fly my kite



This short, One By One, was created by some of the creators from The Lion King as well as composed by Lebo M (the man that we can thank for the African chants that occurred throughout The Lion King).  It was originally going to be part of the many other shorts for Fantasia 2000, but sadly got scrapped.  You can find the short in the special edition DVD of The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride

Flying high (open rp starter)

*Stain woke up and walked outside to find a windy day outside* This is the perfect day for kite flying! I’ve always wanted to try! *He ran inside to get his kite he had bought just recently* I think I’ll go to the park to fly my kite! *He ran to the park and found a good place to start* perfect! *He threw his kite to try and fly it but it just ended up flopping on to the ground* maybe if I throw it harder…. *Suddenly the wind caught the kite as stain grabbed it and pulled it up off the ground* woah! *The spool of string got caught in the branches of a tree as the kite and stain flew even higher* help, help! *Stain clung to the kite as it flew twenty feet in the air*

have a fancy self portrait painted
learn and use a language
skinny dipping
get a loft
run away with a rucksack
tell my parents i love them
send a message in a bottle
speak my mind
learn to ballroom dance properly
be classy
be the boss
ride trans-Siberian express across asia
write a book
be somebody’s mentor
shower in a waterfall
learn an instrument
create personal mission statement
see a universal event (solar eclipse, northern lights, comets, etc.)
spend new years exotically
experience weightlessness
be passionate
be poetic
simply love
be spontaneous
date a classy girl
drive cost to cost america
sleep under the stars
go to south america carnival!
learn to juggle
love my job
learn to bar tend
spend my birthday off the gridd
donate money anonymously
get in great shape
help the homeless
be myself and accept it.
scuba dive
give a speech
visit holy/spiritual spots
visit concentration camps
make a family tree
golf majestically
run a marathon
have a child
wear leather
be zen
meditate with the monks
switch up professions
hike the inca trail
travel a far distance by horseback
climb a mountain
get better at chess
do good things expect nothing back
start a business
travel a passionate life, not a rich one
get into a bar fight
befriend a stranger
buy strangers drinks
dance barefoot in the rain
run and be free
sunrise/set on a beach
see northern lights
switch up my style
learn to appreciate wine
learn social etiquette
further education
dance alot
learn martial arts
learn to fence
road trip
go backpacking
build my home
fly a kite
be a vegan for a month
fold 1000 origami cranes and give them to children in hospitals
conquer biggest fear
meditation retreat
out of body experience
start a movement
fix the things ive done wrong
get closure
hit bulls eye on a dart board
fly a helicopter
start parkour again
visit a castle
make the wold a better place anyway i can
gain a little enlightenment
dont be hesitant to do kind things
learn to paint
go to burning man
adopt a dog
visit all 7 continents
“heavenly stairs”
—  one of my best friends wrote a bucket list totally stoned

“That equipment for your kite looks somewhat special.”
“I’ve used the same kite for the past 20 years. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. When I was living in my daughter’s home in Beijing after fleeing North Korea, I used this kite for the first time. As a refugee, I had nothing to do when my daughter would leave home for work, so I learned how to fly a kite. Because my younger sister and brother live in Seoul, I’ve come here as well. I’ll die here and be buried with this kite.“

"연 날리는 장비가 뭔가 특별한데요?”
“20년 전부터 쓰던 건데, 난 이거 안 팔아. 북에서 나와 북경의 딸 집에 있을 때부터 쓰던 거야. 타지 생활이다보니 딸이 나가면 할 일이 없어 연을 배우게 됐어. 서울에 여동생하고 남동생이 있어서 왔는데, 앞으로 이 연과 같이 늙어 죽을꺼야.”

If the Quincy attacked the shinigami...using kites

As requested by shuuheihisagay. :)

Do you guys remember that New Years-themed filler episode in which the shinigami were supposed to have a pleasant little kite-flying day only it turned into a giant kite battle that culminated in Ikkaku and Soi Fon attacking each other while strapped to kites? No? Well, that’s too bad, because in this list, we’re going to imagine something vaguely like that. Only the shinigami are *actually* having a nice, pleasant, kite-flying afternoon….when suddenly the Quincy attack. Using kites. What sort of kite attack would each Quincy use?

1. Bazz-B: Has a kite shaped like a middle finger

The finger is sharpened. He uses it to poke holes in other kites. Starting with Renji.

Bazz-B: Ha ha! One kite-finger is all it takes!


2. Mask de Masculine: Has a kite shaped like his own mask

And yet when he drives it directly through Rose’s kite, the shape of the hole is a star. Which is weird.

Mask: Ah, nostalgia.

Rose: ….shut it.

3. Candice: Has a fairly normal-shaped kite, only with razor-sharp edges and lightning bolts painted on the sides.

She uses it to attack Ichigo’s kite. Just, immediately.






4. Askin: Has a kite shaped like the letter “D”

Which he then flies temptingly close to various shinigami kites.

Askin: Come on, somebody attack me!

Askin: I’ve been waiting all day to say “somebody wants the D”!

Kurotsuchi: And that’s why we aren’t.

5. As Nodt: Has a kite shaped like a cherry blossom

Byakuya attacks it immediately.

Byakuya: Senbonzakura is mine. Stop it.

As Nodt: Hey. Don’t be afraid just because my kite is so sweet.

6. Meninas: Has a kite shaped like a fist

She takes out like 9 shinigami kites. Without seeming to mean to.

Meninas: So you guys aren’t very strong, huh?

7. Yhwach: Has a kite patched together out of pieces of other kites

Including the kites destroying during the fight. It’s not clear how.

Yhwach: Kites are worthless if they don’t make people feel bad.

8. Ishida: Has a kite shaped like Orihime’s hairclip

It’s not very aerodynamic, but somehow he makes it work.

Orihime: I-Ishida, are you trying to send me a message about how your betrayal isn’t real?


Ishdia: N-no of course not!

9. Giselle: Flies Bambietta

Who is strapped to the kite.


Giselle: Shhhhh, you’re a kite now!

10. Gremmy: Has the world’s biggest kite

He temporarily ruins the day for everybody else.

Gremmy: Ha ha, yes! Nobody can imagine a kite bigger than mine!

Kenpachi: Oops, sorry. Did I bump yours?

Kenpachi: I think I accidentally knocked it out of the sky or something.

Gremmy: BUT HOW

11. Gerard: Has a kite shaped like a hammer

I assume? 

Gerard: And nobody but me can fly my hammer-kite!

Yhwach: I suddenly can’t figure out why I brought you.

12. PePe: Has a heart-shaped kite

Of course.

PePe: Not “of course”!

PePe: I very strongly considered a naked baby kite!

PePe: But I didn’t want everyone to be TOO overcome with love for me and my kite!

Liltotto: …don’t make me eat your kite, dude.

13. Haschwalth: Has a kite shaped like his own face

Bazz-B made it for him.

Haschwalth: And yes it is just as embarrassing as you think it would be.

Bazz-B: Super cool kite, dude!!

14. Nianzol: Has a kite shaped like his double-tongue

It never actually strikes another kite.

Nianzol: I’m really better at avoidance. 

15. Cang Du: Has a kite made out of iron

It doesn’t actually fly.

Cang Du:

Cang Du: Iron why do you betray me?

Cang Du: Why again?

Haschwalth: Dude you have a problem.