fly me from the moon

Fake Spideypool Movie Poster.

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Original photo credit: Just Jared
Song lyrics from Fly me to the moon


Other PS for their movie (some of them were made long time ago and my skill is still suck)

Concept / Advertisement / Stills / Toys  1  2  3  4  5  6

On set

Movie poster 1  2 3 4 (this PS)

Movie timeline concept:

- Their first meet

- Wade got cancer

- Wade loss memory and meet again

- Fell in love again

- Fighting scene 1

- Under the moon

- Fighting scene 2

- Last scene

Special collection on Blu-ray

Maybe more PS will be added into list!

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♥ Happy 35th birthday, Chris Pine! ♥

So I sort of made a music album contains all the songs that Chris has sung in movies/TV shows/interviews over the years. There are 10 songs in total.

♫ listen here ♫ 


01  Three Little Maids (ft. Diane Keaton & Lauren German) - From Surrender, Dorothy (2006)
02  The Wandering Minstrel - From Surrender, Dorothy (2006)
03  Someday Came Today - From Small Town Saturday Night (2010)
04  Agony (ft. Billy Magnussen) - From Into the Woods (2014)
05  Any Moment (ft. Emily Blunt) - From Into the Woods (2014)
06  Higher And Higher - From Wet Hot American Summer (2015)
07  Fly Me To The Moon - From Jimmy Kimmel Live (2014)
08  I’m So Sorry - From Capital FM interview (2014)
09  All I Need To Know - From Funny or Die: Pagent (2014)
10  Summer Wind From The Ellen Degeneres Show (2014)

The Signs as Lyrics from Fly Me to the Moon

Fly me to the moon/ Sagittarius
Let me play among the stars/ Leo
Let me see what spring is like on jupiter and mars/ Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
Fill my heart with song and let me sing forever more/ Capricorn, Virgo
You are all I long for; all I worship and adore/ Aries, Scorpio
In other words, please be true/ Taurus
In other words, I love you/ Cancer, Pisces 

I’ve been hanging on to this for sunny days and nice weather. 25 tracks from classic 90’s anime. Starts out peppy and poppy and slowly gets more ethereal, gloomy and contemplative, as was the style at the time.

I tried to hit a balance between “iconic” and “maybe there’s something here people haven’t heard before” but mostly I just stacked this list full of songs I was obsessed with in my weeb jr high days.