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Caracal also known as desert lynx, can survive for long periods without water. Their ears are larger than other big cats, allowing them to navigate preys and escape danger better. They are known for their bird-catching abilities and because of their good sense of hearing they can easily detect birds flying, even birds with specially adapted feathers for silent flight like owl. Altogether, with their long legs and big paws they can leap up into the air to successfully catch their prey.


1916 09 17  The first victory of MvR - Alex Hamilton


17 September 1916
Victory #1    When patrol flying I detected shrapnel clouds in direction of Cambrai. I hurried forth and met a squad which I attacked shortly after 1100. I singled out the last machine and fired several times at closest range (ten metres). Suddenly the enemy propeller stood stock still. The machine went down gliding and I followed until I had killed the observer who had not stopped shooting until the last moment.
   Now my opponent went downwards in sharp curves. At approximately 1,200 metres a second German machine came along and attacked my victim right down to the ground and then landed next to the English plane.

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I would like to see a AU with the Eldarya guys in a police station (pleeeease, give me a police officer Valkyon!)

Hang on… the Guard of El is not a medieval police station? What about those underground cells? And Miiko and Leiftan’s good-cop-bad-cop-add-Jamon routine? o_o  

Oh, all right. Let’s assume the Guard of El has been given badges, handguns, and sirens they can stick on top of their car to tell traffic on the road to clear out. Are they going to be any more efficient?

… …Why am I even asking…? -_-

Nevra, the Detective

The star of the El Police Department’s investigative division: the high-flying lead detective with the unerring nose who never works in anything but dashing black. (Hey, being a plainclothes officer means he can actually dress the way he likes on the job. And despite what colleagues might say, he does need the sable cashmere scarf, the tight black trench coat, and the designer leather ankle-boots because… it gets cold in the city and he’s not going to miss a day of work because of the flu.)

Anyway. Nevra will be happy to confirm that 1.) he does have a very acute sense of smell, and 2.) he has never failed a case since joining the department, even after the Oracle’s fall. Once he’s on the trail, you can bet that he’s going to unearth answers and produce an arrest warrant for so-and-so. (Actually getting the reprobate into a cell isn’t his job though.) In fact, there is no such thing as a cold case in his book; merely one that’s…. waiting patiently for more evidence. (If you try riffling through his office, you’ll find years of ‘not-cold cases’. But don’t say a word to anyone, or Nevra will be after your ass for ruining his image as ‘the Bloodhound of El’. And for bypassing that custom lock on his office door.)      

For all his over-achieving tendencies, Nevra’s actually a popular guy in his department: charming, amiable, savvy, extremely loyal to the force, and the best man you can have for either a night of swing dancing or a weekend football match. The only catch: think twice about inviting your girlfriend. And sometimes your boyfriend. There’s a running poll in the office on how many disgruntled exes have tried stabbing him with a cafeteria steak knife this year. And a second poll on how many ‘damsels in distress’ that visited his office this half-year have walked away decidedly less damsel-like.

Also, be careful when working with Nevra on the field. His loyalty to the department can’t be questioned, but there’s a reason why he works primarily with his loyal canine companion Shaitan (AKA the world’s most terrifying police dog). Ex-partners will warn you that he never gives up a chase, even when outgunned and kneed where it hurts the most (and yes… they do have a few stories about that….)      

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                                             –  why can’t i go home ?
                                                 why can’t i go home and just  stay there ? 

warriors aren’t trained to retire ,  brother.


