Act of Devotion

I’m very happy to be collaborating with choreographer Lauri Stallings and gloATL on a work for FLUX 2012 . I’m taking a break from writing and performing songs to work on the sound for this piece, which is being created through a combination of raw synthesis and collaging/processing of field recordings, to be performed and mixed live in a dynamic relationship with the dancers and the public. 

I’ve wanted to work with Lauri and glo since the first time I saw them perform three years ago. They exemplify many of the concepts that excite me about live performance and the positing of art in the public sphere: Intense focus and dedication to the moment in which you give what you’ve made to the public; A fearlessness and willingness to kindly invade the experience of other people while simultaneously making oneself vulnerable to a reciprocal invasion. I think the word “devotion” is appropriate and useful for describing what they do, how they do it and why it has always touched me personally, so I find it somewhat serendipitous that my first chance to work with them is on a piece titled “Act of Devotion.”