fly females

This a photo submitted to Project Feeder Watch by Laura Frazier. The caption said

“This past spring, I watched these two female flickers flying around trying to impress the male that was sitting in the tree. After watching for half hour, the male still hadn’t made a choice, and the two females continued chasing each other around!”

Sharing because I think the male’s expression is hilarious. He looks like he was asleep and they woke him up. Like, they’re fighting outside and he sticks his head out to say “Can I have one moment of peace, please?” Every time I look at it I crack up again.

Amelia’s Last Flight

Born on 2 July, 1897, in Atchison, Kansas, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, earning her the U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross. After visiting a Long Beach airfield and getting a ride in an airplane, Amelia “knew I had to fly,” and fly she certainly did. Shortly after this life changing experience, Amelia saved enough money to take flying lessons from female aviator, Anita Snook. From her first lesson, Amelia immersed herself in everything to do with aviation. She read everything about flying she could get her hands on and spent the majority of her free time at the airfield. 

 In 1921, Amelia finally purchased her own biplane - a second-hand Kinner Airster that she painted yellow and named The Canary. The following year, she flew The Canary to an altitude of 14,000 feet, setting a world record for female pilots. Her next airplane was a yellow Kissel which she named Yellow Peril. Over the forthcoming years, Amelia flew around America as well as Canada. In 1932, Amelia became the first woman to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic, pushing her into the limelight. Amelia decided she would try to become another first - the first woman to fly around the world. After problems with the propellers during the first attempt, Amelia and her second navigator, Fred Noonan, set off once again in June of 1937, flying to South America, Africa, Asia and Lae, New Guinea. 

Amelia and Fred departed Lae on the 2nd of July. Unfortunately, they never made it to her their next destination, Howland Island. When the duo didn’t arrive at the scheduled destination, a search party was assembled but Amelia and Fred were gone. The main theory is that she ran out of fuel and crashed and sank, however, another theory suggests she was captured by Japanese forces. The book, Amelia Earhart Lived suggests that Amelia survived the flight and moved to New Jersey where she created a new life for herself. 

 Whatever the truth may be, what became of Amelia Earhart is one of the most peculiar mysteries in the world.

dear samantha
i’m sorry
we have to get a divorce
i know that seems like an odd way to start a love letter but let me explain:
it’s not you
it sure as hell isn’t me
it’s just human beings don’t love as well as insects do
i love you.. far too much to let what we have be ruined by the failings of our species

i saw the way you looked at the waiter last night
i know you would never DO anything, you never do but..
i saw the way you looked at the waiter last night

did you know that when a female fly accepts the pheromones put off by a male fly, it re-writes her brain, destroys the receptors that receive pheromones, sensing the change, the male fly does the same. when two flies love each other they do it so hard, they will never love anything else ever again. if either one of them dies before procreation can happen both sets of genetic code are lost forever. now that… is dedication.

after Elizabeth and i broke up we spent three days dividing everything we had bought together
like if i knew what pots were mine like if i knew which drapes were mine somehow the pain would go away

this is not true

after two praying mantises mate, the nervous system of the male begins to shut down
while he still has control over his motor functions
he flops onto his back, exposing his soft underbelly up to his lover like a gift
she then proceeds to lovingly dice him into tiny cubes
spooning every morsel into her mouth
she wastes nothing
even the exoskeleton goes
she does this so that once their children are born she has something to regurgitate to feed them
now that.. is selflessness

i could never do that for you

so i have a new plan
i’m gonna leave you now
i’m gonna spend the rest of my life committing petty injustices
i hope you do the same
i will jay walk at every opportunity
i will steal things i could easily afford
i will be rude to strangers
i hope you do the same
i hope reincarnation is real
i hope our petty crimes are enough to cause us to be reborn as lesser creatures
i hope we are reborn as flies
so that we can love each other as hard as we were meant to.

—   Jared Singer, An Entomologist’s Last Love Letter

Meet Ola Orekunrin, a medical doctor & a helicopter pilot. She is the founder of Nigeria’s first full air ambulance “Flying Doctors Nigeria”, which is a charity based in Lagos, Nigeria.
Born in London, Ola graduated from the Hull York Medical School at the age of 21, becoming one of the youngest medical doctors in the United Kingdom. Her charity, “Flying Doctors Nigeria”, is also the First Air-operated Emergency Medical Service in West Africa!

As a student studying in Europe, I am highly inspired by Ola’s determination and succes in helping improve West-Africa’s medical sector!
If you didn’t know who she is and what she has done, I’d recommend you to google her. She’s truly an inspiration to african ànd other students around the entire globe. 

gigaguessmtg  asked:

Mark! It's my Birthday! Can I get Trivia on Bruna and/or Gisela?

Gisela, Bruna and Sigarda have been nicknamed the Powerpuff Girls. This nickname comes from the fact that they are three flying females each associated with one of three colors: blue, red or green. This matches the three main characters of “The Powerpuff Girls”, a cartoon that ran for many years on Cartoon Network about three superhero girls.

Happy Birthday!