A lot of people is under the impression that the 2007 Skull Man anime was a prequel to Cyborg 009. That’s not true at all. Like Kazuhiko Shimamoto’s Skull Man, the anime is actually a huge homage to all Shotaro Ishinomori’s works. Yeah, Brain Gear is obviously Black Ghost. Yeah, Van Vogt, Helen and Gamo are there. Yeah, Skull and baby Joe. But those are not the only references in the series. Here I listed some characters from other works that appear in the series as well:

Hayato Ichimonji from Kamen Rider

Inspector Tachiki from the original Skull Man manga

President Kuroshio from The Flying Ghost Ship

Tsuyoshi Shinjo from Robot Keiji

Keitaro Shinjo from Robot Keiji

Maya Chisato from the original Skull Man

Bijinder from Kikaider

Waruder from Kikaider

And then, like Brain Gear was a nod to Black Ghost, the New Humanity from the ending is actually the Neo Human Empire from Inazuman. Yeah, there’s two different translations for it, but they’re actually the same. The original spelling being 新人類 (Shin Jin Rui).

So, I know Cyborg 009 is one of the most well known Ishinomori series in the west, so it’s easy to think the series had any connection to it. But that is only a tribute to the entire Ishinomori’s career, not meant to be taken in the same continuity.


Request for Anon

Imagine your German Shepherd approving of Carisi.

Your parents bought him as a going away present before you moved to New York City. It was so that you wouldn’t get lonely and to have protection now that you were all alone in a big city. They made sure to get a dog that had been trained.

Henry, your german shepherd, was a very selective dog. He only liked certain people. He liked your neighbor, Ms. Robinson, across the hall because she was a sweet old lady who fed him treats every now and again (He also got along with her tiny yorkie dog, which wasn’t the nicest dog in the complex.) He also liked the pet shop owner and his workers there. They liked to pet him and say how pretty he was. Henry also liked your parents and of course, you. 

But Henry didn’t like the guy who lived a floor below you as he always barked at him. Then again, a few weeks later, he was arrested for domestic violence. Another person Henry didn’t care for was the news reporters. Not the ones on tv, only when you walked by them. It happened several times when you tried to see Sonny a few times in between court sessions. Henry would growl and bark if one of the reporters got too close to you, or rather Barba who was more than happy to have the dog scare them off.

Who knew your dog could be such a good judge of character?

That fact cemented itself a few months before you started dating Sonny. Every time you brought a date home, Henry would growl at them. You were afraid it was the fact another male was in his territory but you remembered how he never made a peep when the land lord or the electrician came in.

So after your date with Sonny, you invited him up to hang out in your apartment as you didn’t want to leave him yet and you secretly wanted to know if Sonny was a good person. Of course he was, it was just the added reassurance that Henry gave you.

You gave a quick, silent prayer before opening the door, Henry obediently sitting, wagging his tail a few feet from the door. “Hey there, Henry!” You greeted excitedly signaling him to come to you. “Good boy! Now sit,” You raised your hand up as the dog watched you carefully.

“Is it safe?” Sonny half teased, half asked. 

“So far. Come in,” You opened the door wider to let the detective in. He took off his coat as you took it from him to hang it up.

Sonny grinned at the dog. “Henry, right?” He asked the german shepherd. “Nice to finally meet you on a personal level.”

Henry tilted his head, still quiet as a mouse which gave you hope. “Ask him to shake?” You suggested to Sonny.

Sonny nodded and knelt down to Henry’s level. “Shake?” He held out a hand as Henry didn’t hesitate to place his paw there. “Good boy!” Sonny praised, petting him on the head. 

Again, Henry sat there but kept his tail wagging. “So, did I pass the test?” Sonny asked you.

“With flying colors, detective.”

  • Chief: ma'am please identify the man who stole your purse from the line-up
  • Woman: officer I'm a little nervous, I don't recognize any of these people
  • Detective Frog: ribbit
  • Chief: well we've got the homeless man who usually eats out of the alley dumpster, there's the man we found outside the McDonald's looking for handouts, there's the juvenile delinquent, and of course, the guy who said he heard the whole thing, the fly on the wall
  • Detective Frog: ribbit
  • Chief: ah, yes, detective, I failed to see the actual fly on the wall right next to him. How did that get in here
  • Woman: *pointing at the fly* that's him! Right there!
  • Detective Frog: ribbit *eats the fly*
  • Chief: excellent work detective
  • Detective Frog: ribbit
  • CASE CLOSED: roll credits