fly my kite

FvceValue: Kites

Some days I feel as if I were flying as a kite
My string holding me down but wings in flight
I see no frightening terror from up above just the currents of gravity taking course.
A dove flys by symbolically Ironically
I may not follow.
I myself have so much wind under me pushing me towards destiny or maybe paradise.
A pit of hell and fire or maybe ice.
I do not know what lies lay ahead just
My eyes patiently waiting for red.
For my moment my chance my goals aches depressions feats anxieties melt into melancholy and make me whole.
The dove is it free?
Does it have love for the earth or does it just roam carelessly.
Does it understand love?
My string makes me whole it gives me connection.
Connection the one thing I lack more than anything. Connection with reality connection with the past, the present.
Yesterday I realized I had dark circles under my eyes.
I know it’s cute.
They’re real.
Someone who abuses and uses earned these wings I wear so proudly on my face. I’m in utter disgust with my humanity, I lost the path and got left behind ,but for to be left behind is to be left unnoticed. Forests catch flames from single sparks, Imagine what a flame would spark in a place only full of dead dry people and earth. I have vision I have power Not to be mistaken as insanity but to be interpreted into greatness. I Will soon be a great man.


Once in a blue moon there’s a blue sky.
I wear my blue jeans and fly my blue kite.
Hangs like a bluebird until the wind dies
and then the tears pour out of my blue eyes.
If it’s your birthday, we’ll bake a blue cake
and then we’ll eat it off these blue plates.
‘cause kid I don’t know much about you,
but I like you because you’re true blue.
Yeah, I don’t know much about you,
but I like you 'cause you’re true blue.
7 months 💙🌹

Come back home, I need your love
Coming back home
I need you, love
Easy as peas in a pod
Whether it’s close or lost
Closer would be better
And as it is both peace and chaos that make me write
It’s both of them that make me fly my kite
Because you’ve got them both
They’re you
Because I’ve never been blessed more than for your excuse
It’s the blessing that’s missing
It’s a reason to swear
To god if he does exist, that I genuinely don’t care
I don’t care what they say
Because I’ll love you no matter the place, the way, the nightmare
It is not a nightmare but it’s that endless stare
That makes me feel like I couldn’t compare
Any other love to the one of you
And still I don’t want to say you make wishes come true
Nor dreams, for that matter
Because with you I care
About million things that i didn’t see right there
Like I’ve got no eyes except for yours
And I’ve tried but got tricked that once more
You’re the bed the linen the white noise the glare
As well as the sex the guts the nose the clothes we wear
And I know no commas
I’ll knit them if I need them
The magic in your mind is so familiar I’m scared.
Cause I can dream about you and I know you would know
How I live to love you so
I survive on nibbles of a great big love
That can cross mountains rivers seas and shores
For you are my sea my anchor my sailor my sail
The sky that points the finger at the map, and the way
The sky crying and the sky at peace
The sand the clouds this whole beach
This air I’m breathing
The other air is stale
Please let me weight you on my scale
And I cannot measure I cannot get a close number I cannot count I swear
I swear
To forgiveness of my mistakes
The one I didn’t commit to they ones that I knew I’d make
In my life, before you
You better be aware
That nothing existed it was year zero
That’s when my life started and Jesus was there
Maybe blessing or looking at us on that bench
I’m sorry there’s none in this side of the stairs
We go northern but it’s to you I go back
It’s stuck my heart and my hair is all soaked wet
Cause you are the rain and every time that bench is in my heart, right there.
—  Beth Kay


“That equipment for your kite looks somewhat special.”
“I’ve used the same kite for the past 20 years. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. When I was living in my daughter’s home in Beijing after fleeing North Korea, I used this kite for the first time. As a refugee, I had nothing to do when my daughter would leave home for work, so I learned how to fly a kite. Because my younger sister and brother live in Seoul, I’ve come here as well. I’ll die here and be buried with this kite.“

"연 날리는 장비가 뭔가 특별한데요?”
“20년 전부터 쓰던 건데, 난 이거 안 팔아. 북에서 나와 북경의 딸 집에 있을 때부터 쓰던 거야. 타지 생활이다보니 딸이 나가면 할 일이 없어 연을 배우게 됐어. 서울에 여동생하고 남동생이 있어서 왔는데, 앞으로 이 연과 같이 늙어 죽을꺼야.”


This short, One By One, was created by some of the creators from The Lion King as well as composed by Lebo M (the man that we can thank for the African chants that occurred throughout The Lion King).  It was originally going to be part of the many other shorts for Fantasia 2000, but sadly got scrapped.  You can find the short in the special edition DVD of The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride