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  • 5SOS's management: ok your target audience is obviously 9-13 year old girls so we're going to try to help you appeal to younger kids and families
  • 5SOS: *write an entire album about hooking up with girls*
  • 5SOS: *breakthrough hit is literally about underwear*
  • 5SOS: *make sex jokes all the time*
  • 5SOS: *curse on stage 263343 times per concert*
  • 5SOS: *get a ton of tattoos and piercings*
  • 5SOS: *hanging out and writing songs with pop-punk legends*
  • 5SOS: *seriously the most irreverent and inappropriate pack of boys i've ever seen and they know it*
  • 5SOS: *start putting out songs that are more pop-punk and have nothing to do with girls and everything to do with calling out society*
  • 5SOS management: wow shit nevermind then


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sounds good feels good + polaroids (part 2)

castaway // fly away // invisible // airplanes // outer space / carry on

fly away got me like:

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If you are sad because Civil War, just remember that in Infinity War it’s very probable that we will see Star-Lord try to flirt with Wanda, and Vision be like

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Listen up.

So, I don’t do this a lot, and you’ll rarely ever see this, but I just wanna share how much I love Michael Gordon Clifford, like I feel like I need to get it all out there.

Michael is on my mind pretty much every day, all day. He puts a smile on my face when assholes at school are making me feel less than what I’m worth. He has this persona about him that just brightens my day, like every time someone says the words Michael Clifford, my heart immediately beats just a little bit faster than it should. Michael is so like… Open with us and he shares things with us that other artists don’t do, and he’s just able to make us all feel like we’re involved in his every day life… Like nothing else matters but us, the fans. He’s different from most people, he looks all badass, but he’s like a fucking kitten that you wanna cuddle with all day because you fell in love with him the second you laid eyes on him. Under all the hair dye, and tattoos and pretty green eyes that everyone sees, there is a beautiful human, (don’t get me wrong. Michael is beautiful with his hair dye, his tattoos, and his beautiful green eyes) and people actually have the nerve to make fun of him and to bully him around like he’s nothing. He’s something. He’s something greater than everyone and I will support him and love him until the day I fucking die. And in Heaven, I’ll be like ‘Yeah, Michael Clifford, that was what kept me going.’

Frankly, I don’t understand how people could even hurt him. I’ll never understand the way humans think, I never will. It’s beyond my limit of knowledge to understand how someone could hurt the most beautiful creature ever made. But, because I can’t do anything to stop it, I will support and love Michael forever and ever more.

So, yes. I may sound obsessed… And no, Michael Clifford has no idea I exist, but among the millions of fans that he has, I am here supporting and loving him from afar. And I will always be the background fan, fangirling over the guy who doesn’t know I exist but I love him anyways because he has kept me alive for 4 years, and he’s helped me through my depression and he’s helped me stop cutting and he gave me a reason to live, and I don’t care what anyone says… Michael Gordon Clifford is the best human being that was ever created and I thank God everyday for that guy. Even if he doesn’t know me.

Okay but imagine being Michael’s significant other while he was on vocal rest and he writes on his lil piece of paper “blow job??” and you get this mischievous look on your face and then respond with “Only if you stay quiet” and of course Michael just nods up and down greedily because you give THE BEST blow jobs… So long story short you make him moan so loud that Luke walks in and says “fucking Christ he’s on vocal rest!? You couldn’t wait tell after the Teen Choice Awards performance?!?” And Michael just shakes his head no with this HUGE grin on his face because you just gave him the best blow job of his L I F E