Proud(?) Moment of the Day:

The professor showed a false-color (e.g., the vegetation was red) aerial photograph of a river and it’s surroundings, and my very first thought was that it looked like Alaska.

It was, the following caption said, just outside Fairbanks.

I might just be a nerd. Not that I’m a pro at guessing where any river in the world is based on a single picture, of course, but the fact that I’m that familiar with the photos my professor uses might mean I pay too much attention.


With all these wonderful cake posts, I thought I might have to contribute my own!

This is a floodplain cake our group (below) made for an AS Geography presentation on river landforms. When you said everyone likes cake, you were speaking the truth. It went down very well with our set and our teacher!

Submitted by hisnameisjoanne. Thanks!