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warning: smut

word count: 2000+

summary: Ashton cheats on you and you forgive him, months after you still aren’t able to have sex with him until one day you finally give him and help him.

requested?: yes, I hope you like it Anon :) I don’t even know why but this was actually so hard to write so that’s why it took a little while longer for me to upload something. Don’t forget requests are open and I respond to all ❤😉


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Consider Marinette and her influence on Chloé as Ladybug:

I think it would be interesting if, as Ladybug, Marinette realizes that Chloé idolizes her, and uses that to try to change her more negative qualities for the better. I think it would be an awesome way to bring about her “redemption” that fits well within the canon.

And when I say redemption I hope ya’ll don’t think I want this girl to become sugary sweet because to me that’s gross ew. Chloé functions perfectly personality-wise at her core, especially in relation to the story and other characters around her. She’s very mean and a downright bully and that’s not okay, but she’s assertive and carriers herself with confidence in a way that I think we can all get behind to an extent; she’s honest and goes after what she wants. Her love for Ladybug also saves her from being the overly trope-y popular girl archetype, and for that I’m grateful. It’s the most important fact to remember about her, in my opinion. It’s crucial. Alongside her friendship with Sabrina because that is HELLA important. It SEEMS exploitative at first, but if you think about it, it’s honestly beneficial to them both. Chloé is who she is; she THINKS everyone loves her, but honestly she doesn’t force anyone to be her friend. You don’t see her really making anyone hang out with her or threatening people to follow her around. As the mayor’s daughter she could honestly pull of some messed up shit if she wanted to. Sabrina stays by Chlo’s side because she wants to be there; she likes to feel needed. And Chloé likes to feel pampered, so it works for them. It might not be the best of friendships in YOUR eyes, but you have to admit it’s functional, consensual, and neither of them are complaining, so why should we?

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SO BACK TO CHLOE’S “REDEMPTION”. I feel like if someone idolizes LB, they can’t be all bad. Ladybug is pretty yes, and cool, and I’m sure people love her for that as well, but she’s unwavering in her kindness and consideration for others above everything else. You can’t adore her and not care about that; it’s the core of what she represents for Paris. I want to see the origins of Chloé’s love for Ladybug for her POV so bad. My guess is it started when LB saved her from Papillon, but I want to know her THOUGHTS on Ladybug in that moment and all the moments afterward. Because I know she sees something in LB that she wishes she had, that’s what admiration is all about. She isn’t just a fan, Chloé seriously respects Ladybug and wants to BE her. She literally LARPs and cosplays as this girl in her free time in PRIVATE. That’s not something you do just because you want a selfie with Paris’s hero for your own reputation. 

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So that got me thinking: What if Marinette used this as a positive thing, instead of being super annoyed at Chloé and her clinginess while she’s transformed? Of course it makes for great comedic irony at this stage in the story, but as it develops I can definitely see an opportunity for Marinette to teach Chloé some life lessons via her idol. When she upset Chloé in Antibug, she apologized and Chlo was just like “Oh! Okay well I forgive you!” UM hello?! That’s AMAZING. Most people don’t just bounce back from being insulted/offended like that. Especially by the person they idolize. But with Chloé all of the resentment just disappeared with a simple apology. 

Like honestly, that’s an amazing character trait to have. I actually really admire that. She’s extremely receptive to anything LB says, and that’s something Mari should notice and respond to I think. She’s absolutely stubborn with everyone else, but with Ladybug she’s completely open. It’s the perfect opportunity to fix things. Its easy to hate someone, especially when they’ve hurt you, but it’s really hard to forgive. And Mari is definitely a person who is quick to paint others as the “wrong” party (Lila, Chloe when she tried to help, Adrien when he was picking the gum off of her seat etc) 

I mean even it we wanted to be super clinical about it, at the end of the day it’s beneficial to defuse Chloe’s mean streak in order to prevent more akuma, lol. We all know Chlo causes quite a few of them, so Marinette should at least talk with the girl more, if only to make her workload a little more manageable. Hang out with her a bit, try to nudge her into good social habits that aren’t so condescending and mean-spirited. This is me considering it just from Mari’s perspective, because I don’t think she’s warmed to Chlo enough yet to suffer through this for purely selfless reasons. Years of bullying are hard to just “forgive” for the sake of compassion. 

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But truth be told, I want it to come from a positive place. I’m sure Chloé has her demons, and whatever they are, insulting and bullying others helps her feel better somehow. If as Ladybug, Marinette could offer some support here and there, some advice, some guidance, perhaps a stern scolding as well, I think it would make a huge difference not just in her and Chloe’s lives, but the lives of their classmates. And hey perhaps Marinette could learn a thing or two from Chloé as well. 

I think deep down, even though Chloé’s invasion of Adrien’s personal space is icky and not okay to do, Marinette wishes she had a BIT of that kind of confidence to approach Adrien and make it known how she feels. If it’s one thing Chloe isn’t, it’s shy. I think part of her dislike of Chloe comes from the fact that she does so easily what Marinette cannot seem to do without tripping and stuttering and embarrassing herself. Just like how Chloe’s dislike of Marinette is most definitely stemmed from how well-liked she is; how despite her flaws everyone loves her for HER, not anything like money or fame. 

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My favorite thing is this: picture Mari as LB confiding in Chloé about her crush (oh man if she knew it was Adrien I wonder what she’d do hahaha) and Chlo cheering her on like: 

CB: “OMG girl you’re freaking LADYBUG, you just gotta go up to him and sweep him off his feet. Just be like “Hey there handsome, it’s me, the savior of Paris, wanna fly into the sunset on my awesome yo-yo?” (ahh yes the Ladrien)

LB: Pfft! Oh my gosh no WAY can I do that. I have to keep my identity a secret Chloe! And I am NOT going to use my hero status to pick up guys! -_- 

CB: Ugh, why not?! You already save Paris like, all the time anyway, do something for yourself for once! Use them perks girl! 

LB: I’m so awkward around him though…and he doesn’t even notice me in my civilian form…

CB: Ew! Forget that loser then. You’re Ladybug, you’re super pretty and you rock no matter what. Trust me, there’s this annoying girl at school named Marinette Dupain-Cheng who is BEYOND embarrassingly awkward, and tons of guys still like her, so that’s no excuse! 

LB: *coughs loudly* W-what?

CB: Anyway, this is tré tragique, if you can’t get the guy, where’s the hope for the rest of us? What’s his name? I’m going to stalk him on social media to see if he’s even WORTHY of you. Want me to catphish him for you? I can totally-

LB: NO! God, Chloé do not use your status to mess with people anymore. Please. He’s allowed not to like me back, it’s not a crime! I’m just a huge coward that’s all…but thanks for sticking up for me. I wish I had that confidence…

CB: “Hmm well! You just need some girl power. Selfie sessions always do the trick. Now gimme the fiercest look you got girl! This filter loves you!” 

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And a few days later, when Chloe gave Alya the selfies for her to put on the Ladyblog so everyone would know she and LB were super close BFFS, Adrien Agreste definitely dID NOT download multiple pics of Ladybug by herself with the flower crown filter on. Nope nope nope 

Right? Eh? Eh?? :D Can you dig it or can you dig it? Hahaha. I’m back at it again with the Great Wall of Text™ folks I know, apologies but this had to be said! I think Chloe and LB could be friends, and maybe even Mari and Chlo can settle differences in a big way. Not besties but, yeah. Definitely cool with each other. Like respect at least. Okay I’ve poured my feels out on this for long enough for now ahem. I need to get some breakfast. And also a life. LOL 

We have a long way to go to being the perfect couple, we certainly don’t live the fairy tale marriage, he doesn’t shower me with rose petals and fly me to Paris on weekends but when I get my hair cut, he notices. When I dress up to go out at night, he compliments me. When I cry, he wipes my tears. When I feel lonely, he makes me feel loved. And who needs Paris, when you can get a hug?

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Hi! This may be too personal, and feel free not to respond to this, but I wanted to reach out re: your commentary on the deportations post. May I ask why you were asked not to return, if you had the valid right to remain in the UK? I'm a bit scared of what's happening at the moment and want to learn as much as I can.

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay in response. It’s still a difficult subject for me.

I went to the University of Glasgow, and taught there following my graduation. I am a Scottish historian and folklorist, so those are the subjects I teach. My partner and I started a theatre company, which turned into a film company (you can see some of the posts today regarding what we have produced). During this time, I had been on a student visa, then a post-study work visa (which was scrapped, along with the Fresh Talent Initiative). I returned for some time on a tourist visa as I was teaching European history in Korea for a while. Then my partner and I decided to live in Ireland because the law (UK citizen must make  over £18,600 per year on their own to sponsor a partner or spouse, so marriage is irrelevant) had changed, and we were no longer able to live there together because he didn’t make enough money. Since he is still attending university, he does not make enough even now - and the likelihood of getting a job that pays that amount in Scotland is difficult whether or not you are going to school.

When we were in Ireland, we found out about the Surinder Singh route. The UK citizen lives with their partner for several months in another EU country, thereby becoming an ‘EU citizen’ (which they already were), and then bringing their partner back. We applied for a family permit and were rejected. He had to attend university and I ended up back in the US. While in the US, I was told that I could apply from any country so I reapplied. I was then granted a family permit by the UK embassy in New York City.

Upon returning to the country, you must send this permit to the same place where you apply for the family permit so you can get your five-year residence card. These are supposed to be automatically supplied to people with family permits, for obvious reasons (that is, because you are the family member of a UK citizen). My partner and I have now been together for 7 years, own a house and a business in Glasgow, and all of this is easily documented online because we are in the film industry and therefore have a social media presence. Regardless, they wanted more proof, and a 200 page detailed document of everything we could think of (photos, Facebook conversations, and so on) were sent to the facility. It was one of the most invasive, nosy experiences of my life.

I received the letter. My residence card had been rejected - even though I had the family permit and had sent them what amounted to my entire life story along with my partner’s. 

So I had to send in an appeal. They sent me a letter stating that they had received this appeal application. Around this time I was accepted to attend Cannes as a director - you can’t just go there, you have to apply and be accepted. I wanted to promote and hopefully sell our film, Burns Night, as well as represent Scotland at the world’s most prestigious film festival. I called the Border Agency and asked if this would be all right as it was only 10 days. They said it would be fine, but to keep all my paperwork with me. 

I went to Cannes. It was wonderful. I returned very late at night as the flight was delayed due to the strikes in France. I went up to the immigration officer and was immediately detained, regardless of the paperwork I was carrying. I was grilled in a back office for many, many hours; I talked about Scotland, what it means to me, and about what I do for a living. The man there said he wasn’t going to make any decisions that night, because it was late, and he’d let me go into Edinburgh and come back in the morning. He told me to make sure I returned that day because he would be working the following night. He was from Glasgow, and seemed to have a positive reaction to the situation.

My partner met me in Edinburgh, and they asked him to go and get the 200 page document that was sent for my residence card. So he went back to Glasgow to retrieve it. I returned to the airport to discover the man I’d met the night before had called in sick. I was taken back into another room by a woman this time, and was grilled again. This lasted for several hours. Then they left me alone in a room with a camera, for a few more hours. On the table was a book about the detention centre, and that’s when I finally cried, I think. 

She came back in and told me since there was ‘nothing in my passport’ proving that I could stay, despite the fact that: 1. I had a family permit and should have already been granted a residence card, 2. I had a 200 page document about my relationship, my work for the last 7 years (most of which is about Scotland or involved my getting plays and shows into Glasgow for the first time ever, or as world firsts), and 3. I had the paperwork regarding my appeal with me, and the BA said it would be fine to go to Cannes for ten days…

They said I had one week to leave the country. Then they guilted me about going to Cannes vs something ‘more important, like a funeral’, and also that I cried. I called my partner, who was waiting in another part of the airport, and said ‘They aren’t going to let me stay’. He started to cry and say ‘but I gave them everything they wanted. I gave them everything they wanted’ again and again.

I couldn’t go anywhere else during that week, just stay at the house, which was unfortunate because my show was a special guest at London Comic Con that week and it would have been my first convention appearance, although the cast/crew had represented the show at several others.

So I sat in our house and waited to leave. The cast and crew came to visit me, and I called immigration lawyers, friends who work with immigrants and refugees, etc. all of whom told me there was nothing they could do because the situation in the UK was not great for immigrants anyway. I personally know several couples who have had this experience, where the non-EU citizen is living in another country from their partner because of these laws. 

At the end of the week, I went back to the airport. They were deporting me to France, not the US, because that’s where I had come from. They also informed me they ‘had no way of knowing if the French would put me into a detention camp’ but were sending me there anyway. I had decided to fly to Paris instead of Cannes because I had a friend there and purchased my own ticket, even though they bought one for me (I don’t know anyone in Cannes). Then I ran into more trouble because my passport needed to be renewed and you can’t get on a plane to France if you have less than three months on the passport - which, of course, I’d planned to renew in Glasgow as I wasn’t going to be travelling for some time because I wanted to wait for the residence card.

Eventually they forced one of the airlines to take me to France. I received letters from a European legal advice firm stating that the deportation was illegal. The EU Commission wrote and said that it wasn’t exactly illegal…sort of…but was highly unusual, along with the entire situation. I was also told that when waiting for a residence card appeal decision, which you cannot ask them about at all - you just have to wait - you may be waiting for up to 2 years without an answer, during which you apparently cannot work or travel. 

I still have not heard from the residence card appeals people. After France, I went back to the US. Then Brexit happened, which further complicates not only my situation but that of EU citizens in the country. My friend in France just told me that one of his friends, a German national living in the UK, received a letter that their residence card was also rejected - even though that person had also been living there for many years. The two actresses I work with who are Swedish have both gone back to Sweden. Two Scottish MPs have written me, horrified about the situation, but their hands are tied because Scotland is still a part of the UK and was dragged out of the EU against the will of the nation. My sound tech just informed me that her friend, who is from Ghana and whose partner is from the UK, has almost been forcibly deported several times even though they too have the right to be in the country. One of my university supervisors, who is Canadian, was woken in the middle of the night, the police demanding his papers. An Australian woman who owned two houses in Scotland was also deported. 

If you want to see more on the topic of UK/non-EU couples, you can watch a short documentary online at The troubles of the non-EU citizens living in the UK are now becoming the problems of EU citizens too. The anti-immigration rhetoric there, which was nonexistent when I first moved to the UK, has reached a fever pitch. You only need to see the tabloids in every corner shop to see that, along with abuse and physical violence.

Right now, given my experiences, and those of my friends, I would advise anyone interested in going to the UK to choose another part of Europe instead. I love Scotland with all my heart, but until independence happens or things change, I would not wish this heartbreak on my worst enemies.

I remain in exile. I hope for Scottish independence so that I - and so many others - can safely return, and new immigrants can find a home where I have had so many happy memories.

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It's nice to know he took the train to Paris instead of flying. Show me another mega superstar like him or even less famous than him that would do the same. None. Most of the celebrities would fly first class or take a jet these days but not Harry... he's so humble.

Other popular celebrities would have flown first-class with BA with champagne and comfy seats with plenty of foot room in front of them whilst being waited on hand and foot. Catching the train to Europe probably wouldn’t have ever crossed their minds because planes are so high-end, haha. He doesn’t let his fame get in the way of travelling how he wants to travel.

Harry’s also got a jet but it’s so adorable and humble and lovely to know that he caught the train, through the channel tunnel, to Paris. He did the same with Dunkirk when he had to film for the movie, too.

It’s so sweet. xx

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theres this song by this band called The Paper Kites and its called A Silent Cause. the lyrics remind me so much of something harry would do with his girlfriend - w-onderlandd


He knew you were leaving, but he didn’t want to admit it to himself yet.

You had been in his life since the two of you were children; best friends since you were old enough to walk and inseparable throughout your years at school. Both of you had grown up with big dreams of doing big things, and Harry knew that you were starting to get antsy to accomplish them. His success with the band had not gone unnoticed by you; you were more than happy for him and the fact that he was living his dream, but he knew that you wanted to feel that way too. Every time he came home and visited you, he could see the glimmer of jealousy and pain in your eyes because you were still stuck in your home town and he was off exploring grand places and singing for thousands of people.

He hadn’t fallen in love with you until after he became famous. He wasn’t sure exactly what had prompted it; growing up, being friends with you had been easy. Maybe it was that first time he came to see you after being on tour for six months, and seeing you running toward him with your arms out to give him a hug made him feel like he was finally home again. You were a comfort to him; a familiarity; a constant. The more he went away, the more he wanted to come back to you.

When he finally had some time away from the band and his other responsibilities, Harry was looking forward to coming home and spending some much needed time with you. His feelings had grown exponentially over the last few years but he hadn’t acted on them because he was never around. Now, he had an undetermined amount of him off to just be normal again; to the be the Harry that you had grown up with and enjoyed hanging out with. This would be the perfect time to tell you how he felt and then you would take it one day at a time.

What he wasn’t anticipating, was the news that you sprung on him almost instantly because you were just so excited and couldn’t wait any longer.

“I got a job!” You screeched, wrapping your arms around him and giving him a giant squeeze. “They want me to work under one of the biggest designers in New York, can you believe it?”

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“There are moments when humankind shocks me. I was supposed to fly to Paris on November 14. I’d already packed my bag when I saw the news about the terrorist attacks. It’s unimaginable to me how someone could get to a point where they want to kill as many people as possible. But overall, I look positively to the future. It’s part of our nature to look ahead and find solutions to our problems. Because this life is the only one we’ve got.” - Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for Red Bulletin (April 2016)

These are almost all editions in my Orwell collection! I have one more that isn’t included, though, which is Decline of the English Murder in the Penguin Great Ideas series. Since I’m about to write a term paper about this British writer, the picture above is also a sort of currently-reading/to-read pile for me :)