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thoughts: What if Peter wasn't the right hand, but the caretaker of the pups/family. so his revenge was more like mama-bear/lion. After everything is over he begins with little gift for cora (my little pony, till she tells him she now likes cars more). getting Derek fit for life (college, job) giving pointers for Malia. but the pack doesn't understand, till Cora snaps at them

Omigosh! Why would you give me FEELS like that? 

When Cora looks dubiously at the Fluttershy doll and tells him that she likes cars now, Uncle Peter, Peter hides his flinch between a slight smile, and murmurs something like, “Of course you do. Of course.” 

Six years have passed for them, but for Peter it only feels like yesterday that the pain from the burns finally climbed high enough to overcome his werewolf healing, and he passed out. It feels like only hours, but it also feels like an eternity. He hurt for so long, but in a strange dream-like place where time had no meaning. 

But it’s been six years. 

His pack is gone. Only Derek and Cora remain. And Malia? How can Peter have a daughter who is almost grown, when just a moment ago he was rolling the ground with the cubs, letting them climb over him and growl him into submission? How could Talia take the memories of Malia away from him? How could she do that, and still smile at him and embrace him? 

There is so much Peter doesn’t understand. He doesn’t understand what happened when he came out of the coma. He doesn’t understand who the alpha was–how she smelled familiar, but somehow wrong. Not Talia. A usurper. Not Talia. It wasn’t until she was lying dead on the ground that he realised what he’d done. Laura

Derek is broken now. Cora isn’t much better. And Malia doesn’t feel like pack. These aren’t pups that he can tickle into smiles, or chase their nightmares away. These are adults. 

Peter leaves college brochures around the loft for Derek, and catches him flicking through them more than once. He takes Malia on runs through the Preserve, and shows her how much easier it is to hunt with a partner. She begins to spend more time with the other unshifted too, begins to find herself a place in the pack. Peter helps Cora buy a car for herself. It’s in worse shape than Stiles’s Jeep, but they work on it together for weeks until the engine purrs. 

When it’s done, Cora takes Peter by the hand and pulls him around to the back of the car. There’s a shiny, glittery sticker on the back bumper. Fluttershy. She smiles at him proudly, and Peter’s eyes unaccountably sting with tears. 


Comparing my Deluxe Fashion Fluttershy and Rockin’ Hairstyle Fluttershy. For one it’s obvious, RH Fluttershy has feet. RH Fluttershy has nice jointed legs, whereas DF Fluttershy’s legs are wobbly. And you can see RH Fluttershy’s body is a different mold too. Also, RH Fluttershy’s ears are actually pierced! Which is awesome!