I redid these old headshots for Tiny Sapient Ungulates, since I’d made several crucial changes (like whiskers) and wanted to see how the designs had evolved. I also tried out lineless artwork for the first time in forever! It seems to fit the alarmingly realistic sensibilities of TSU, and brings me one step closer to summoning these uncanny beasts into our physical world


what is this?? a mlp drawing?? I never draw anything mlp related, I’ve only drawn the characters from that show twice as a gift for my sister, but I kinda like Fluttershy so I drew her by memory, and she isn’t a character I see often since I don’t watch the show

yea I’m sure I made some mistakes, also can I just say that, fluttershy is a cute character? I think she’s my favorite…

My little pony season 8 spoiler about Discord

Okay….so I saw the leaked episode about discord. Sorry, but when I see Discord, I click so….

I learned something about him, that is pretty profound. It is something that everyone in the community had thought about him, only to see this and slapped in the face.

I won’t put it here but, if you want to know, private message me and I’ll tell you but I don’t want anyone spreading it around when other haven’t watched it. Alright? Its spoilers.

But if you want to know super bad, pm me.


Things may come and things may go
Some go fast and some go slow
Few things last, that’s all I know
But friendship caries on through the ages

aaand here we have another set of EqG outfits! with a bonus pic!
this song and the vid for it are super cute