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Magic Origins quick facts

Some quick Origins hits for you:

 - There are now 14,817 distinct Magic cards (excluding Planes, Schemes, Conspiracies, silver-bordered, and similar)

 - Standard is now 1,702 cards (the largest it’s been in six years); Modern is 9,185; Legacy is 14,756; and Vintage allows 14,805 cards.

 - Goblin Piledriver is famously being added to Modern, but is joined by fellow reprints Cruel Revival, Revenant, and Sylvan Messenger

 - After a 20-year reign, Dance of the Dead is finally unseated as the card with the longest Oracle text ‘word’ count (depending a little bit on what you count as a word, anyhow).  Nissa, Vastwood Seer is slightly longer by my reckoning.  But at least Nissa has the decency to use two sides for her text.

 - The five most common keywords are flying (1,333), enchant (798), trample (307), haste (210), and tied in fifth are first strike and equip (both 196).