fly as fuk

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Why do Harry and Niall in that picture look like they got in trouble. Niall looks like his is about to cry and Harry looks like a statue.

“the principle will be with you in a couple minutes… we’re about to call your parents as well. you should be very disappointed in yourselves…”

“harry the fuk we gonna do the fuk u know our mama isnt gonna let this one fly….”

“shut the fuk up im thinkin of a plan to run away from our mama on time”

“why did ur ass have to push zayn into the girls bathroom like that u stupid ass”

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How do you move on from a 4 year relationship and your partner cheated :'(

u pants them both at the same time and say, “SORRY! THEY WERE ON FIRE!” then hop on ur hover board and fly the fuk outta there !