fly me from the moon

Everything is alright (tweethearts. Lin x reader)

{A/N: you thought you were safe….that these would be cute and fluff…no sir! I want your tears! The feed me… i wrote this while listening to ‘everythings alright’ from the fly me to the moon soundtrack listen to it if you wanna cry while reading this…tagging those who’s tears i need to fuel me…
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Doctor visits….💉💊😕
*photo of you sitting on a hospital bed, IV in arm, smiling at lin*

Bad news…..chemo starts next week…

*next week*
Shes stronger then anyone i know….
*photo of you smiling while you have treatment, holding a thumbs up*

My mom is amazing, she is our anchor through this
*photo of you with lins mom, her hand rubbing your back, head on yours*

Damn she looks beautiful…hair or not! 🔥🔥🔥🔥💃💃😘😘😘
*photo of you in the bathroom door frame, no hair smiling*

Sleepy…sleepy sleep
*photo of you asleep on lins lap at the hospital*

So…emergency trip to the hospital…twitter is keeping me from pacing a hole in the floor…

She woke up…bloody nose….like a lot of blood…puking….it was bad…

My life…shes all i need….
*photo of lin holding your hand, IV sticking out,*

*one month later*
So…i’ve been away from you guys…loss needs time to heal…

She was my life…my world….and shes gone…
*photo of your grave stone,*

Through tears…she made this for me…god….i love her
*video of you singing 'everything’s alright’ on your hospital bed*

Until we meet again….wait for me….on the moon….
*photo of you and lin, in front of a background of stars and woods*

your daughter calls me daddy part 2

“Ditto. I love the absolute fuck out of ya. Come here.” He snuggles you closer. He hums Sinatra into your hair to help you fall asleep.

You woke up to calm silence, something that didn’t happen often on Christmas. You see Brendon asleep next to you, and you were quite possibly the only one awake. You climb out of bed, waking Brendon.

Groggily, he says, “Hey, babe.” You smile.

“Merry Christmas, Brendon.” He shoots up.

“It’s Christmas?” He asks.

“Mmhm, babe. Come on, get up.”

This was your fourth Christmas together, and it did sound weird when you thought about it, four years and he still hadn’t met your parents? Your parents loved Brendon from what you saw, you thought that they had made a good relationship in the last twenty-four hours. He got up, following you, as you walked out and he sat on your old couch. This couch had been through it all, every sick day, every laugh attack, everything. You sat down on him, cuddling into his chest. You pulled the soft blue blanket over the two of you and you didn’t say much, just cuddled for a while. Your mom walked out of her room, seeing the two of you, and grabbed your dad. The both of them said their respective good mornings and sat down on the couch. You started to hand out presents, and you kept all of yours in the tan chair, just like you always did as a kid.  There’s this small tiny one, smaller than, let’s say a rubik’s cube, and it’s very compelling.

“Go ahead, open everything up, Y/N, we will after you.” Your mother says.

You politely turn the offer around, “No, you can go first, I’m alright with going after.”

She accepts and opens her presents. A necklace, a record player from the 60’s and a few records, Frank Sinatra, Buddy Holly, all her favorites. You and Brendon gave the record player and the records, she always loved the sound much better than anything else, even better than a live show. Once she was done, you opened your presents, a Squier from Dad, he knew how much you loved them, a bracelet from Mom, that has “Fly me to the moon, then I’ll be able to show you how much I love you.” hand stamped in metal, and you had two presents from Brendon, the smaller-than-a-rubik’s-cube one, and the thin one.

“Brendon… you didn’t” You couldn’t stop smiling as you opened the thin one. It was a print out of a house. There was no way.

“I did.” He says, and he can’t stop smiling.

“Oh, but I didn’t get you a house!” You punch him in the arm softly. Your eyes are watering.

“That’s perfectly fine with me. What you got me is completely enough.” You had gotten him a new drum set and a set of guitars, a bass, an acoustic, and an electric.

“It sure doesn’t feel like it.” You laugh, and he does too.

