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Since you're thanking us... Your art is incredibly inspiring. Come to think if it, I don't think there was ever a time when I didn't feel like drawing after looking at something of yours. You're also a really great person in general, and answered a plethora of art questions other have had (even a few of mine!) so sincerely. You may be thanking us for following you, but we should be the ones thanking you for being wonderful person, Hal! :D

fluxperpetua replied to your post: hows Animal Crossing so far?

Ooo, ooo! Show us how your character looks! Heard they mixed expressions up a bit in this version!

Something like this! (with stylizing of course)

I used a face guide to get it huh huh huh. It’s funny I went for this one because last night I was just thinking about how I wanted a character with these style eyes. It’s also funny that my past 3 AC towns, I think all of the faces I ended up choosing came with the flame shirt.

I always play dude protags named Jenji so in case anyone gets confused that’s my villager u w u/

Anonymous asked you: yes. i like your rough brush strokes. i’m glad to have followed you and see the changes in your style ok bye

fracturedmind asked you: Your work is stunning.

aaauleta asked you: I’m just really impressed with your artwork. And the 10th Doctor’s hair! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us =)

Hey, thanks guys! (And I’m impressed by Ten’s hair too – which is why I tend to exaggerate it all the time ;) )

Anonymous asked you: Hello you’ve been reposted by rayblogsaboutstuff

Taken care of it. Thank you for letting me know, anon.

fluxperpetua asked you: I started watching Welcome to Night Vale after seeing a whole bunch of fan art you did for it pop up on my dash. Pretty sure I may have developed an unhealthy addiction to it by now. ITS TOO GOOD HELP

You’re certainly not the only one, heh.

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Life drawings and 'real' anatomy aside, I think the lack of them is part of what makes your drawings so appealing. Not saying that those are completely useless things, but there's that special charm of expression that translates so well with your drawings. It doesn't matter if they're accurate or not, because you can tell you had fun doing them. You expresses the inner workings of your imagination so vividly, and I think not having something so systematic probably has something to do with it.

I have to disagree. Creating a deformation is a skill. But practicing life drawing and knowing anatomy is not for you to always obey the rules. It’s to be more loose and certain exactly! I’m becoming stiff when I try to draw somehting I can’t. Also it makes you practice drawing in general, not only figures.

I do lots of things on accident, most even (!), I admit, and being unskilled also takes part in it, I won’t argue! But it’s my choice when I make a use of these accidents. When I make something it’s because I take an active decision that what I’ve made is aesthetically pleasing and I decide to use it it may exist. And don’t read this as hypocritical, I know that I am terrible at making decisions and am very uncertain, but I’m just saying what I’m conscious about. And also only when I take a decision about something being pleasing, only then I am truly happy with what I’ve done.

But still, what you said apart of that is really nice, thank you. :)

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Explain this "Slender Walking" to me. From what I can tell, you can make a steady connection to almost anyone's mind you choose. Does Slender Walking involve fooling all of those minds around you into making yourself seem invisible to give the illusion teleportation, or can you control time to an extent?

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I actually found out about your blog through Turntable. Shavos was hosting a room if I remember rightly, and you mentioned something about your blog and I went to go check it out. You're still one of my favorite artist on tumblr to this day, and even your personal blog is tons of fun, too. I didn't even go on Turntable that much, but aw man, I met so many people because of it. Really gonna miss it ;-;

ahhhhh thank you so much ;o;

I’ve gotten to talk to so many great people because they stopped by; in fact, one of them is even one of my best friends now! It’s been so much fun to meet you and countless others who follow me, even if we didn’t talk much having your company to hang out and jam was a special experience in itself.

I’ve been through and gained so much while being a part of the site and I’m really, really sad to see it go– I’m definitely going to find something to try and fill that void, but Turntable was really somethin’ special.

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Not being proud of your art? Heh, I actually wish I was as good as you! I know that you're probably a little tired of people constantly sending you 'asks' about this, but honestly, I think you should post even more; even the silly little sketches that took you nothing more than a few minutes. Your art is really amazing and incredibly inspiring. In fact, just the other day I decided to pickup the pencil after giving up from seeing that Twilight GIF you made a while back. ^^

Aww!  But I like your art!  I’m especially fond of this one for some reason:

Hehe!  That expression!

And thank you!  I’m glad you like my ‘art’, and it makes me really happy to hear that you picked up the pencil again. =)  I hope you continue to draw and upload! 

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Some kid who uses like half a jar of hair gel only on the top of his head. He also wears formal clothes with casual ones at the same time what the heck make up your mind. Hes friends with this pink haired detective chick I guess.

One ask in and I’m already stumped I am so unbelievably bad at this I just sat here staring at this ask for 10 minutes like