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Can sex repulsion happen gradually? Back in the day, I was very "whatever" about sex scenes in movies and such. But I recently determined I was ace and now I'm at the point where even seeing hickies on my friends grosses me out.

yep, it can flux or change or spike

On a different train of thought, a lot of people have been depicting Lalnable and Echo’s reunion as this cute, emotional, romantic thing

But considering these are clones of Nano and Lalna, I figure it would be more like…

Lalnable: Did they hurt you?
Echo: No, they just trapped me in a box and fed me nothing but noodles.
Lalnable: Those monsters.
Echo: By the way, was that you doing that -deep voice- “Don’t fuck with me!” bit?
Lalnable: Y-yeah. -looks at her sheepishly- Was it sexy?
Lalnable: -grumpy face-
Echo: Was it supposed to be?!
Lalnable: I don’t know, it was supposed to sound cool and scary…
Echo: -comically deep voice- “Don’t fuck with me!” -laughs her ass off-
Lalnable: Do you want to go back in the box?

Charlize Theron admits movie fails and weight gain

Charlize Theron spoke to Variety in time for the release of Atomic Blond, and opened up about Aeon Flux failing at the box office as well as her struggles to shed the weight after Tully.
What about the name...


As many of you already know, I am in the beginning stages of creating the houses very first body positive, gender variant clothing brand.

The idea behind this brand is to offer individuals a selection of modern, current & trendy clothing options tailored for people. Girls clothes, boys clothes, plus size or petit will be done away with! Instead, this brand will encourage individualism & acceptance for the way you are, allowing you to express yourself the way you want to be seen. People should be able to dress how they want to dress, no matter how they identify their gender or what their body type is. In other words, the idea is to make clothes for people. This brand is not for girls, not for boys, not just for average body types… but its for people.

I have been raising funds for this project through my thrift store, but soon I will begin branching out into other forms of fund raising. But first, I really need to “brand” the project and I’ve been thinking about names for the brand. One idea I had was “Flux”.

The basic definition of the word Flux is “the action or process of flowing, or continues change.”

I like the name “Flux” because for me, my personal style has evolved over time and continues to change on a regular basis. I feel that having the freedom to dress and appear in a way that compliments my personality is important, but also it gives me the freedom to grow as an individual. I want to give people this same freedom. The freedom to Flux.

Please, let me know your thoughts! My ask box is open to any and all comments & suggestions! Xoxo

-Elliott Alexzander & The Team