden.
  • The look of determination on Sidney Crosby’s face is great, as he watches the puck fly towards the net. He has to keep his team in this series: failure is not an option. He concentrates – does not take his eyes off the puck, does not blink. The puck turns in mid-air, swishes past Lundqvist at an impossible angle. There was a reason CONSOL wanted all that blood. 
  • There is blood on the ice in Chicago. Q unleashes an incomprehensible stream of the usual profanity mixed in with words from ancient, forgotten tongues, but Toews is too agitated to translate for the rest of the team, and it is too late. Someone touched Patrick Kane on the shoulder, and there is blood on the ice in Chicago, blood on the un-gloved fists of the defenseman, blood on their skates.
  • “The NHL is not white,” a fanboy says. “There’s PK Subban.” Technically, he is right. PK Subban is now on the roster of all thirty teams. He averages over 120 minutes of ice-time per night – 200, most Saturdays. 
  • His teams all chalk it up to coincidence – draft picks that just don’t develop, rookies injured on the cusp of a promising season, young, strong limbs that turn weak. He can’t stay in one city very long anymore; it takes so many of them to fuel him now – more every year. The sacrifice of all those boys won’t go in vain: Jaromir Jagr will play forever. 
  • The ice whispers, “He is is coming.” It pulses with the rhythmic sound of just one name,“McDavid.” In Toronto, a room full of picked-over carcasses and decaying jerseys, their maple leaf insignias still visible, waits for a savior. In Arizona, bleached bones lie in the sun. The Buffalo Sabres snarl and hurl their sticks onto the ice. The other team blinks in confusion, turning away from the bared teeth in the rotted ruins of their faces. “He will be OURS,” the Sabres howl as one, but in the shadows, the Oilers wait, have been waiting.
  • Doug Wilson calls Hasso Plattner. He is the only one who’s seen Hasso – some say, he’s the only one who can. “We finally have enough picks, sir, and it is almost time for the draft.” There are enough picks, and even Thornton won’t be able to protect them now. San Jose is calling for blood, and they’ll get it – but it won’t be Wilson’s. Soon, his master will come into the physical plane of existence. Soon, everyone will know about the plan
  • “What changes have you made in the off-season, after missing the playoffs last year?” the reporter asks Daryl Sutter. Sutter does not respond. His expression does not change – that is to say, he remains expressionless. None of the Kings have spoken a word, or cracked their stone-faced masks in the months since the loss. Drew Doughty made the mistake of smiling once: he has not been seen since. 
  • “It’s for the good of the team,” Jamie Benn says to the crowd of onlooking reporters, cringing, as he finishes sewing his arm to Tyler Seguin’s, and then starts in on their legs. His stitching is surprisingly neat. Tyler, used to needles in his skin, doesn’t so much as flinch. “We play better this way,” Benn adds. Dallas Stars management, pleased by the cap space freed up by paying Benn and Seguin as one player, could not be more pleased with the decision.
  • Zdeno Chara is no longer the largest player in the league. No one knows for sure how big the new guy is – his weight and height on the team website are listed as some kind of eldritch runes. He plays without a mask, but nobody can see his face. Buildings tremble when he steps inside them. The NHL has allowed him a longer-than-regulation stick.
  • In a quiet little town in Finland, an old woman sits with a little, straw doll. She gives its shoulder a twist. In Nashville, at practice, Pekka Rinne falls to the ice in pain. He never should have left her daughter.  
  • McQuaid trembles before the council. The floor of the situation room, in Toronto, is hard under his knees. “You have broken our rules,” a voice booms. He cannot see who it belongs to. “There is only one deity acknowledged in the NHL.” Wayne Gretzky steps out from the darkness, and all the hooded figures bow. 

Hey girl!!
I’ve been craving some good sonamy fics and who better to go to than you? ;)
If you’re still doing prompts off of pictures I was wondering if you could do one with this? It doesn’t have to follow it exactly, just the idea of Amy going super would be great ^^

Always open my friend! :D What a lovely pic! And I can definitely use it! ;) Here I go!


With all the robots broken pieces suddenly rolling up and forming one large one, Super Sonic looked up in a bit of confusion.

Not sure what was going on, he didn’t see his friends already boarding the X-Tornado, hoping to get up into the air and attack from above.

