fluxus 1


WEIRD FORMAT WEDNESDAY: Fluxus - Flux Year Box 1

Fluxus was a group of international avant-garde artists that formed in Germany in 1962 and was active until the late 1970s.  Lithuanian American George Maciunas was the main coordinator of the group as well as the editor of their publications.  Prominent avant-garde participants in the group included Frenchman Robert Filliou, American Dick Higgins, the Japanese-born American Yoko Ono, and the German Wolf Vostell.

They came together at Fluxus festivals, which took in various cities place throughout Europe. The typical Fluxconcert consisted of happenings,  physical performances, and non-musical sound performances.  Their performances were humorous, often involved the audience and disrupted  expectations on conventional behavior in musical or theatrical settings.

Excerpts from their manifesto:

Purge the world of bourgeois sickness and intellectual, professional and commercialized culture

Promote living art, an-art and non art reality

Fuse the cadres of cultural, social & political revolutionaries into united front & action

Flux Year Box 1 is one of their publications.  Inside the wooden case, the book is bound with bolts, and each page or two is a different art piece with its corresponding pieces in the envelope.  It is delightful to page through the book and unearth so many different art pieces.  Flux Year Box 1 is very humorous and inventive.