fluttersherlock  asked:

Hope you don't mind me asking, but how do you pick which colours to use for the lineart? Especially if you're using really dark colours?

All questions are welcomed! If I’m using pinkish/warm colors, the lineart is usually a dark velvet red. As for purple/blue/cool colors, I’ll probably use a dark violet or dark blue. Sometimes I add some gradient to make it prettier.

As for really dark colors though, like almost black, you might actually want to use light contrasting colors on your lineart if you think your lineart needs to be seen.

Ex. If you have some black jeans with a lot of detail and seams and don’t want the black lineart to fade into the black fabric, you can use any color lighter than black to make it contrast. Doesn’t have to be white. You can use a previously used color on the lineart for color harmony.

But if it’s not quite black, it’s okay to use darker lineart too. As long as it doesn’t completely fade in really, unless you want it to.

Infinite number of possibilities

the theory of infinite universes means you have died an infinite amount of times, in an infinite number of universes at infinite different times, be thankful that in this universe you are still alive.

another thing, if you know someone who has passed away, just remember there are also infinite universes where they are still alive and infinite number of universes where they are happy.

in an infinite number of universes, senpai notices you. in an infinite number of them, there is no illness and there is no stress. in an infinite number of universes you follow your dream…
make this one of them.

on another note, if there are infinite universes then in an infinite number of them you have met the doctor, in an infinite number of them you have met sherlock holmes and in an infinite number of universes, mlp fim is real and you’re a pony….