“Sonic!” Amy called out, reaching a hand to him but as he turned to look…


“Ah!” Amy gasped and put her hands to the sides of her face, seeing him knocked completely to the right by the robot leaning down and swiping it’s hand to hit him aside.

It was still forming, and slowly rolled it’s back up, each robotic piece locking itself in like a spinal chord being formed upwards with each joint getting ready to pull him up.

Once fully straightened out, the Robot crashed one foot down, and roared out a metallic cry. Unearthly, and threatening.

It peered down as the alien three who had hacked into Eggman’s robots all chuckled in the sky above, hitting their backs and cackling out laughter.

“These beings are so funny! So.. pathetic! haha!” one gripped it’s sphere of a stomach, having no legs, but a tattered robe that flowed down it’s body as it’s claws arms continued to sway under it.

“The more they trash’em, the more they’ll rebuild and squash’em!” one smashed his clawed hand into the his other hand’s palm, and laughed with a hand up to his spiky head.

“They’re such fun entertainment~” one always had his tongue sticking out, and with a goofy expression, laughed like a fool. “Dah-ha-ha!”

Sonic slowly got himself up off the rumble, and shook his head, turning to look over his shoulder with an annoyed expression…

“These aliens… are really getting on my nerves…” he glared, and started to push off his knee he had lifted up to get up.

He staggered a moment but flew up to the plane overhead.

“Tails! Anything?”

“I can’t seem to find a weakness, Sonic!” Tails was circling the giant, Frankenstein robot as it tried to swing it’s big arm to swipe the X-Tornado out of the sky.

“Woah! Too close!” Tails pulled up, away from it’s reach as Sonic kept close to the plane, maneuvering with him. “It’s like a hydra! The more we break it apart, the more it comes back!”

“Then we should just break the pieces down so much that they can’t reform again! Hmph!” Amy picked up her hammer, looking mighty upset at the robot as she leaned over and peered down from the seat she was in, her hair whipping in the wind.

“That’s it!” Tails exclaimed, as Amy’s frown suddenly turned into surprise.

“What is?” Sonic looked to Tails.

“We need to smash them into oblivion! Then they’ll be useless, even if they reform!”

“Make them unable to battle… genius Tails!” Sonic dived down.

“Hey.. that was my idea…” Amy whined slightly, before seeing Sonic was having trouble even hitting the thing anymore…

He would try and homing attack through the center-! But the robot’s mid-section seemed to ‘jump’ out of getting hit before reconnecting… turn around as Sonic would uncurl and blink in a state of disbelief, and swipe at him again.

Sonic kicked his feet out, but was gripping immediately into submission as the the robot lifted him up to his face…

“Like catching a fly in a net. A large net! Haha!” The aliens descended, seeing the threat neutralized and started mocking him.

“Hedgehog? Was it? What a disgustingly WEAK creature…” one flicked a claw his way, as if dismissing Sonic’s kind entirely, swishing his head to not even look at him.

“Vile.. and he smells too!” the goofy one bounced his head as he laughed.

“You’re a disgrace to all creatures on this planet! No.. the universe! haha! Shake him of his little jewels!”

The robot shook Sonic up and down, side to side, as the Chaos Emeralds fell from his possession.

Sonic’s eyes swirled when it all stopped but his head sank low, unable to get his bearings straight…

They continued to laugh as Tails looked down, shaking his head. “Oh, Sonic…”

Amy’s fists shook.

Then she gripped the edge of the plane, jumping off.

“Huh? AMMMMY!!!” Tails moved the plane back but it was too late.


“..Huh?” the three aliens looked up.

Amy came crashing through their circle, making them spin as they hovered in the air and try and reach out for the others in their dizzy spree.

She was falling fast though… as Sonic shook his head and looked down, calling down to her, “AMY!”

“W-woah..” Amy tried to spin herself around but couldn’t, she saw the emeralds falling below her and tried to reach back for them, her back towards them. “Chaos-..AHH!!” the wind hit her face so much, it almost made her voice unable to be heard.

But as she descended…

The Emeralds stopped falling.

Sending upward, they held a place around her. Glowing…

She watched in amazement, looking around as Sonic uttered, “Control.” his eyes narrowed as the Emeralds darted into her… a bright light…

The light suddenly shot upward and Sonic smirked, seeing her skate by him until coming back around, like a meteorite until the light burst from her and she stood, hovering confidently in the air.

