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FAVOURITE ALBUMS OF 2016 (in no particular order)


There were also loads of singles, eps, mixtapes from 2016 that i loved but I think I’ll just leave it at albums and mini-albums.

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fluttershou  asked:

Re: Boueibu male fans: My best friend, who is a straight male, is an even bigger fan of the show than I am. He said he finds the characters more relatable than those in most stuff intended for guys.

They certainly are not your typical shounen protagonists, no.

Genre: Angst, Smut, Relationship-y stuff
Warnings: Smut, Ruki cursing like a sailor at times, (almost) Public Sex
Rating:NC-17 (at times)
Pairings: Kai/Ruki
Summary: “Ruki had made it well known to Kai that he didn’t feel as if he was being heard lately; he had expressed concern about the state of their relationship, saying Kai had become distant and uncaring. Kai hadn’t known what to say at the time, mostly because he knew there was truth to what his partner was expressing”
Notes: This was written in response to a prompt given to me by fluttershou (thank you, doll!). It was originally intended to be a fluffy shopping trip piece complete w/ smut and a Diva!Ruki…but it somehow ended up as an angsty shopping trip piece complete w/smut and Serious/Sardonic!Ruki D: (Also, this somehow ended up being 7,200 words! WHAT)

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Sooo, on Saturday, I came back from my Japanese speech contest and…


The judges and other people were telling me how beautiful the GazettE and UVERworld lyrics were, and I was so happy. I feel like I made the GazettE really proud, even though they don’t know of my existence lol.

I am really thankful to everyone who helped me create a meaningful speech.

Special thanks to the tumblr tomodachis lol: fluttershou, marikoyukaru, sixthgunforlife, sukinni


*high-fives my Uruha poster*

fluttershou  asked:

Your comments on Ruki's interview are beautiful and insightful. Ruki's honesty is not only refreshing in itself, it shows both his own integrity and the strength of the band's bonds - that Ruki was actually willing to put the happiness of his bandmates and the unity of GazettE above his own ego. How many performers can you say that about? And how many bands would have held together through all that? It just shows how special this group of guys is.

Thank you, love.  And everything you wrote are are my exact thoughts, completely.  There is no breakout star of the GazettE; they are a united band in every sense of the word.  It’s so lovely and refreshing, and it makes me all the more excited to see what they have in store for us next :D ♥

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1. What is your favorite book?

I read more manga so manga wise Black Butler

2. Who is your favorite fictional character of all time?

I cant decide right now ._.

3. If you could live in any anime, which one would it be?

Kimi Ni Todoke 

4. What wild animal would you tame?

Fennec Fox

5. Who are your top five favorite bands?

1.the gazette 


3.one ok rock

4.buck tick


6. Would you rather be Spongebob or Patrick?


7.Which one is more important, anime or music?

this is hard if i must decide anime some have good opening songs

8.If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?


9. What is something that makes you cry really bad?

when people die in movies and kdramas

10. What is your favorite video game?

final fantasy 

11. In a fairy tale, would you be the hero or the villain?


my questions:

1.what is the song you play the most right now?

2.do you like kpop or jrock more?

3.what  do you do on your spare time?

4.do you read manga or watch anime more?

5.top five favorite shows?

6.favorite place to shop?

7. do you play video games?

8.do you think music has a big influence on your life?

9.are you still in school?

10.can you sing?(I cant haha)

11.how old are you?


kastle week | day two | flutter

She likes when it gets cold. It’s as if the whole of the world is catching up to her mood. Standing still. Numb. She’s been out of the office for a total of three minutes and her fingers have already followed suit, tips probably blue underneath the leather of her gloves. She can barely feel the curve of them gripping the strap of her bag, stretched tight with the weight of her laptop and the bottle of scotch Ellison had placed on her desk. The heavy weight of the makings of her article on Frank, finally taking shape after all of this time and all of these wares, weighing her down, further.

There’s nothing but the sound of her boots crunching in the snow, as she starts down the street in the direction of her apartment – her eyes out on the deserted streets for a taxi. The snow has been falling for days, piling higher and higher as the hours wore on. It’s Christmas and the bars are filled, music and laughter spilling out after her, as she passes them buy one by one, while people stumble out – cackling bustles of joy falling past their lips. She doesn’t stop to step inside, as she might’ve done, before. Foggy isn’t waiting for. Matt most certainly, isn’t. Frank…She hasn’t seen Frank since she yelled at him in the woods, outside of that cabin, blood assumingly splattering across the dirt ridden window. Silence. Sobbing. A long trek home.

She thinks that she sees him, sometimes, further down the subway car, in the back corner of a bar, standing across the street – cap pulled down over his face, not once forgetting that he’s famous for the weapons he wields and the death he executes. It’s never him, his ghost fluttering by, through the spaces of her mind. Karen knows that he watches, though. She knows that he’s out there. Punisher Deaths spring up left and right. Rapists, murderers, gang members, shady backdoor business men, pedophiles…Muggers that push single blonde women up against the wall in an alleyway and stick knives to their throats. 

He turned up dead two days later, with his own neck sliced through. 

One confident red gash.

Frank Castle’s handiwork. She’s still not sure where her opinion lies. Irritated with him that her way of handling the situation (a hard kick to the dick, some pepper spray, and a police report) wasn’t quite enough for him. Puttering of her heart that he still finds a way to care about her, at all, despite her clear cut statement that if he pulled the trigger the pair of them were done.

Karen knows that Frank gets it – understands the cold. The numbness of it all. She thinks that she sees him, now, even. Standing not too far away. Tucked underneath that ball cap, body burrowed underneath the brunt of his coat. Haggered beard covering the bottom half of his face, soft flakes of snow fluttering against the growth, as they flutter against the hair of her lashes. She knows better, now, than to take a second look. It’s not him. It’s never him. She turns away from the tricks her head has been playing with her, since that final night, when she finally spots the bright headlights of a taxi, shining off of the snow. Her hand is raised to flag it down, when the man steps closer towards her.