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wheres the fic where Clark Kent gets caught kissing Batman, and then gets hounded by the media every waking moment because “average civilian is dating Batman!!” and Clarks mourning the loss of his anonymity, meanwhile Bruce thinks its fucking hilarious, enjoy dealing w the press in both of your alter egos now, pretty boy, so Clark waits several months for the whole thing to die down before showing up as Superman to some party Bruce is attending and flying up to Bruce and going “paybacks a bitch” and just full on makes out with him in front of like a million reporters

What it’s really like to be a flight attendant:

•You will have report times at 4:30am
•You will have 3+hour delays
•You will get rerouted numerous times
•You will have passengers yell at you endlessly
•You will have long days and short nights
•You will have moments you want to hide in the overhead bins


•You will also have pilots who buy you coffee in the morning
•You will have crews who keep you laughing constantly
•You will have layovers that let you visit with your friends/family
•You will meet celebrities and occasionally catch a ride in a Porsche
•You will be invited to T.I.’s show in Vegas after serving him first class beverages
•You will have passengers who sometimes understand you have long days and they bring you gifts

And most of all, you will have an amazing job with a lifetime full of memories❤️✈️

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What about Dean and Cas as a pilot and flight attendant!!! Something cute and flirty :)

Dean is already in a pretty good mood when he gets to the airport. It’s not often anymore that he gets to go to a new destination, and since it’s an intercontinental flight he’ll even get a couple of days’ vacation before he has to fly back.

He perks up even more when he gets through security and spots a familiar head of unruly hair a few feet away. The new destination and vacation are great and all, but if he’s being honest with himself, the fact that he’s flying with Cas is the real reason he’s feeling so giddy.

He speeds his pace and falls into step next to Cas as casually as he can. “Hey, Cas, are you an air traffic controller?”

Cas doesn’t seem particularly surprised at the greeting, turning to Dean with a suspicious frown. “You know I’m a pilot.”

“‘Cause I’d like clearance to touch and go,” Dean finishes triumphantly, grinning when Cas groans.

“That one was terrible,” he tells Dean. “You need more practice.”

“Just warming you up,” Dean says. “How about this one? I’m gonna need an oxygen mask, because you just took my breath away.”

“Terrible,” Cas repeats, but his lips twitch like he’s fighting a smile so Dean counts that one as a win.

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Tengo una soledad

tan concurrida

tan llena de pernoctas

y de medias alas de vos;

de adioses de aeropuerto

y besos escondidos

de galley y de cabina

y del último avión.

Tengo una soledad

tan concurrida,

que puedo organizarla

como una procesión,

por colores

de labios,


de maletas,

olor de pantimedias

y promesas,

por época,

por tacto

y por sabor.

Estoy lleno de plataformas

de noches y deseos,

miradas en andenes,

caricias inesperadas

en salas de espera

y ascensores de hoteles,

de risas y una que otra


Las paredes se van,

queda la noche,

las nostalgias se van

no queda nada.

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21 reddie :)

(Fuck I am so sorry for the wait! I have been so busy with life and work! I really hope you enjoy this! It’s so fluffy! <3)

Alternate title: 5 times Richie told Eddie he was gonna marry him and the one time he actually asked. 

Also on AO3

Word Count: 2.3k 
Rating: Teens and up (for mentions of sex, which is not underage!) 

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Midnight Luxe

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(Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: angst, fashion designer Jungkook AU,

Summary:  Your life was nothing but a drag until you met Jeon Jungkook, the alluringly beautiful fashion design student who asked you to model for his upcoming runway show. Soon you find yourself pulled into his eccentric group of friends and their enticing world of fashion, sex and music, a world that may ultimately leave your heart in pieces.

Inspired by the anime/manga Paradise Kiss ♥

You can still remember the first time you saw Jungkook, standing under the tacky neon lights of the nightclub, cigarette planted firmly in his hand. His black tousled hair, deep smoky eyeliner and tight fitting ripped jeans made him look like the human embodiment of lust. Even in the poor lighting, he was simply radiant. His perfection and beauty so overwhelming it was almost like a deformity, separating him from the rest of the world, making him seem alien.

You had been walking back from a late night study session at your friend’s house, clutching your phone tightly in your palms out of fear. You’d always hated walking home alone at night. It made you feel vulnerable, like someone could jump out at you at any given moment. 

Of course, your fears weren’t entirely irrational but deep down you knew it was unlikely that anyone would harm you. However, you always got particularly nervous when you walked through this area of town, “the shady area” as you liked to call it.

Your footsteps echoed through the street as you quickly walked, wanting to get home as soon as possible. Thankfully there hadn’t been many hanging around outside the bars and clubs, one girl had her arm around her friend as she vomited into a gutter and a few people stood around in small groups talking and smoking. Just as you had reached the end of the street, when the few people present had thinned out you saw him. Standing outside the very last club.

As you walked passed him, he gave you a look and smirked slightly. You don’t really remember exactly how you’d felt at that first look, but you can recall how it seemed like he knew everything about you, like with one quick glance he could analyse every detail of your life and stare into your very soul. Even then, you could tell his eyes were an endless riddle, filled with possibilities and emotions that were near impossible to read all at once.

Your pace quickened even more to escape his gaze and out of the corner of your eye you saw him chuckle to himself, drop his cigarette onto the floor, stump it out with his shoe and head back inside.

It was meant to end there. You were never meant to meet Jungkook again. He was only ever meant to be a stranger.

Of course, fate always had a way of intervening.

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Los asistentes de vuelo son digna representación de la cultura POP en evolución. Tomando en cuenta todo lo que los envuelve:

  • Vestimenta uniformada, donde cada uno puede dar un detalle distinto
  • Maquillaje de concurso de belleza
  • Peinado perfectamente fijado (ni un cabello fuera de lugar)
  • Y lo más intimidante: sonrisa Barbiestica, casi inquisidora mientras te despiertan para “el servicio de Duty Free a bordo”… Caso: Flight Attendant de LAN.

Caminan en filita india por el aeropuerto, y se saben de memoria con “coreografía” y todo, las indicaciones sobre qué hacer en caso de emergencia.

Incluso se adaptan a la cultura POP regional… Cuando representan un país así bien guapachoso, tipo: Brasil, la experiencia es así:

Te montas en un avión de TAM, y es como si llegaras a un autobusito que te llevará a alguna playa de ese país, la mayoría son hombres, en el ambiente suena un Bossanova, los “aeromozos” (bien brasileños) te hablan casi cantando, con esa sonrisita perezosa como si acabaran de tomarse unos 4 caipiriñas y te fueran a ofrecer uno.

Sonríe, estamos a punto de despegar…