The alien’s eyes shot out of their skulls and back in like horizontal punching bags. “WHA-WA-WA-WA-WAHT?!?!” they shouted in unison.

“He’s not the only blonde one?” the goofy one pointed in fright at her, as the others clung to each other.

“OH SHARF.” they spoke in some alien curse as she laughed, kicking her feet out.

“I can feel Chaos’s power soaring through me! Thanks, Sonic! I won’t let your power go to waste!”

Sonic closed his smile, so his teeth weren’t showing, but seemed to approve of her statement as he watched her circle the robot, and pull out a hammer.

“Time to turn you to dust, you robotic bully!”

Starting with his torso, the Robot couldn’t dodge her crushing blows as she hammered it down to saw-dust. It took a minute, but she got all the way to the arm, freeing Sonic as he started falling.

“Ah-ahhhh-ahh! OFFPH!” before he could face-plant, Amy had gripped a leg…

“Phew..” he fell limp, as she pulled him up, swung him around, and caught him like he usually did her.

“Huh?” he looked around, not used to being … well… ‘handled’.

“Hehe~ Now I’m the one saving you, Sonic!” she chimed, bright and happy… literally, bright though as her super form shined around him.

He gave her a nervous smile, and slight chuckle.

She flew him up and set him on the plane. “Blast him, Tails!” Amy nodded, leaning over the plane’s wing from hovering in the sky, as he nodded, and sent a huge blattalion of missles and fire at the robot.

Amy went in to truly make sure it was nothing more than rumble, as it tried to form, but failed and finally.. fell apart without a single piece of energy from the alien technology left to power it…

The aliens gulped, as Amy slowly flew down behind them, hands to her hips, as they turned around in pure terror… and shrugged with apologetic smiles.

“So… what was that about hedgehogs? Hehe..” she giggled cutely, before her face completely shifted.

She zoomed up to their combined faces,.. “Bark.”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” they scrambled in the air, begging her not to hurt them as they charged off into the atmosphere, declaring they’ll never bother earth again!

“Mischievous little batch…” Amy leaned up, looking up at the sky, “I don’t think they’ll be coming back again.” she swished her dress as she turned and happily flew into Sonic’s arms, who was looking down at her from the plane’s wing.

“Sonic!” he was knocked over, but laughed, secretly pulling the power he had given her out as she turned back to normal.

She pulled away from the hug, her eyes still closed in utter joy, smiling widely “That was so cool!”

He nodded, “You did a great job, Amy.” he did look proud of her.

She opened her eyes, “Can we do it again, sometime?”

He looked a little sheepish at the request, but still smiled, sweat dropping a little. “Maybe. If it’s not to save the world again.” he teased, and winked to her kindly as she gasped and jumped back into trying to ‘cuddle him up’ again.

Tails turned away from looking at the two behind and rolled his eyes, shaking his head down. “Now I’ve got two supers to worry about.” he teased, having always worried about his friends, but happy to see Sonic had let Amy take a go at it.

Who knows? Maybe he was actually getting humbled by it?

(Hope you enjoyed! :) )

Spring Day pt 3

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5

Jimin x Reader

Series Genre: Angst/Fluff

Series Summary: You knew that married life with an idol would be challenging. You just didn’t know that it would be this challenging.

Word Count: 1779

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

For the entire night, you sat in your bedroom sulking not even getting a wink of sleep. 

Mentally you argued with yourself. One part of you said that this was Jimin’s dream, he wanted to sing, he wanted to do music and you wanted nothing more but for him to fulfill his every goal…but the other side of you…that side was selfish. That side didn’t like the idea of sharing your husband with the world let alone music because you knew that ultimately he’d have to choose between the two loves of his life. 

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❝ I was embarrassed . ❞

Plot: You are an athlete and he didn’t know and one day he and the other members saw you playing really good and he’s really amazed.

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 2k+

Genre: Fluff, comedy

For anon, I hope you like it! 


Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

Originally posted by 2k08revivalkpop

‘Are you sure she isn’t like a drug dealer or something, Heechul?’

‘Yeah like part of a cartel?’

‘Shut it!’ Heechul snapped at Leeteuk and Yesung.

‘Jeez we were just asking.’ Leeteuk grumbled to himself.

