okay so all the “well if we don’t get season five we know what’s gonna happen walter will almost die and paige will realize she can’t live without him” posts are funny and all but in all seriousness that’s not even close to enough

  • we need to see happy and toby as parents they have been teasing this since early season three and we need payoff
  • we need communication between walter and paige as to how they will be better this time, not just a near death experience or a big gesture snapping them back together
  • we need florence to get past her feelings for walter because as long as they’re there paige will always be on edge
  • we need to see how ralph works through all of this
  • we either need sylvester and florence to get together in a way that makes it clear he’s not a consolation prize OR we need him to get over her and meet someone else he can fall in love with who loves him too because we learned at the start of the season he wants another relationship and he deserves that
  • we need walter and sylvester’s relationship fixed because it’s arguably going to be the most difficult one to mend

the team may have imploded when waige did, but so much more needs to happen to make them a cyclone again than waige making up.