“Open that one.” He points to the rubik’s cube sized one. You do exactly that, seeing it’s a fuzzy box. You open it. It’s a ring.

“Do you wanna marry me?” Brendon asks you, obviously nervous.

You’re crying and you can’t even tell.

“Of course, Brendon, of course!”

He sighed. “Thank god, I thought you might have said no.”

“How could I?” You smile, not even noticing your parents filming.

“Brendon… a house and this? How did you?”

“I just did. I love you, Y/N.”

At breakfast, you had cinnamon pull apart bread, and then you had today only to go around your hometown, basking in all of it’s gloried strip malls and the city, with all its skyscrapers and art. You had stopped at Homer’s for some ice cream and a burger for lunch, then went ice skating at the ice rink. You were driving downtown to get to the world’s best view, Navy Pier. You truly loved Brendon. You were wearing a dress, and it was Brendon’s favorite. Red, with a black lace top half. You were driving, you knew this town, so much better. He placed his hand on your upper thigh, needing you. You look at him, at the stoplight.



“Would you rather get a hotel room instead of going to Navy Pier?”


You take the next left and do a legal u-turn, or what you call a Michigan Left, which is so much smarter than everybody says, and you get to the Hyatt. You park your car, the tiny ass clown car you have a love hate relationship with, and run into the hotel.

“Excuse me, do you have any open rooms we could take for the night?”

Brendon’s starting already, kissing your neck.

You palm him, through his nice jeans, to get him to stop. He does, wanting more.

“I like being engaged to you.” You look at him, and kiss him.

“We’ve got room 404 open, rate’s gonna be 90 bucks, or we have a penthouse open for 245 a night.”

You opened your mouth to take room 404, but Brendon interjects, squeezing your ass.

“We’ll take the penthouse, thank you.” He hands the man his credit card.


“No, babe. My treat.”  He kisses you on your forehead.

You smile. The man behind the counter gives Brendon his card back, and explains how to use the key to get into the room. He explained the food service, and everything else. He was holding onto you like he would die if he wasn’t.

Once the guy finished talking, Brendon took you by the hand and led you down the hall, going up to the elevator. Once the bell dinged, you walked into an empty elevator. 35 floors, it had said.

“Brendon, you didn’t have to get the penthouse.”

“I wanted to get it for you, doll.”

“Or the house. Really, I’m very grateful, but you didn’t have to.”

“I wanted to get you everything, Y/N. You deserve it. You need somewhere to go after living on a bus for six months, that is not my apartment or yours in Chicago. I couldn’t bear not seeing you everyday.” He whispered that last part into your hair.

“Oh god, I love you, I love you.” You half whispered half spoke.

“I love you so much, Y/N. You’re the only one I love, the only one I’ll ever love.”

“I love you, Daddy.” Into princess mode you go. You giggle.

He pounds his lips into yours.

“God, princess. I love this dress. But, it must come off.”

He spins you around, unzipping the dress, and letting fall to the ground, pushing you against the door. He rubs you through your underwear, it being soaked.

“Who made you this wet, doll?”

“You did, Daddy.”

“Oh, princess.”

He takes his other hand and unclasps your bra. You always were impressed that he could do it with one hand, you couldn’t even do that.

He takes one of your breasts into his mouth and bites lightly on your nipple.

You moan.


“Kitten, that’s not what you’re supposed to call me. Do you need a punishment?”

“Y-yes.” You continue kissing him, loving every bit of him.

“You’re going to have marks all over you proving that you’re mine, y/n.”

He unties his tie sets it aside, like he was going to need it later. He sits on the bed, patting his lap, waiting for you to come over.
“You’ve been a bad little kitten, you need to be punished. Ass up.” He says, and you obey, laying on his lap, stomach down, and your ass is indeed up. He smacks it hard. “Count.”

He smacks a second time, lighter.

“Two.” You say, voice hoarse.



The next was hard.




You could feel his hard-on through his pants, and it needed attention.

He lifts you off of him, unbuttoning his pants, and pulling them down with his boxers. He grabs your hair, pulling you to him. You flip your Y/H/C hair to one side, and you suck him off, going completely down. He throws his head back, and he’s moaning your name.

“I-I’m gonna cum.” he says from above you.

You keep going, feeling him twitch in your mouth, and a sharp stop of his breath. “Y/N!” He yells, spilling inside of your mouth. You swallow, and he picks you up, putting you onto the bed. He rips your panties off and his head disappears between your legs.  He’s licking your clit perfectly in rhythm. Fucking drummers, dude. You’re moaning his name louder than ever. He slips a few fingers in you, trying to get you to come. You moan your way through your orgasm, He marks your body everywhere, loving the shit out of you. He pulls you closer to him, and he puts his hands on your hips to keep you from moving.

“You alright, Doll?” He asks.

“Mmhm.” You nod, clutching the sheets, waiting for Brendon to just fuck you already.

He keeps kissing you everywhere, making marks anywhere he desires.

“Brendon can you just fuck me?”

He stops kissing and looks up at you, confused. You were never that pushy.

“Huh? Yeah, babe.” It took him a sec to calm down.

He thrusts into you and waits for you to adjust. You do, and he continues, whispering sweet nothings into the atmosphere you two are lucky enough to share. His thrusts get sloppier as you moan louder. “Oh my god, y/n!” He yells in complete ecstasy, finishing, his hands gripping your hips so hard. He stops, slowly and pulls out, You try to stand up. You do not stand up.

“Brendon I love the shit out of you,” you laugh, “You fucked me so hard I can’t stand up.” He comes over to you, helping you get under the covers. You smile, waiting for him to get in bed too, so you can snuggle into him and sleep.

“Merry Christmas, Brendon. Love you so so much.”

“Ditto. I love the absolute fuck out of ya. Come here.” He snuggles you closer. He hums Sinatra into your hair to help you fall asleep.


Fly Me To The Moon.  

Performed by Jamie & Wes.

Songs from the Missing Cake Sessions were originally performed at our close friend’s wedding, and the sessions serve to remember our fallen comrade, an entire layer of wedding cake that disappeared the night before.  Thievery?!


Bayonetta - Fly me to the Moon ~Climax Ver.~

Hello everybody!

The unthinkable has happened, I have uploaded a new song to my Youtube channel. It’s been MONTHS. 

I honestly didn’t think I would upload something again…. but yeah, here it is ;D

From my favorite saga, Bayonetta, “Fly me to the moon”.

The original song is like 5 minutes long, but I did a shorter version ;D Enjoy it!!!

Genuine hilarity is: telling a friend about how in Bayonetta you can spank an angel to death to the tune of Fly Me to the Moon, and watching the person sitting across from you on the train get up and move to the furthest seat away in the carriage.


♥ Happy 35th birthday, Chris Pine! ♥

So I sort of made a music album contains all the songs that Chris has sung in movies/TV shows/interviews over the years. There are 10 songs in total.

♫ listen here ♫ 


01  Three Little Maids (ft. Diane Keaton & Lauren German) - From Surrender, Dorothy (2006)
02  The Wandering Minstrel - From Surrender, Dorothy (2006)
03  Someday Came Today - From Small Town Saturday Night (2010)
04  Agony (ft. Billy Magnussen) - From Into the Woods (2014)
05  Any Moment (ft. Emily Blunt) - From Into the Woods (2014)
06  Higher And Higher - From Wet Hot American Summer (2015)
07  Fly Me To The Moon - From Jimmy Kimmel Live (2014)
08  I’m So Sorry - From Capital FM interview (2014)
09  All I Need To Know - From Funny or Die: Pagent (2014)
10  Summer Wind From The Ellen Degeneres Show (2014)

Fake Spideypool Movie Poster.

P.S. please reblog my artwork with my tumblr watermark. My artwork was screencaptured without my weblink and reupload to facebook. The quality of the reuploded picture was bad. Please show respect to every fanart makers.