This had been part of the constant questioning that’d been going on for the past six months.. Why? Simple, Kim Heechul had found the perfect girl who seemed to be very busy in the evenings. You knew why, but the others didn’t. Heechul had asked you many times but you preferred him to not know. As far as he was concerned, you were a fashion consultant and that was it, but the members had other ideas.

‘Can you use your brain for once and think!,’ Heechul stated, ‘ How could she be a drug dealer?’

‘How would we know!?’ Shindong asked with raised shoulders, ‘It’s not like we are in the underground business.’

‘Says the dancer who was part of the underground battles.’ Heechul smirked.

‘That’s what I was younger and you know that!’ Dong defended, ‘Plus it was a trend, if you were never in the battles then you were lame.’

‘But you still lame, so those battles were clearly misused.’ Heechul teased.

‘Heechul!’ Leeteuk scolded, ‘Don’t you dare talk to him like that!’

‘Sorry.’ He mumbled, ‘And as I was saying, how can she be a dealer? She works a pretty public day time job. She would have to have a less private day job in order to survive!’

‘You watch waaaaayyy to many tv shows.’ Kyuhyun chipped in from the corner where he sat and played video games on his PSP.

‘And you play to many video games!’ Heechul snapped.

‘So do you !’ Kyu retaliated.

‘Okay stop, the both of you!’ Leetuek held the bridge of his nose in irritation, ‘Kyu, stop antagonising him. You know how bad that turns out, and Heechul, go home-’

‘What, why ?!’ Said man cut off.

‘Because you clearly have other things on your mind and this session will be useless, now go.’ Leeteuk pointed at the door.



Heechul grabbed his things and stormed out of the recording room with a harsh slamming of the door. Grumbling to himself, he walked through the halls, not even looking up. Many greeted him but he ignored them as he eventually got to his car and sat in the drivers seat with a sigh of defeat. His head hit the steering wheel with a thumb as thought of what to do now.

‘What the hell am I meant to do with my day now?’ He muttered to himself before an idea hit him, ‘I can take Y/N out for lunch!’

Proud of his plan, he stepped on the gas and zipped through the streets of Seoul all the way to you. Your company building way about a 15 minute drive away from SM. Hitting some slight lunch traffic, Heechul arrived in 30 minutes and walked through the store doors. Everyone knew who he was due to being Kim Heechul himself. He was a regular customer which is how the two of you had met.

You had started your job here a year ago and Heechul was your first customer. You were nervous and scared not to mess up anything, that you had researched how he dressed and what styles he was interested in. When he walked into the store, his smile was the first thing that captured you while his charm followed. After six months of becoming good friends, he eventually asked you out which was a disaster due to the idol allowing his members to help with the occasion. But you found it cute and gave him another chance.

‘Ah Mr Kim,’ Yerim greeted, ‘What can we do for you?’

‘Call me Heechul, Yerim,’ He corrected, ‘And I am looking for Y/N, have you seen her?’

‘She was in the back room that last time I saw her, Heechul,’ The young lady smiled, ‘She was on a phone call,’ Yerim looked at her watch, ‘And it’s been a pretty long one, I thought she was talking to you.’

Clearly not, Heechul thought to himself before bowing, ‘Thank you.’

Walking towards the back of the shop, he opened a heavy door that was the entrance to the staff area. Closing the door, he walked through the section and heard out for your voice. Walking down a long narrow hallway, he passed a door that was slightly open and housing your voice. About to open it and scold you, he paused at the mention of his name.

‘I know I should tell Heechul,’ She spoke into the phone, ‘But not yet…..Soon, I promise…’ Heechul figured the gaps was you listening to the other person on the phone, ‘Yeah I have the bag with me,  I left it in the car…. okay I will see you all tonight at the normal location then. Bye.’

She is a drug dealer!?, Heechul’s mind went into overdrive just as he knocked the door open by mistake and giving you a surprise.

‘Heechul?’ She jumped slightly

‘Who were you on the phone with?’ He asked.

‘Oh,’ She looked at her phone, locking the screen, ‘Just a business call, nothing much. What are you doing here?’

‘Oh ummm I was gonna come get you for lunch. It is your lunch hour now, right?’

‘Ah ha.’

Grabbing your things, you both walked to his car after a ten minute debate on which car should be taken. After you won, both of you jumped into the vehicle. All you had was a salad with some salmon while he eat a full blown meal. Finishing off, you both went your separate ways. Night was coming into play as Heechul paced up and down his apartment with more and more suspicion grown in his mind. Grabbing his phone, he made a phone call.

‘Hello? Leeteuk answered.

‘MY GIRLFRIEND IS A DRUG DEALER!’ Heechul yelled into the phone, ‘I need you all here, now! Don’t ask questions, just come.’

Hanging up, Leetuek looked at the phone and grabbed the others before arriving, ‘Heechul?’

‘Y/N is involved in underground things!’ He panicked.

The feline male explained all that had happened today and the other slowly started to believe in what he was saying. Firstly they tried to calm him down before coming up with a rational plan to get the information that they needed to prove this new theory that he formulated. Sitting on the floor in a circle, they finally came up with something.

‘Why don’t we just ask her?’ Kyuhyun spoke up.

‘Like she would open up to such a simple and straightforward approach.’ Heechul huffed.

‘Let’s go to her place then, she does live a block away.’ Sungmin offered.

Realising that was true, they all grabbed their jackets and masks before taking to the street. It was starting to get dark as they stalked down the sidewalk liking like burglars. One would say they were a band of robbers rather then international group, Super Junior. Arriving at your apartment, they watched as they saw you walking out with a black bag over your shoulder and earphones in your ears. Eyeing you, they watched you get into your car and drive off down the street that was dimly lit by the street lamps that decorated the sidewalk.

‘Now what?’ Yesung huffed, looking at his members

‘Car, we need a car!’ Heechul hauled a taxi, ‘Get in!’

‘Where to boys?’ The elderly man asked.

‘Follow that car!’ Heechul instructed as the taxi man drove.

The car trailed you as you drove to the place that was to be your destination for the evening. Winding in and out of the roads, you all eventually arrived at the place. Heechul asked to be dropped off a few meters away from where you were currently. Paying the driver generously, they stood behind a bush and watched. You grabbed the black bag, locked the car and went into the building not noticing you dropped your phone on the way inside.

‘A gym?’ Shindong whispered, ‘Why are we at a gym?’

‘All drug lords work out, don’t you know that!’ Heechul sounded like a complete mad man at this point, be he noticed the phone fall, ‘Yah, her phone!’ Once you were inside the doors, he ran and picked up the phone, ‘It’s locked.’

‘And you don’t know the password?’ Kyuhyun asked with a raised brow, ‘What type of boyfriend are you?!’

‘We have been together for six months, how do you expect me to know this information!’ Heechul pointed out.

‘He has a point,’ Leeteuk added.

‘Well now what?’ Yesung asked.

‘We go in.’

Before they could protest against the psycho’s choice, he was already in the building. Scanning the gym, he asked the lady at the front desk if you had checked in. Finding out, she pointed Heechul and the others to a private gym. Removing theirs masks, they walked towards the room and held their ears to the door and heard groaning.

‘They beating people up!’ Yesung said in shock.

‘Shhhh.’ Heechul hushed as the groaning got louder and he stormed into the room, ‘YAHH…..’

Trailing off they all watched in amazement as you stood on a court, a volleyball court to be exact. Your ears had earplugs in that you didn’t hear the loud group of boys that rammed into your training session. Your other teammates heard nothing as well as the game resumed. Your body was covered in a thin layer of sweat as your hair was tied up in a high ponytail, exposing the curve of your neck. Your breathing was heavy as you bobbed on your feet waiting for the ball to come.

‘She is amazing ….’ Heechul marvelled.

The ball came your way and you launched up and stretched your body to have the best possible hit and pressure on the ball. The round object went flying over the net and a heated back and forth started. Your hair moved from side to side as you ran around the court, your clothing sticking slightly to your wet skin and the sound of your shoes on the gourd echoed. The ball was in your court as you spiked it over to only have it be hit out the court by the opposite team and into the group of boys who screamed like little girls and scattered.

‘Heechul?’ You asked, turning around ‘What are you doing here?’

‘Ohhhh ahhhhh we came to see you practice Jagiya.’ He had a grin on his face.

‘Don’t lie!’ Kyuhyun protested as he rubbed the spot on his head that had been hit by the ball, ‘Heechul thought you were selling drugs!’

‘Drugs?’ You repeated.

‘Well you see, the things is…’ He trailed off.

‘What have you done, Kim Heechul!?’ You crossed your arms, ‘Why did you think I am a drug dealer?’

‘Do you blame me!? You have been so secretive, like with your phone calls and disappearing in the evenings.’ Heechul stood up for himself, ‘Like  you had nothing but salad today and do you know I don’t even know your phone password?!’

‘First of all, I am not a drug dealer.’ You chuckled, ‘I am a volleyball player, I am training for the olympics in Tokyo and second, the salad was to get protein for the day and thirdly you don’t know the password because you never asked and I thought it was too early to know such things.’

‘V-volleyball player?’ Your boyfriend stuttered.

‘I train in the evening because of work in the day time, you pabo.’ You shook your head.

‘Why didn’t you tell me?’

‘I was embarrassed, since you don’t really like sports.’

‘Embarrassed?’ Heechul walked towards you and took your hands in his, ‘Why would you think that baby? Just because I am not much of a sports player doesn’t mean I don’t like it, matter of fact, I think it’s pretty hot. You were amazing out there on the court!’


‘Really, I have a pretty amazingly talented girlfriend if you ask me, ’ He pecked your lips, ‘You taste salty.’

‘That’s called sweat, you wouldn’t know what that is.’ You teased before running from his hold.


anonymous asked:

Ok so could I get a Kuroo imagine where I'm a new manager from whichever team you would like and we meet at a training camp and he is just smitten because she also plays volleyball (she is a manager because her school doesn't have girls volleyball team) so she's really tall (like 5'10) and can do jump serves so everyone is just like how?????? ( specially Kuroo lol)

I picked Aoba Johsai since they don’t have a manager, hopes that’s okay with you, Anon! They probably like to show her off when they go to training camps and I can even imagine them practicing with her on a regular basis!

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

It was the first time Kuroo had seen her at a training camp, his eyes just catching the sight of her stepping out of the Aoba Johsai van, hair tied back and a wide smile of her face. There was nothing stopping him from becoming instantly intrigued by her. Golden eyes followed the turquoise covered torso and those long legs that were concealed by white sweatpants as they rounded to the back where the teams gear was before noticing the captain and vice captain of the team directly behind her. Well, weren’t they lucky.

Already he could hear Taketora whining about their lack of pretty manager. And while so some extent he would agree, he suddenly couldn’t think of a better one that what Oikawa and his team had been blessed with. Though, he supposed being able to spend a week around her was about as good of a blessing as he was going to get on that end.

As the training week began, it wasn’t hard to spot her again, especially when she took her spot at the end of the court Aoba Johsai was practicing on. Kuroo’s brows furrowed in the slightest when she slapped the ball to the floor before taking it into her hands. It was enough to make him stop, the own ball he was originally focused on ignored as it connected with the floor. He was sure someone was complaining to him, but that didn’t matter for she  was moving again.

Her gaze was trained on the ball as she tossed it into the air, her body running forward just before she launched herself into the air where her arm swung around to make perfect contact with the ball, sending it flying over the net and straight into the back corner of the court. The gym was quiet for a long moment, all eyes on this manager who had stolen all of the air from Kuroo’s lungs - and he was sure a few others - as she straightened herself proudly. A wide smile pulled at her lips and Kuroo found himself reciprocating despite it not being directed at him.

“Damn,” he breathed, a new wave of interest arising for this manager that should be playing for her own team.

“She’s good,” Kenma commented from beside his friend. His gaze rose to the captain who was unable to look away from the girl who was now being tossed another ball to set into play.

Kuroo nodded in agreement, body itching to cross the space that separated them in that moment. He wasn’t sure what he was going to say, but he needed to be in her presence, needed to be noticed by her. “Yeah,” he paused a moment, watching as she delivered another flawless jump serve, “I wanna marry her.”

Out of Focus - Part 1(A Persona Series Fanfiction)

“Out of Focus” - Part 1: August 2014

Fandom: Persona

Genre: General

Characters: Mitsuru Kirijo, Wakaba Isshiki(mentioned), Fuuka Yamagishi(mentioned)

Summary: Mitsuru Kirijo was no stranger to compromises. She had lived her whole life with them, always shackled by rules. It was the reason she believed herself to be more than capable of dealing with them.

I jokingly announced this fanfic in a post before, under the mock-title “Frustration”. It is basically going to cover my theories on what the casts of previous Persona Games were doing before and during the events of P5. This is a non-betaread version of the first chapter, so excuse any typos. A better version will come eventually. 

Severe Spoilers for Persona 5.

Keep reading