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Could you please do BTS reaction when their GF kick them in their crotch by accident ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


He’d look at you wide eyed before over dramatically falling to the floor. He’d act like you had purposely cow kicked him in the gut despite it being just a soft tap. He’d laugh your name as you bent over to try to help him, making you squeal as his arms wrapped around your waist to bring you down with him. He’d yell playfully asking if you thought it was funny.

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He rarely ever play fought with you, but when he did he would go all out, doing everything he could to pin you to the ground while the two of you giggled like children, but as you fought against his strength and slightly kicked out hitting him right in-between his legs he’d fall over, groaning while covering his face. It’d turn into a painful chuckle as you came up to him and placed your hand on his chest while apologizing for kicking him, trying not to laugh as he waved you off to tell you it was okay. 

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When you playfully kicked out from where you sat on the counter you honestly meant to get his rear end. But watching him turn into your kick only to nail himself against your foot you wouldn’t be able to jump off of the counter fast enough. You’d wrap his head into your chest as he groaned, holding onto your sides as he tried to shake off the pain, asking why over and over again. Even after the initial pain had worn off for him he’d still playfully yell at you for purposely kicking him, even though he knew it was an accident. 

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He’d be over dramatic when you went to move your feet across his lap, accidentally clipping his member with your heel. He’d cry louder and louder as you ignored him and the more you did the more flamboyant he would act about it, getting in your face and teasing you until you laughed and apologized to which he’d nod, kiss your cheek and go back to wear he was sitting so he could pull your legs over his lap again. 

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You were bracing yourself between the table and the counter, your feet hooked together and your legs swinging back and fourth. He wanted to sneak up behind your and tickle your waist to surprise you,but as your legs went flying back nailing him in the crotch all that went away. He’d grunt and turn, walking weirdly away as he tried to hide the tears in that had formed from the sudden impact, accepting your apologies as you rushed over to him. He’d smile through the pain, not wanting to show that you had actually really hurt him, but every chance he got while the stinging was still there he’d turn his head and breath hard to try and hide it. 

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As the two of you slowly woke up from a late night you wouldn’t even realize that by brining your knee up to help you stretch would result in hitting Taehyung right in his family jewels. He’d laugh while groaning, saying your name while clutching tightly to his member to try and stop the pain. He’d roll on his back, waving his hand at you till you hugged him and bring your face closer. ‘Y/n, kiss it make it better?’

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He would be the one to bend his knees and encourage you to hop on his back, but you would be the one who jumped to hard and wrung your legs around his waist with to much force, causing your heel to land right in his crotch. The two of you would go down, Jungkook groaning your name as you tried not to laugh at him. He’d ask you why you did that and plead for you never to do it again and even thought his body still was reacting to you kicking him he’d still try to stand up and fight through the pain to show that he wasn’t that much of a wuss.

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Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract| Choi Hansol/Vernon


With additionalย  Elemental!AU.

A/N: So this is what my post earlier was referring to. I hope you enjoy because Iโ€™m glad to be releasing this story after starting it over a year ago. I did change the prompt slightly so I hope this is okay!

Warning: Sexual content ahead.

The day was warm and sunny, just how you liked it. Summer was beginning and the evidence was all around you. The flowers sprouting in the beds just outside the academy building, the grass; bright green and bursting with life and the children; bored and sweaty inside a stuffy classroom.

You flicked your fingers against your palm, sparks flying where your nail scraped the skin. You rested your head on your free hand as you gazed at the front of the classroom. The lesson was probably important but you couldnโ€™t concentrate. It wasnโ€™t natural for a fire elemental to be kept inside when the weather was your own. ย You were going stir crazy.

A note hit the back of your head lightly before floating onto your desk. You scowled and turned to see the culprit of the note. Your expression softened when you saw your boyfriend cheekily waving at you. He grinned and pointed at the note. You looked back down to it and smiled at the cute doodle on the front: a chibi girl with tiny flames flickering out of her outstretched hand.

โ€˜Donโ€™t worry. Weโ€™ll go out to the park after school <3โ€™

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Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (part 2)

Breakfast Lunch

Yeah, you and Steve have been roommates for two years. And yeah, you consider him your best friend. But you know that Bucky was Steveโ€™s friend first, and now that Bucky has moved in to the third bedroom, itโ€™s about time that you accept being the third wheel.


Steve is out of town so you and Bucky hate fuck.

Part 2

author: sugardaddytony stark (formerlyย buckysbackpackbuckle)

pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

word count: 2385

warnings: AU, vaginal fingering, spanking, excessive cursing

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petal snowfall.

Summary:ย โ€œYou know,โ€ she whispers into the moonlight one evening in their shared room, โ€œI bet if you saw all the beauty I bring into the world, youโ€™d quit trying to cover it all in snow.โ€ /The god of winter falls for the goddess of spring.

Authorโ€™s Note: An AU with lots of world-building, so not really a skimming read โ€ฆ not to be confused with a Hades and Persephone retelling fic, though it may seem like it. Inspired by Mitsuhideโ€™s story in the Late Night Seduction gacha. :) Iโ€™ll do my best to get it uploaded to ao3 asap! Special thanks to a special bud, @kujotaiqa, for the awesome insp. for this story. :)

Pairings: Akechi Mitsuhide/MC

Genre: Romance, friendship, AU, slight angst

Rating: K+

Word Count: 4,000+

Read Time:ย 15+ minutes

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