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Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract| Choi Hansol/Vernon


With additional  Elemental!AU.

A/N: So this is what my post earlier was referring to. I hope you enjoy because I’m glad to be releasing this story after starting it over a year ago. I did change the prompt slightly so I hope this is okay!

Warning: Sexual content ahead.

The day was warm and sunny, just how you liked it. Summer was beginning and the evidence was all around you. The flowers sprouting in the beds just outside the academy building, the grass; bright green and bursting with life and the children; bored and sweaty inside a stuffy classroom.

You flicked your fingers against your palm, sparks flying where your nail scraped the skin. You rested your head on your free hand as you gazed at the front of the classroom. The lesson was probably important but you couldn’t concentrate. It wasn’t natural for a fire elemental to be kept inside when the weather was your own.  You were going stir crazy.

A note hit the back of your head lightly before floating onto your desk. You scowled and turned to see the culprit of the note. Your expression softened when you saw your boyfriend cheekily waving at you. He grinned and pointed at the note. You looked back down to it and smiled at the cute doodle on the front: a chibi girl with tiny flames flickering out of her outstretched hand.

‘Don’t worry. We’ll go out to the park after school <3’

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Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (part 2)

Breakfast Lunch

Yeah, you and Steve have been roommates for two years. And yeah, you consider him your best friend. But you know that Bucky was Steve’s friend first, and now that Bucky has moved in to the third bedroom, it’s about time that you accept being the third wheel.


Steve is out of town so you and Bucky hate fuck.

Part 2

author: buckysbackpackbuckle

pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

word count: 2385

warnings: AU, vaginal fingering, spanking, excessive cursing

Originally posted by itsawkwardfangirl

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y’all youriko enablers eSPECIALLY YOU @pasdechat 

i love it.  just some cute youriko with the prompt ‘You picking up Riko and finding out she’s ticklish’ from pasdechat because she gives the cutest prompts and i want to write it all.

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Summer 2017 Moodboard

I have a headache and this sinus medication won’t work and I don’t want to do physics

Peachy glossy lids
Rosewater smell everywhere
Conversations surrounded by humidifiers
Baking at aftaris
All friends Waking up at sehri
Planting flowers
Dewy grass barefeet
Sheep walking
Edith, Peggy, Billy, Aretha
Bright blush
Fruits and fruits
Filling up the journals
Films of every moment
Buying Pakistani clothes for sayla
White nailpolish
White blouses
Boy brow
Calls on calls on calls
Shooting with the revolver
Driving the jeep
Long car rides
Learning French and Arabic
Studying for SAT
Rafhan jelly
Kite flying
Nervous nail biting probably
Bumper cars
Biryani practice
Bottling kanzas scent (aka rabeeas)
Eating cheese puffs with the sheep
Cleaning sheep shit
Slipping white cleaning sheep shit
Holding each other