fly mutations

This leucistic eagle was spotted on January 6th, 2013 nearby Bellingham, Washington. Leucism is a mutation in DNA that causes it to be unable to create pigment in parts of its body, thus resulting in animals with white splotches of fur, feather and even skin. However, this eagle may have some problems in its life. Because the leucism causes the feathers to look much like a molting teenage eagle, other mature eagles may think that it is not matured and thus, it will not mate. The way that this eagle was able to be identified as an adult is the telltale yellow beak, golden eyes and all white head. 

you find me living in a shallow cave, eating everything bagels in my padded underwear. each day i wake up and scavenge through the debris of bombed out dunkin donuts for whatever i can find, fighting off giant mutated venus fly traps and burning the evidence