I own nothing from them.  

Original photo credit: Just Jared
Song lyrics from Fly me to the moon


Other PS for their movie (some of them were made long time ago and my skill is still suck)

Concept / Advertisement / Stills / Toys  1  2  3  4  5  6

On set

Movie poster 1  2 3 4 (this PS)

Movie timeline concept:

- Their first meet

- Wade got cancer

- Wade loss memory and meet again

- Fell in love again

- Fighting scene 1

- Under the moon

- Fighting scene 2

- Last scene

Special collection on Blu-ray

Maybe more PS will be added into list!

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The Signs as Lyrics from Fly Me to the Moon

Fly me to the moon/ Sagittarius
Let me play among the stars/ Leo
Let me see what spring is like on jupiter and mars/ Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
Fill my heart with song and let me sing forever more/ Capricorn, Virgo
You are all I long for; all I worship and adore/ Aries, Scorpio
In other words, please be true/ Taurus
In other words, I love you/ Cancer, Pisces 

Malec Fanfiction Recs (Vol. 2)

(Make sure you read the tags before you read and I’ve marked all explicit fics as such.Bold titles = absolute personal favorites)

Messy Lairs by kuro1neko2kun (Magnus may have a little problem controlling himself when he and Alec are getting it on. People are starting to notice how messy his apartment has gotten.)

What Are We? by punkbean (Alec Lightwood is sick of being the family disappointment. When his father tells him that they have an upcoming family get-together, he decides that the best way to impress people will be to have a boyfriend. Now he just has to find somebody willing to pretend with him.)

Four Times Alec and Magnus Didn’t Get Married, and One Time They Did by MouseBouse (In which Alec and Magnus would never even have thought about marriage had there not been for those weirdly nosy relatives. SeriesPart 2 of Four Times)

A Shared Life (The Malec Drabble Alphabet) by RadientWings

Worth Fighting For by christinawithav (Watching Jocelyn and Luke after she awakens helps Alec realize something.)

I get to love you by Angel_of_the_Winchesters (Alec gets upset after Magnus defends him while helping the squad. they have an argument at Magnus’ place that ends in fluff.)

An Unexpected ‘I Love You’ by tearsandholdme (Isabelle has a habit of seeing the things she shouldn’t and Alec and Magnus are hopeless at being discreet.) 

Sweet Delight by MalecManiac21 (Magnus once told him that Alec loved like he fought.Alec disagreed.)

Your Circle membership is showing by theleftboobgrabber (Maryse pushes too far and Alec snaps.)   

Torn Asunder by Tinalia (Magnus makes a move to stop Alec’s wedding, but the event descends into chaos when Valentine’s army of rogues show up.)

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For my forty-third Evangelion book review, here is Newtype Film Book: Neon Genesis Evangelion #9, published by Kadokawa Shoten.  It is part of a series of books devoted to recapping the Evangelion story by using full color images from the anime, accompanied by some text… there’s dialogue from the scenes being shown, and sometimes little descriptions or explanations are also provided.  I’m more interested in collecting new artwork of the Eva characters rather than small screenshots from the anime, so I only bought the ninth volume, which starts with episode 23 and goes all the way to the end of the TV series (this book uses the original versions of episodes 23 and 24, not the Directors’ Cut versions).  Oh, and this book also comes with a removable dust jacket, although the artwork hidden underneath is simply a gray version of the cover art.

This book is not available in English or French, but there are plenty of pictures, and if you’re familiar with the Evangelion TV series then you already know the dialogue anyway.  However, if you can read Japanese, you’ll find that the additional descriptions have a few interesting tidbits.  For example, were you wondering what Misato was really offering when she tried to touch Shinji in episode 23?  Or were you wondering how Shinji’s heart was reacting to Kaworu’s words in episode 24?  I will get into that later in this review!  But first, to give you an idea of what this book is like, here’s a page from the episode 23 section:

Keep reading for the rest of the book review, plus a few more pictures!

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