It's all comin' back to me. (Open RP)

Flux snarls and smashes everything around himself. He smashes the ground, the trees, the rocks. Anything and everything was now his enemy. His mind was so broken, so over-loaded. He growls and slices down the forest with his dubstep blade. 


Order 27

Jon watches the forest ahead of him, a sneer on his face. “And you’re telling me he’s indestructible?” One of his guards nods and sets the pages down, a blurry image of a man with strands coming out of his left arm can be seen. “He calls himself Flux Noir.”

Jon sighs and looks through the document. “Did you get the alien blood weaponized?” The men nod and bring him a revolver loaded blue bullets, all 5 laced with Seven’s blood. “Good. Perhaps we can make him bleed and get some invincible soldiers in our arsenal.”

He stands and tosses the gun to his guard. “Load everyone with these bullets and assemble a chopper team. We’re getting his blood soon. Order 27 is now in effect.”

Order 27 Now in affect.

Jon and his fleet of choppers fly towards Flux’s forest outside of Hylo. Each one loaded with RAPTOR Corp’s finest, either armed with rifles or armored with Hyena suits. Avalon stands at the ready in Jon’s chopper, the visor on the helmet slowly glowing green in its docile state.

RJ blinks as the assembly takes off, a fear growing in his chest. “Nino, is the suit ready?” There was a small sound before the child-like voice of Nino responded, “It is only 85% prepared sir.” With a sigh of agitation he opens the kiosk and stares at the little robotic arms putting the pieces together. “I need it now. Stop progression. 85% is good enough.”

A small beep rings out as the little arms and panels move away, allowing Roger to slip inside the suit. 

F-BAM BES VH is now operational.’ The massive suit steps forward, its foot cracking the floor slightly. 

“Let’s do this.”

Flux sits on top of a mountain, the same mountain he’d taken bird. The same mountain he’d rested on with Gabby. All those good times were about to be spoiled. If Jon was successful, he’d forget them all. If he won, he’d be that much closer to a melt down. Either option was bad.

“Hurry up human.. I don’t have all day..”