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Spill the ONKEY hogwarts au

SO Jinki is Ravenclaw, of course, and He’d look something like this: 

Kibum is Slytherin. Jinki had two magic parents, and Kibum is muggleborn. They met at the end of Jinki’s fourth year, and Kibum’s second, on the train home. Jinki usually ignores people, but when he looks up Kibum is so small looking in his cloak, that he smiles and puts his book away to talk with him. Over that summer they send so many letters. And they go shopping in diagon alley every year before school, holding hands looking at the different displays. (Though they aren’t dating dating until later, like going into Jinkis sixth year later)

People are a little surprised they become such a thing, because Kibum is standoffish, and closed off from his housemates, many of them with two magic parents. But he’s soft and warm with Jinki. Like he sits in the library with Jinki, staring at everyone with his cool gaze and the moment jinki’s tapping him on his elbow like, bum, Babe, can- “What do you need?” All big eyes and soft touch and Jinki just looks up from his book and smiles so fondly as he pushes his glasses up, can you get a book for me? And Kibum is all of course. 

Sometimes you’ll see Jinki with a green scarf and it’s Kibum’s. And when they’re walking, and Jinki’s nose is in a book, Kibum guides him by a hand on his elbow, a soft smile on his face as he guides him, his little bookworm. 

He walks Jinki to the Ravenclaw dormitory and smiles all soft, like Sweet dreams little baby bird. Jinki’s brows furrow but then Kibum is kissing him and he’s smiling, goodnight Snakie, Kibum sticks his tongue out.

Like over Christmas break when Jinki goes to Kibum’s place he finds a mechanical pencil and he’s all ????? what is this. When Kibum clicks it he jumps a little. Kibum just kisses him on the forehead and explains, its like a quill, but its constant as long as you have lead. And you can erase it. Jinki wants to write on EVERYTHING. Kibum gets him a pack for Christmas and Jinki loves them. 

They’re both on their house's quidditch teams. They give each other good luck kisses before rushing to get to their teams before the game starts. Kibum’s a beater, Jinki’s either a chaser or a seeker, I’m not sure which though atm. And when the bludgers are knocked toward Jinki Kibum protects him. That’s his baby bird, you can’t hurt him. When one of them is playing one of the other 2 houses, they are there in the other’s color, proud and smiling, rooting for them.

Kibum’s grandma knits Jinki a scarf, but she only has Kibum’s colors, but Jinki wears it with pride. They love each other and are very supportive. Sometimes they go back to their dorms and they’re housemates are all.. why are you wearing green/blue and they just smile like oh i forgot to give it back

And also, they’ll be walking when it’s snowing, and jinki forgot his cap and Kibum pulls his on his head, like you get sick a lot easier than me Baby bird. 

They walk into dinner together and Kibum always walks Jinki to his seat. A little kiss to his cheek and Jinki tells him to meet him outside after. Like so many times they have the wrong cloak on, and Jinki’s running after Kibum like WAIT! you have my want, and Kibum looks down like oops its blue. Jinki kisses him quickly after switching like gotta fly, Kibum just says yes baby bird flap away. Jinki pauses and sticks his tongue out at him.

Jinki is fascinated with herbology and potions, and Kibum with divination and charms. Like they’ll be walking and Jinki sees a pretty flower and he’s all oooo, and Kibum likes watching him sketch things he sees on their walks. One time when Jinki is napping on his thigh as they enjoy the early spring time sun, and he’s looking through the sketch book, and he finds little sketches of him and hes so blushie blushie. He just puts the sketchbook back next to jinki and runs his hand through his hair and plays with his fingers. Jinkis nose scrunches up when he stops moving his fingers in his hair and Kibum just chuckles softly. 

oh and Jinki’s owl bites everyone but him and Kibum. 

N: N would feel kind of stupid if his kiss got rejected because that would mean that he didn’t observe the situation right. He wouldn’t be offended though because the girl as every right to reject him, and it just wasn’t the right time to try that. “Oh, sorry. *inner thoughts* Wait. She looked at my luscious lips! What else was I supposed to think. Oh, well. Maybe after the next couple of dates she’ll let me kiss her.”

Leo: Leo would be really embarrassed. Somebody’s signals got mixed up and now he has to pay the price. On that note, the date would most likely end early and the girl may not see Leo for a long while. “Ah…*inner thoughts* Focus on the birds in the tree. Yep, that’s it. Papa bird. Mama bird. Baby bird. Wait, no don’t fly away! I can’t look at her!”

Ken: Ken has no shame as everyone knows, so he would just back up a little and give the girl some room before talking about his failed attempt at the kiss. He would most likely apologize for his attempt and then say something funny, and the girl would either laugh with him or feel extremely awkward. “Hehe. Oops. Maybe, next time? *inner thoughts* Well, damn. Can ya boy even get a cheek kiss?”

Ravi: Once the girl rejects Ravi, he would immediately apologizing thinking that he most likely offended her. She would literally have to slap him just to make him stop apologizing. He might offer to take the girl somewhere else on the date just so they can forget what almost and didn’t happen. “I’m so sorry. *inner thoughts* Crap. I for real thought she was feeling me.”

HongBin: HongBin would be similar to Ravi except a little more erratic and awkward about the situation. He would really think that he ruined the date by trying to kiss her and he would apologize to no end. Now, the girl might tell HongBongBin to calm down and that the date can continue as planned. Or, just his luck, she find his ability to freak out adorable and kiss him anyway. Scenario A: “I’m really, really sorry! *inner thoughts* WHY DID I DO THAT? She bobbed, so I thought I should weave!” Scenario B: “I’m really, really sorry! *gets kissed* *inner thoughts* I told Hakyeon cute and awkward works.”

Hyuk: Hyuk would just play it off like no big deal. Like N, he wouldn’t get offended and just take this failed opportunity as a sign to never try and kiss a girl unless all the signs point to doing so. “Oh, I was just stretching my neck. *inner thoughts* No, I wasn’t. I wanted a kiss!”

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